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Ten Best Places To Eat Out In Thailand 

When you visit a foreign land, eating out will constitute a big part of your itinerary. In this respect, you can trust that Thailand will never disappoint. Rumoured to be the birthplace of some of the most fantastic cuisines in the world, Thailand prides itself on being a culinary haven cum-centre of excellence.

Somehow, this city is filled with world-acclaimed chefs ready to take your taste buds on a joyride. They combine a mastery of sweet and spicy flavours to produce altogether mouthwatering delicacies. Thailand redefines street food by surpassing every other country in terms of quality and service. The Thais are people who love and celebrate food, evident in how they continue to influence the dining scene in the world in the following restaurants. 

1.     Blue Elephant

The Blue Elephant restaurant rests in the fast-growing city of Phuket. With a legacy that has lasted the greater part of thirty years, this restaurant continues to champion the culinary scene in Thailand. Its menu comprises a variety of seafood made with the utmost perfection, complete with impeccable customer service that treats every customer as royalty. 

The decor of the Blue Elephant exudes an air of royalty with its Chinese-styled mansion that appropriately complements the rich menu. In addition to seafood, this restaurant makes other dishes such as lime, garlic and chilli, lemongrass, etc. 

2. Anchan 

Visitors to Thailand with vegetarian leanings can rest assured that there's a restaurant that caters to their unique needs. This restaurant is the Anchan Vegetarian Restaurant. A rarity in Thailand, Anchan provides some vegetarian options for customers, such as sweet cakes and desserts.  

This restaurant is open every day of the week except on Sundays and Mondays, which they utilise to create the menu for the week. They collaborate with local farmers to create a healthy and fresh menu every week, which is publicised on their Facebook page. This restaurant's decor rests on a backdrop of a homely kitchen that makes every customer comfortable. 

3.     Bo.lan

Bo.lan restaurant embodies the ideal picture of a traditional Thai restaurant with its consistently fresh food and expertly curated menus. Stepping into this restaurant in the centre of Thailand, you're confronted by its immaculate and stylish decor. No wonder this restaurant continues to be named one of the most visited restaurants in Thailand and was placed at number 28 on San Pellegrino’s list. 

The owners of the restaurant, Duangporn Songvisava and Dylan Jones, have moved the restaurant to a new location, and it now offers special Sunday and Thursday lunch services to customers. They continue to make some of the best traditional Thai delicacies. 

4.     Eat Me

 Eat me has been in town since 1998 and somehow held its place as one of the most outstanding restaurants in Thailand. It won 19th place in San Pellegrino’s 2013 rating of the 50 most exceptional restaurants in Asia. Eat Me creates tasty dishes, drawing their inspiration from Middle Eastern recipes to indigenous Thai recipes.

They also serve lovely cocktails and wines to go with their dishes, and customers can hope for desserts like lemongrass and crème brulee. This restaurant has a serene and relaxing atmosphere, with tall bamboo trees marking the dining area.

5. Gaggan 

This Indian restaurant is named number ten in San Pellegrino’s list of the best fifty restaurants in Asia. Chef Gaggan Anand invents mouthwatering recipes with a touch of Indian and contemporary dishes. Customers of this restaurant are treated to freshly made Indian dishes that are delicious and savoury. Lovers of Indian cuisine should make a detour to this restaurant as part of an elaborate scheme to enjoy everything good in Thailand.  

6.     Feuang Nara 

Feuang Nara gives a homely feel with its traditional Thai decor and conspicuous location in an old family house. This restaurant's speciality involves native Thai dishes executed with rare mastery. Feuang Nara's menu includes favourite Thai dishes such as pad Thai, tom yam hung soup, fried snapper paired with mango, and seafood.  

Located in a busy part of Bangkok, this restaurant defies its environment by having a calm and therapeutic ambience. This may be attributed to its walls made from white-washed wood, which cover the entire wall surface.

7.     Le Vendôme 

Le Vendôme is an authentic French restaurant complete with chandeliers and cushioned settees. This restaurant situated in Thailand brings all the finesse of French cuisine from about 8000 miles away.

 French favourites such as foie gras, baked baguettes, and veal sweet bread are served at this restaurant with impressive skill and service. Le Vendôme is a two-story building resplendent in posh glass cabinets and all the works. It has a verandah that creates ample space for alfresco dining with staff that are appropriately uniformed and courteous.

8.    Green Garden Restaurant 

This restaurant has a reputation that precedes it, making it a constant name among tourists and the locals. They provide a menu that blends traditional Thai dishes and European favourites. So while having Thai favourites such as som tam thai, you will be served creamy beef stroganoff, a European dish to go with.The Green Garden Restaurant can be found at Sukhumvit in Thailand, where anyone craving excellent cuisine can easily go. 

9.    Nuch’s Green Ta’lay  

Nuch’s Green Ta’lay restaurant is famous for its signature Thai green curry dish. Although this restaurant is situated in distant Koh Samui, tourists Barr the unfriendly distance to have a taste of the legendary Nuch’s Green Ta’lay's cuisine. Their menu features freshly caught fish prepared with complementary flavours and spices by the head chef Nuch. He is known to warmly welcome customers and assists them in making the best choice of dishes. 

10. Canvas 

Canvas restaurant has an impressive menu consisting of diverse dishes from all over Thailand. One dish that stands out consists of about 33 different vegetables served with the chef's book of artwork. One can taste lovely ingredients such as candied coffee flowers and Hua Hin caviar. The best table to sit at in the restaurant is the one closest to the bar so that you can watch the chefs work tirelessly to create lovely dishes.  

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