Singapore Best places to visit on Holiday

Top 10 Places to visit in Singapore

Singapore is a fantastic holiday destination for a family. There are many things to do, and it has a lot of culture and history that children will enjoy. The city offers many parks for families to explore, museums, and other attractions.

1. Marina Bay

The Skypark at Marina Bay Sands offers the best views of Singapore's skyline.

A good place to start is the Marina Bay Sands Resort, which is located on the waterfront and has an amazing view of the city skyline. The resort has several restaurants, including one that overlooks the water; there are also shops and an aquarium with turtles and fish.

This is one of the best places in Singapore! You can take a cable car up to the top floor and climb up even higher on an observation deck that juts out over the bay—it's amazing! If you're feeling brave enough, try jumping off into the water below! It's definitely something you don't want to miss if you're visiting Singapore!

The Marina Bay Sands Sky Park is also a must-see. It's filled with gardens, fountains, and other beautiful sights. There's even an infinity pool surrounded by glass panels that offer views of the whole city! You can even see the famous Merlion statue from here!

2. Gardens by the Bay

The Gardens by the Bay is a garden that is made up of three distinct gardens: Supertree Grove, Flower Dome, and Cloud Forest. This huge park has tons of plants and flowers from all over the world—and it's free! You can wander around at your leisure or enjoy one of their many shows and performances. This park has been designed with sustainable gardening techniques, including solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems.

Gardens by the Bay is designed to be an oasis of calm amidst the busy city life. The site has been designed to create an outdoor space that is true "gardens in the sky" – a place where you can relax, enjoy music or performances, or simply just enjoy yourself. At Gardens by the Bay, we have created a world-class destination that offers many different ways to experience nature through art, music, and recreation activities. The gardens will be home to many unique features that make it a unique world-class destination for locals and visitors worldwide.

3. Santose Island

Santose Island is one of the most beautiful islands in Singapore. It is located at the southern tip of Sentosa, one of Singapore's most popular tourist destinations. Santose Island is great for surfing, swimming, snorkelling, and scuba diving. The water there is crystal clear, and you can see many colourful fish swimming around you.

The beaches here are famous for their white sand and clear blue waters; however, there are also many resorts if you'd rather stay on land than take a dip in the ocean! The island also has a small beach with white sand and palm trees surrounding it. There are also lots of restaurants where you can eat delicious food while enjoying a relaxing day at the beach or swimming in the sea!

4. Universal Studios Theme Park

A great place to visit is Universal Studios Singapore. This park features rides inspired by your favourite movies—and even lets you take selfies with your favourite characters!.  This theme park features attractions like Jurassic Park: The Ride, Shrek 4D Adventure, and Hollywood Dreams. It's also home to Madame Tussauds Singapore—a wax museum featuring famous celebrities worldwide; this museum includes a wax figure of Barack Obama!

5. Singapore Flyer

If you're looking for a fun way to enjoy the city of Singapore, then check out the Singapore Flyer. This giant Ferris wheel offers amazing city views and is great for taking photos. You can even go at night and see the city lights! The Singapore Flyer offers stunning views of Singapore's skyline and is also one of the largest Ferris wheels in the world!

The Flyer is located in the Marina Bay area of Singapore. This is a nice place to visit if you are feeling adventurous. You can take a ride in the sky and see the city from above. This is also a great place to see the city lights at night. You can also ride on the Singapore Flyer during the day and enjoy the views of Singapore from above. The ride starts at about 150 meters above sea level and moves up to 320 meters above sea level, giving you an incredible view of the city from above.

6. China Town

China Town is one of the most vibrant areas in Singapore. You'll find lots of delicious food here and plenty of souvenir shops. Many street performers and musicians will keep you entertained while you sample all the different treats around Asia!

It has many shops and restaurants where you can find things unique to China and other parts of Asia. It's also fun to walk around and explore all of the shops and restaurants inside this area.

7.The Merlion Park & Merlion Statue

Merlion Park contains statues made out of metal. This park is located near the Marina Bay Sands hotel, which is located near Marina Bay Sands mall, which makes it easy for tourists who want to visit this place since there are other attractions nearby as well, such as Gardens by the Bay, Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay, etc. The Merlion and The Merlion Fountain are located right next door in front of Esplanade. The Merlion is a mythical creature that represents Singapore. It is half lion, half fish, and it has been around since 1964, when it was first sculpted by Professor J.Y. Pillay from the University of Malaya Art Department.

8. Orchard Road

Orchard Road is one of the most important streets in Singapore as it houses many shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, and bars, which attract many tourists every year as they come here just to shop or eat out at some of these places during their stay; here! Many people also come here just to see some of these well-known landmarks such as Gardens By The Bay or Sculpture

9. Esplanade

The Esplanade is your go-to destination if you're looking for a spot to take in the city's cultural offerings. At this multi-venue arts centre, you can catch a play, catch an art show, or just hang out on the waterfront and watch the sunset over Singapore's skyline.

The Esplanade is a performing arts centre in Singapore that hosts a wide variety of performances and events throughout the year. It is also home to several permanent art exhibitions, including "Walls That Sing," which features graffiti by local and international artists, and "Singapore's Modern Art: A New Dawn," which showcases contemporary works by local artists. The Esplanade also has a cafe on its premises and several restaurants and bars in close proximity.

10. Little India

Little India is one of Singapore's most vibrant neighbourhoods, and it's a great place to get a taste of what life is like in Singapore for its Indian residents. In addition to being home to many shops selling Indian goods and spices, Little India is also home to restaurants serving authentic South Indian cuisine and temples that are worth checking out during your visit. Head here for delicious Indian food, clothing stores, and many colours! It's also a great place to find souvenirs or gifts for your friends back home.

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