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Things to Do As a Family in Singapore

Singapore is a great holiday and travel destination for a family. It has plenty of attractions, including the Merlion, which is a famous statue in the city. There are also many museums and galleries to visit, as well as craft markets and shopping malls. The country's cuisine is also world-famous, so be sure to try out some local food while you're there. Singapore offers many things that make it a good holiday destination. There are a lot of activities that the whole family can participate in, and the city is safe and clean. Singapore is a great place to go on a family holiday.

Visit the Museums

Singapore has many museums that children will enjoy, like the Science Museum, which has lots of hands-on activities for kids to explore. The Singapore Art Museum has rotating exhibitions as well as permanent collections of artworks from around Asia. The National Museum of Singapore is another great museum that features exhibitions on Singapore's history, culture, and natural heritage.

Visit Theaters

There are also many performances at popular theatres like Esplanade Theater by the Bay, where you can see plays or musicals with your kids. If you want to keep things exciting throughout your trip, try booking tickets for an outdoor concert at Gardens by the Bay or catch a movie at the VivoCity cinema complex!

Singapore Botanic Gardens

 This is an amazing place to visit, especially if you love plants and nature. You can take a tour or just spend the day strolling around and looking at all the different flora and fauna. There are also some great restaurants here that have stunning views of Singapore's skyline.

Singapore Botanic Gardens is a tropical garden located in Singapore, where you can see a wide variety of plants, including orchids and palm trees. The gardens are divided into several areas: the Tropical Garden, which is home to many different kinds of tropical flowers; the National Orchid Garden, which is home to over 600 species of orchids; and the Bonsai Garden, which features bonsai trees from around the world.

It is possible to take guided tours of the gardens, but you can also simply walk around yourself at your own pace. You can explore on foot or by taking one of two tram tours around the paths: one goes through both tropical and temperate zones while another takes you through only tropical sections (which are more impressive).

Singapore Flyer

 This giant Ferris wheel offers amazing views of Singapore from above. You can ride it at night for an extra special experience!

Visit Chinatown Heritage Centre

Chinatown Heritage Centre is a museum and cultural center in Singapore that is dedicated to preserving the history and culture of the Chinese community in Singapore. The museum holds a collection of artefacts from early Chinese immigration to modern times, including costumes, fabrics, toys and games, furniture, household items, and even vehicles.

The collection also includes photographs, posters, and documents relating to the lives of Chinese people living in Singapore during different eras. The museum has an extensive library with materials on various aspects of Chinese culture, including language instruction books for children learning Mandarin as well as books on traditional cookery techniques used by Singapore's Chinese population over time.

It's great for kids who love history and adults who want to learn more about this fascinating area of town.

Sentosa Island

 Sentosa Island is a popular tourist destination in Singapore. The island is home to many attractions, including Universal Studios Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa, Fort Siloso, and many more! It comprises two parts: Sentosa Island and the Southern Islands.

Sentosa Island has many things to offer tourists wishing to have fun during their holidays in Singapore. The island is also known for its sandy beaches and beautiful scenery. There are also many restaurants and food stalls around the island that serve delicious dishes such as seafood, noodles, pizza, and many more!

On this island, there are many things to do, such as taking rides at Universal Studios, swimming in the pools at VivoCity Water Park, or riding on a horse-drawn carriage through Fort Siloso. If you want to stay close by but don't want to pay for a boat ride into town, consider taking a walk around the island instead!

You can also visit Sentosa Cove Beach Club because there are always tons of fun activities going on—from beach volleyball games to paddleboarding lessons—and it's easy to find shade under one of their umbrellas if it gets too hot out there on those hot summer days (which often happen here).

Sentosa Island has tons of fun things to do—from beaches to amusement parks to museums; there's something for everyone! Be sure to check out Universal Studios when you're there!

Visit Parks

If your family likes nature walks or exploring new places together, consider visiting one of Singapore's many national parks like Bukit Timah Nature Reserve or MacRitchie Reservoir Park (the country's largest reservoir). These parks have trails through forests filled with wildlife such as monkeys and birds; they're perfect for spending quality time with each other outdoors!

Visit Little India

Little India is an area in Singapore that's known for its vibrant culture and colourful shops selling everything from clothing to spices to jewellery. It's also home to many Indian restaurants that serve up delicious vegetarian options alongside traditional meat dishes like chicken tandoori or lamb rogan josh (a curry dish made with lamb). You can expect a lot of activity here during the day thanks to all the tourists coming through, but it's quieter at night when most people are asleep!

