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Getting Around In Thailand: A Transportation Guide For Tourists

Thailand is a country filled with several attractions scattered all around the country. If you hope to explore these attractions, you will need to understand how their transport systems work and how best to navigate the country. Thankfully, getting around Thailand is very simple and cheap due to the various transport systems available. Here’s a detailed guide on how to navigate Thailand conveniently and cost-effectively.

Using A Bus

Commuting through Thailand by bus is a convenient and cheap option for everyone. It is slightly faster and cleaner than the trains in Thailand, and you can easily be transported to any region in Thailand by bus. These buses offer different comfort levels and are grouped into first-class and second-class buses.

First-class buses are far more luxurious, with amenities such as a built-in toilet, air conditioning, and televisions. These VIP buses are great for overnight trips as they have enough room for you to recline. The second-class buses have unstable air-conditioning and are less comfortable. They’re the best option if you want to take a short trip as they’re cheaper. As a tourist, you can book these buses ahead of your journey using the website 12Go Asia.

Using A Plane

Unlike some other places, travelling by plane is very affordable and convenient. If you’re short on time, travelling by plane affords a fast yet cost-effective option to move to major cities in Thailand. Some famous airlines include Nok Air, Thai Smile, AirAsia, Bangkok Airways, and Thailand Airways, which offer budget tickets for as low as $25. If you’re carrying luggage, ensure it’s below the airline’s maximum weight requirement. Alternatively, you can pay for excess luggage before your flight because luggage above 7 kg will be billed.

Using A Train

Thailand has an impressive rail network system, allowing travellers to visit distant and secluded areas of Thailand. While travelling by train, it is easier to appreciate the beautiful skyline and lush landscapes of Thailand. Like buses, trains provide varying levels of luxury, categorised into first class, second class, and third class.

  • First Class: First class buses provide secluded cabins furnished with two beds, a toilet, and air-conditioning. They are available on the Special Express and Overnight Express trains.
  • Second Class: These trains are available everywhere. They build them with seats and sleepers that come in handy for long-distance travel. Some trains offer air-conditioning and fans.
  • Third Class: These are excellent for travellers on a budget and those hoping to enjoy a slow, scenic view of the country.

Using A Taxi

Taxis are another reliable option for moving around in the cities. They’re frequently packed with other passengers, making them very cheap. If you’re travelling with your family, a taxi is a much more efficient and safe way to move from one attraction to another.

Using Tuk-Tuks

The Tuk-tuk looks like a tricycle with spaces on the sides that promote ventilation. They are an exciting way to commute in Thailand, especially if you’ve never been in one. You can appreciate the city’s beauty while you commute, which is pretty comfortable. After you give the driver your intended location, you should negotiate a price with the driver. Usually, they quote a higher price, so you must negotiate correctly to get a lower price.

Alternatively, you can download the Grab App and choose the tuk-tuk option in the app. Also, be aware that some drivers take you to a different location due to an agreement with shop owners who compensate them for bringing customers to their shop.

Using A Boat

Boats are required to explore several islands in Thailand. They are the primary means of transport from one island to another. They range from slow-moving boats to fast-moving boats that are more expensive. You can book a ride before your journey using the 12Go Asia website.

Using A Motorcycle

Tourists who are familiar with the terrain can transport themselves using a motorbike. However, before you are allowed to drive a motorcycle in Thailand, you must present your motorcycle license from your country and an international driver’s license. A motorcycle licence from Thailand can be accepted in place of an international driver’s licence.

On the downside, Thailand is notorious for having several motorbike accidents a year due to the deplorable condition of some of its roads. If you drive a motorcycle, you will often be stopped by police officers demanding your licence or for breaking the law. If unfortunately, you’re involved in a motorcycle accident, your travel insurance will not be sufficient to cover the cost of your hospital bills.

Using The Metro

The Metro (MRT) and Skytrain (BTS) are currently only available in the state capital, Bangkok. However, there are ongoing plans to incorporate this efficient means of transportation into other cities in the country. The Metro is fast, luxurious, and affordable. It begins operations in the early morning hours and ends at midnight daily. Relative to other means of transportation like the bus, tuk-tuk, and taxi, it is significantly cheaper and cosier. Tickets are sold at the train station and offer bonuses such as a single-day unrestricted pass on the Skytrain.

Currently, Bangkok is the only city in Thailand that is disability-friendly. Even in Bangkok, only a few trains provide elevators that can serve people with disabilities. The Metro is suitable for people with disabilities because its stations are built with elevators and have a lock mechanism for wheelchairs.

There are currently plans by the Disabled People International Asia-Pacific region and the governor of Bangkok to construct pavements and sidewalks that can serve people with disabilities in Bangkok.

Apps You Need For Getting Around Thailand

  • Skyscanner: Skyscanner can be used to find and book flights into, within, and out of Thailand.
  • 12Go Asia: This app can be used to book everything from trains to boats and buses within Thailand.
  • Google Map: This app is also helpful for tourists who plan to engage in many sightseeing activities.

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