Thailand Things to Do

Things To Do As A Family In Thailand 

Thailand provides an abundance of activities and attractions suitable for families. It is filled with a rich culture easily reflected in grand towers and monuments. This country offers exciting learning and adventurous activities for children. Not only are they accommodating to children, some of these attractions offer free access to children. Parents can decide to take their children to other more conspicuous cities in Thailand, like Bangkok, where they'll still be confronted by a vast array of family-friendly activities. 

A family's ticket to having a great time is gotten as soon as they touch down in Thailand. From a beehive of activities in Thailand waiting to be explored, families are guaranteed to have the time of their lives. Children can move from snorkelling at the seaside to riding at water parks, all of which can be found in Thailand. 

1. Phuket 

Phuket is an ideal island in Thailand to have a great time with your family. It features several family-oriented resorts where families can stay while on vacation. To start your family adventure, head to the Trickeye Museum and Baan Teelanka Upside House, where families can enjoy an educational and thrilling experience. After this, the Splash Jungle Water Park or the famous Aquarium in Phuket can be the ideal place to wind off your day. Children and families can engage in wakeboarding, wildlife-spotting, go-karting, etc. 

For a whole Thailand cultural experience, the Fantasea Park in Phuket is the place to be. It is a 60-acre expansive park featuring an exorbitant and colourful display of Thailand's cultural heritage. It comes complete with a 3000-seat capacity theatre where animal performances, callisthenics, magic exhibitions, and other cultural activities are shown. This park also has a large dining facility where you can pay for a buffet and an opportunity to watch a show simultaneously. 

2. Chang Mai 

The city of Chang Mai offers a variety of outdoor activities that children and adults can enjoy. At the top of the list is the only elephant zoo in the country called the Elephant Nature Park. Tourists to this park are allowed to feed and bathe the elephants while educating them on the appropriate care and way of life for elephants. At another elephant park known as Kok Chang Safari, visitors can ride, bathe, and feed the elephants, among other attractions. 

Available in this city are a host of other activities that families can readily engage in, such as jungle trekking, rafting, ziplining, and kayaking. A bazaar is often held at night in Chang Mai, where families can purchase several exotic items at incredible prices. A trip to the hill tribes in Chang Mai can also serve as a learning and bonding experience for families. 

3. Bangkok

Bangkok serves as the capital of Thailand, an attribute that makes it the busiest and most exciting city in Thailand. Families may comfortably plan to spend the entirety of their vacation in Bangkok and never run out of activities to engage in. The Aquarium, Dream World, and Safari World are some excellent places families can explore to full advantage in this city.

These parks allow for cycling, picnicking, and horseback riding, which are suitable for children and adults alike. There are numerous canals and khlongs in Bangkok on which families can enjoy boat rides. For sightseeing, there are several free museums, palaces, and temples that will excite and educate children. 

4. Mae Wang 

The district of Mae Wang provides families with a unique opportunity to experience some water adventures. Unlike the traditional kayaking, you know, this activity involves the use of a bamboo raft and it is called bamboo rafting. This district is blessed with clear waters and a mountainous terrain that makes it very suitable for bamboo rafting. 

 In bamboo rafting, you paddle with bamboo, and the boat allows a maximum of five people. Families can choose to do this activity with the help of a tour guide or without one. It is also very affordable as you will only be paying for your bamboo raft.

5. Tooney Museum 

The Tooney Museum is a vast collection of toys displayed for visitors. Families visiting with children should fit a visit to the Tooney Museum in Bangkok into their itinerary. At this museum, parents and children can play with the toys on display, including both modern and antique toys. 

This exciting museum is the private collection of Somporn Pho, who decided to open it up to the public to inspire children and others. It is open from Friday to Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. The entry fee into the museum costs $6 for children and $8 for adults. Popular toys are on display, such as Woody and Buzz from Toy Story, Batman, Elsa from Frozen, etc. 

6.  Kanchanaburi

Kanchanaburi is a laid-back, more traditional city in Thailand. Families can explore and experience the wonders of nature in this city, and children can learn about the fascinating history of this town. There are some fantastic waterfalls, such as the Sai Yok Noi and the Erawan National Park, that families can explore. Jungle trekking with tour guides and exploration of caves are some of the more adventurous activities available in this city. 

After learning about the history of the Death Railway along the River Kwai, the Elephant camps come calling. These ethical camps allow visitors to feed and groom the animals. Spending the night on a floating raft house will surely earn a spot as one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life.

7.  Easykart

EasKart is an excellent way for both children and adults to satisfy their craving for adventure. It features race karting where families can enjoy fast rides on the track. There are three sizes of karts that are made available for different experience levels. Some of these Karts can race at a speed of 60km per hour, and the track consists of several stretches and turns. Families can choose to compete with one another at the race kart for who gets to the end of the track first. However, parents not interested in racing can easily move to the observation deck, where they can watch the trail. Easykart is open from 1 pm to 12 am every day, and there's an entrance fee of $12.98. 

8.  Trat

This province consists of several interconnected islands that are surrounded by jungles. The most famous island among tourists seems to be the island of Koh Chang. Children can play with white sands on the beach as the adults bathe in the soothing sun.  Another exciting island in this city is Koh Mak. This island is more secluded and quiet, allowing families to interact and bond over various activities. Families can swim together, sunbathe, snorkel and enjoy boat trips together. 

9.  Chon Buri 

This city houses the famous Flight of The Gibbon. This Flight of The Gibbon is regarded as the most efficient zipline tour operator in all of Thailand. Located at Khao Kheow, this tour runs through 26 platforms and includes a jungle obstacle and a stop at the zoo. Little children can join in the fun, too, as the Flight of Gibbon has very high safety protocols with expert sky rangers that assist you only along the trail. 

While in this city, families can take the time to visit the Khao Kheow Open Zoo, where children and parents can gaze at rare animals. Still, in this city, families can see the Underwater World exhibit, where they can learn about the ocean. To wrap up the day, families can head to the Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden to relax and play at the water parks. 

10. Nakhon Ratchasima 

The largest province in Thailand is also the province with the oldest and largest animal park. It contains a large variety of animals and plants on full display for visitors. Waterfalls and beautiful ornamentals add to the colour and life of the park. Families are also welcome to spend an overnight camping experience at the park. 

Other activities available in this city include the Thongsomboon Club, which features several adventurous games and escapades. Children curious about animals can be taken to the Chokchai animal farm, where they can learn about the rearing of animals.

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