Snap a selfie with your kids at the Merlion statue.

This iconic landmark is located in front of the Fullerton Hotel and attracts tourists worldwide. It's also a great backdrop for a picture with your kids!

Take a walk along Clarke Quay.

This waterfront district features restaurants, bars, and cafes where you can enjoy an afternoon break with your family.

Visit Gardens by the Bay.

This botanical garden is home to many different types of trees, plants, flowers, and ferns that create an amazing atmosphere for taking pictures or just admiring nature's beauty with your children.

Singapore zoo.

If your family loves animals, this is the place for you! The zoo has over 800 animals of over 250 species. You'll find monkeys and elephants, as well as crocodiles and tigers. There are even birds of prey like falcons. If you're looking for a fun day out with the kids, this is a great place to go!

Singapore Zoo is a place to take your family and enjoy the outdoors, but it also has some fun and educational activities for you to do together. Here are some recommendations:

* Feed the giraffes! You can feed them with coins or tokens, and they'll give you a picture of your coin or token on their tongue. There are also other animals that you can feed as well!

* Play in the playgrounds! There are lots of activities for families here at Singapore Zoo. If you want to get creative, try painting rocks into animal shapes or building sand castles!

Visit the Night Safari.

One of the most popular things to do on the island is visiting the Night Safari. This zoo is open only at night and features many different animals. You can even go into the cages with them! If you're interested in seeing animals in their natural habitats, then this is definitely an option for you.

Go shopping at Marina Square Mall.

Marina Square Mall has everything from high-end designer stores like Chanel and Gucci down to local shops selling souvenirs and snacks so everyone can find something they like here!

Take a stroll down Arab Street.

If you're looking for something more low-key than Marina Square but still want something off the beaten path, then check out Arab Street! This street has lots of shops selling goods made by local artisans—there are also lots of restaurants.

Top 10 Places to visit in Singapore

Singapore is a fantastic holiday destination for a family. There are many things to do, and it has a lot of culture and history that children will enjoy. The city offers many parks for families to explore, museums, and other attractions.

1. Marina Bay

The Skypark at Marina Bay Sands offers the best views of Singapore's skyline.

A good place to start is the Marina Bay Sands Resort, which is located on the waterfront and has an amazing view of the city skyline. The resort has several restaurants, including one that overlooks the water; there are also shops and an aquarium with turtles and fish.

This is one of the best places in Singapore! You can take a cable car up to the top floor and climb up even higher on an observation deck that juts out over the bay—it's amazing! If you're feeling brave enough, try jumping off into the water below! It's definitely something you don't want to miss if you're visiting Singapore!

The Marina Bay Sands Sky Park is also a must-see. It's filled with gardens, fountains, and other beautiful sights. There's even an infinity pool surrounded by glass panels that offer views of the whole city! You can even see the famous Merlion statue from here!

2. Gardens by the Bay

The Gardens by the Bay is a garden that is made up of three distinct gardens: Supertree Grove, Flower Dome, and Cloud Forest. This huge park has tons of plants and flowers from all over the world—and it's free! You can wander around at your leisure or enjoy one of their many shows and performances. This park has been designed with sustainable gardening techniques, including solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems.

Gardens by the Bay is designed to be an oasis of calm amidst the busy city life. The site has been designed to create an outdoor space that is true "gardens in the sky" – a place where you can relax, enjoy music or performances, or simply just enjoy yourself. At Gardens by the Bay, we have created a world-class destination that offers many different ways to experience nature through art, music, and recreation activities. The gardens will be home to many unique features that make it a unique world-class destination for locals and visitors worldwide.

3. Santose Island

Santose Island is one of the most beautiful islands in Singapore. It is located at the southern tip of Sentosa, one of Singapore's most popular tourist destinations. Santose Island is great for surfing, swimming, snorkelling, and scuba diving. The water there is crystal clear, and you can see many colourful fish swimming around you.

The beaches here are famous for their white sand and clear blue waters; however, there are also many resorts if you'd rather stay on land than take a dip in the ocean! The island also has a small beach with white sand and palm trees surrounding it. There are also lots of restaurants where you can eat delicious food while enjoying a relaxing day at the beach or swimming in the sea!

4. Universal Studios Theme Park

A great place to visit is Universal Studios Singapore. This park features rides inspired by your favourite movies—and even lets you take selfies with your favourite characters!.  This theme park features attractions like Jurassic Park: The Ride, Shrek 4D Adventure, and Hollywood Dreams. It's also home to Madame Tussauds Singapore—a wax museum featuring famous celebrities worldwide; this museum includes a wax figure of Barack Obama!

