Saudi Arabia Things to Do

Things to Do as a Family

Saudi Arabia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with majestic skyscrapers. You can find these landmarks in Riyadh and other cities in the country, giving out a beautiful view. If you are visiting Saudi Arabia as a travel destination, you can do many things there with your family and kids

So, we will discuss the activities you can do as a family in Saudi Arabia.

Have an Adventure by Completing a Mission at Novus

Adventure is the soul of the journey. So if you want to have an adventure with your kids, Novus is the best place that offers such entertainment. Novus is present in Jeddah, another famous tourist city in Saudi Arabia. The goal of this game is to unlock the room by finding the clues. You can think of this as a real-life puzzle involving entertaining tricks.

The first thing you will do is select the theme of the room. Novus offers various themes that you can choose. Usually, kids prefer the theme that attracts them the most. Then you will use your superpower to complete the mission. Each player will have a superpower they can use throughout the game. You have to play this game in groups of two to eight people. So you can involve your whole family in this adventure.

Visit the National Museum

You can teach your kids about the value of culture by taking them to a museum. If you want to know about the culture of any place museum is the best place. Saudi Arabia has the National Museum that educates people about the country's history and culture. It represents the Islamic faith that the country is built on and its citizens' practice.

The national museum of Saudi Arabia focuses on Islam. It has eight art galleries and two mosques. The museum also has the Arabian kingdom and the pre-Islamic era. If your kids are fascinated with history, they will have a stellar time at this place. The museum offers all representations in English and Arabic, so understanding the history would be convenient. You can learn so many things about Saudi culture through this museum.

Enjoy Ice Skating at Royal Mall

No holiday is complete without some adventure. So you can have an Ice Skating adventure in Saudi Arabia, mainly if you visit with your family. If you are a tourist from a foreign country, you will find the temperature of Saudi Arabia hot and humid. Thus, such a fun activity will be good for a change from other mainstream activities.

They will freak out if you have kids with you due to the country's excessive heat and hot climate. So to cool their heads, take them for ice skating, which is fun, adventurous, and exciting. There are many beautiful places for ice skating in Saudi Arabia. For instance, you can visit the Royal Mall to find the best ice-skating rink in Saudi Arabia.

Visit the Al-Shallal Theme Park

Most kids love amusement parks. They can play games and make new friends in a park. Jeddah Al-Shallal theme park is the best enjoyment spot for a family with kids. As parents, you can sit under a tree and have the ideal time with each other while monitoring your kids.

This theme park has so many thrilling rides; it also has a small ice-skating rink. Amazon ride and roller coaster rides are also part of this park. Many locals visit the park for picnics or evening strolls to enjoy quality time with their families. As a tourist, your kids will enjoy it.

Enjoy Dolphin Show at Fakieh Aquarium

Fishes are a source of happiness for many people. Dolphin is the most adorable and loving aquatic animal people love seeing. Kids enjoy swimming with dolphins where they have the time of their life. You can even hold a dolphin in your hand in the instructor's presence. 

The Fakieh Aquarium is the only place for marine life. They have the creatures which live in the Red Sea. Your kids will love to see the Dolphin show in this aquarium. Many visitors with their families come to this place to have an ideal time where the kids get to see dolphins dance.

See Sand Dunes on Safari

Sharm Yanbu is a place where you can experience dunes. It is one of the most famous places for a tour in Saudi Arabia. The coastal strips of the desert make the experience of travelling more exciting and beautiful. And if you are going with your family, the excitement is doubled.

You can opt for a staycation in the desert where you will sleep in tents and enjoy an adventurous time. This place also offers desert camps, outdoor sports, and hiking. Through this activity, your kids will enjoy the experience of the desert, which is unique from all the other activities.

Stare the Beauty at King Fahd Fountain

Many people in the world enjoy the sight of water. King Fahd Fountain is the ideal place for such people since it is the tallest fountain in the world. The water rises to 800 feet and makes unique patterns with different lights.

This fountain is a treat to watch. It is so tall that you can see this fountain from many places in Jeddah. At night it shows many colours, making the view beautiful for visitors. Children are usually left in awe as they see a beautiful water and light show. Many locals take a stroll at night to enjoy such scenery.

Go for Island Hopping Around Umluj

Island is a beautiful place to visit. You can take a boat tour and explore the Red Sea. You can have a family day out at island hopping. Jabal Hassan has a beautiful island that is worth visiting with your kids.

Your kids can enjoy water adventures through boat rides. Umluj is a place that represents beauty. So you can take beautiful pictures or purchase different souvenirs to take back as memories. Your kids will have lots of fun at this place.

Have a Sense of Serenity at Kaaba

No vacation in Saudi Arabia is complete without visiting the Holy Kaaba. It represents the faith and religion of Muslims. If you visit Saudi Arabia, you must show your kids the sense of serenity of this place. If you want to have a pilgrimage tour with your family, then Kaaba is the ideal place.

Kaaba holds great importance for Muslims. It shows spirituality and a sense of serenity. If your kids love knowing about Islam, the religion of peace, this place is a must-visit for them. You will feel internal peace and spirituality at this place.

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