5. Singapore Flyer

If you're looking for a fun way to enjoy the city of Singapore, then check out the Singapore Flyer. This giant Ferris wheel offers amazing city views and is great for taking photos. You can even go at night and see the city lights! The Singapore Flyer offers stunning views of Singapore's skyline and is also one of the largest Ferris wheels in the world!

The Flyer is located in the Marina Bay area of Singapore. This is a nice place to visit if you are feeling adventurous. You can take a ride in the sky and see the city from above. This is also a great place to see the city lights at night. You can also ride on the Singapore Flyer during the day and enjoy the views of Singapore from above. The ride starts at about 150 meters above sea level and moves up to 320 meters above sea level, giving you an incredible view of the city from above.

6. China Town

China Town is one of the most vibrant areas in Singapore. You'll find lots of delicious food here and plenty of souvenir shops. Many street performers and musicians will keep you entertained while you sample all the different treats around Asia!

It has many shops and restaurants where you can find things unique to China and other parts of Asia. It's also fun to walk around and explore all of the shops and restaurants inside this area.

7.The Merlion Park & Merlion Statue

Merlion Park contains statues made out of metal. This park is located near the Marina Bay Sands hotel, which is located near Marina Bay Sands mall, which makes it easy for tourists who want to visit this place since there are other attractions nearby as well, such as Gardens by the Bay, Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay, etc. The Merlion and The Merlion Fountain are located right next door in front of Esplanade. The Merlion is a mythical creature that represents Singapore. It is half lion, half fish, and it has been around since 1964, when it was first sculpted by Professor J.Y. Pillay from the University of Malaya Art Department.

8. Orchard Road

Orchard Road is one of the most important streets in Singapore as it houses many shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, and bars, which attract many tourists every year as they come here just to shop or eat out at some of these places during their stay; here! Many people also come here just to see some of these well-known landmarks such as Gardens By The Bay or Sculpture

9. Esplanade

The Esplanade is your go-to destination if you're looking for a spot to take in the city's cultural offerings. At this multi-venue arts centre, you can catch a play, catch an art show, or just hang out on the waterfront and watch the sunset over Singapore's skyline.

The Esplanade is a performing arts centre in Singapore that hosts a wide variety of performances and events throughout the year. It is also home to several permanent art exhibitions, including "Walls That Sing," which features graffiti by local and international artists, and "Singapore's Modern Art: A New Dawn," which showcases contemporary works by local artists. The Esplanade also has a cafe on its premises and several restaurants and bars in close proximity.

10. Little India

Little India is one of Singapore's most vibrant neighbourhoods, and it's a great place to get a taste of what life is like in Singapore for its Indian residents. In addition to being home to many shops selling Indian goods and spices, Little India is also home to restaurants serving authentic South Indian cuisine and temples that are worth checking out during your visit. Head here for delicious Indian food, clothing stores, and many colours! It's also a great place to find souvenirs or gifts for your friends back home.

Top 10 places to eat out in Singapore

There are many wonderful places to eat in Singapore. But if you want to know where the best of the best is, look no further!

Singapore is the place to eat! The food is incredible, and there are so many options for you to choose from. With such an amazing variety of cultures, the city has become a melting pot for some of the world's most delicious cuisines. It doesn't matter if you're looking for Indian, Japanese, or Western cuisine—you'll find it in Singapore. You can even find some local Singaporean favourites if you know where to look! Singapore is a foodie's paradise.

Singapore's street markets are one of the favourite places to eat out because they offer tons of different options at affordable prices. If you're looking for something more upscale, try visiting one of Singapore's many food courts—they usually feature stalls selling everything from yummy desserts to savoury dishes made with fresh ingredients (and sometimes both!). Street markets are also great places to explore and get a feel for how locals spend their time outside work.

But it can be hard to decide where to go when you're travelling, and that's why we've put together a list of our top 10 favourite places for food in Singapore.

1. Hawker Centers

Hawker centres can be found all over Singapore, offering an authentic taste of local cuisine at great prices. The best part about eating at hawker centres is that you get to try a variety of different dishes from different stalls. It's also a great way to meet locals and get to know them better!

The hawker centres are large areas where you can find all kinds of food, from street food to more traditional dishes. These outdoor dining areas are packed with vendors serving all kinds of delicious treats from all over Asia—from Singaporean laksa to Thai curries and Malaysian satays. You can't go wrong with any of these options! Each stall has its own speciality dish that they've perfected over time, and every dish is made fresh to order right in front of you.

The prices are usually very low, and there is usually something for everyone. Some hawker centres are very big and often have different kinds of foods in each area. It is also possible to find some speciality shops that sell only one type of food, so it is a good place to try new things if you do not like them at first because there will be many other options available.

2. Food Courts

 Try one of the many food courts in Singapore for something more modern. Here you'll find an amazing array of restaurants representing cuisines from all over Asia—from Vietnamese pho to Chinese dim sum and Indian tandoori chicken sandwiches! In addition to these traditional dishes, there are also plenty of international options like Japanese curry rice bowls and Italian paninis just waiting for you to dig into!

They're similar to hawker centres except that they're indoors and usually have a wider variety of dishes. The downside is that they tend to be more expensive than hawkers because they're located in more expensive shopping malls or hotels.

They're often located near shopping malls or other attractions, making them easy to find when you're exploring the city. Some food courts even offer seating areas where you can enjoy your meal while overlooking stunning views of the city skyline!

3. Coconut Club

This place is worth the trip.

If you're looking for a place to eat out in Singapore, then look no further than Coconut Club. Located in the heart of Chinatown, this restaurant features a wide selection of dishes ranging from traditional Chinese cuisine to Western favourites. Their signature dish is the "Coconut Temaki," which consists of a large temaki roll filled with rice, chicken, and vegetables. The restaurant also offers its own brand of rice wine produced on-site by their master brewer.

It has a nice ambience, great food, and service. They also have a wide variety of drinks and snacks to choose from. The best part is that it was not too expensive!

4. Maxwell Food Center

Maxwell Food Center is a must-visit destination for those looking for the local flavour in Singapore. This bustling market offers great food at affordable prices. Maxwell Food Centre is an indoor hawker centre located in Chinatown. It's a popular spot for locals and tourists alike, who enjoy the variety of food and the lively atmosphere. This hawker centre has been around for years, which means that you can expect nothing less than high-quality food at affordable prices! It's also open 24 hours, so you don't have to worry about missing out on anything if you're travelling or just want to grab something late at night.

5. Bedok Mall Foodcourt

If you want something quick and easy but still delicious and filling, then this place is for you! Bedok Mall has many options, including pizza slices from Pizza Hut (always amazing), Korean BBQ from Sushi King (also amazing), and other fast-food options like noodles or burgers.

This place is perfect for a quick bite or an entire meal, depending on your mood and appetite. The food court is open daily from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm, making it easy to stop by any time during your day.

6. Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao

Want some delicious Chinese food? Look no further than this restaurant because their xiao long bao (soup dumplings) are just too good not to try! Not only are they delicious, but they're also authentic and served with great customer service, so you'll never want to go anywhere else again after trying them out!

7. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (CBD)

We all love a good coffee, and Singapore is no exception. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (CBD) is one of the best places to grab a cup of joe in town. It is a coffee shop and has a variety of food items. In addition to their signature drinks and delicious pastries, CBD offers an extensive menu of Chinese food items like dim sum, soup dumplings, and more!

The place's ambience is good, and it has a large seating area so you can enjoy your food comfortably. This place serves good desserts like cakes, cookies, and brownies at an affordable price. It also serves hot drinks like tea and coffee.

8. Yong Tau Foo Paradise

This is an ideal spot for those who love seafood – especially if you like it fried! This restaurant serves up Yong tau foo in all its crispy glory. They also have other seafood dishes available if you're not feeling particularly adventurous that day! This restaurant has several branches around Singapore, so there's always one nearby wherever you are staying while visiting this amazing city!

9.Jumbo Seafood Restaurant (Tiong Bahru)

This is the place to go if you're looking for fresh seafood at very reasonable prices! They have an extensive menu with everything from crabs to prawns to oysters on ice—and at prices that won't break the bank!

10. Satay Club (Raffles Hotel)

It's a restaurant located inside Raffles Hotel, a hotel built in 1887 and has been renovated many times since then. It's located on the corner of Beach Road and Bras Basah Road, so it's right in the centre of town. Many people come here for the atmosphere, but I think you should come for the food!

The restaurant offers traditional Malay cuisine, which uses spices from Southeast Asia. It's not only delicious but also healthy—the spices are good for your digestion and help reduce inflammation in your body. You can order dishes like satay (grilled meat skewers), nasi lemak (rice cooked in coconut milk), asam pedas (spicy, sour fish soup, nasi Padang (spiced rice served with curries), roti john (fried bread with chicken curry). The menu changes daily, so there will always be something new to try!

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