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Safety and Security

Saudi Arabia is one of the safest countries to live in due to its strict laws and regulations. There are harsh punishments for rape, murder, and adultery. As a result, the crime rate is lower in Saudi Arabia. However, minor crimes like stealing money or precious things can occur. It would be best to stay alert while walking on the streets with your family.

So, we will discuss some safety measures you should know about before visiting Saudi Arabia with your family.

Terrorist Attacks in Saudi Arabia

Every country has strict laws against terrorism. Saudi Arabia is no different and also has strict rules against terrorism. There have been attacks in Saudi Arabia in the past; hence the country does not neglect threats related to terrorism.

When you visit Saudi Arabia, ensure you live in a secure place. The police arrest the people if they find them suspicious. Choose a community centre that protects tourists and their families during their stay in the country.

Stay Safe from Protests in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi government has made irrelevant protests illegal in the country. The reason for promoting such things is to decrease the rally of protests by bettering the living conditions of the people residing in the country. The Saudi government invests a lot of resources in education and employment.

Protests are uncommon in Saudi Arabia, but in the Eastern province, there is a possibility of protest. This Eastern province has a Shia minority, and protests occur. Keep yourself and your family safe from such demonstrations whenever you visit Saudi Arabia.

To be safe from such protests, avoid the days of national unrest. Monitor the days of demonstrations through media platforms like Twitter and news channels. Avoid getting outside around Friday prayers. Be ready to change the travel plan according to the situation.

Safety of Roads in Saudi Arabia

Road conditions are primarily different in cities and rural areas. Large cities are often safe and sound for travellers since they are well constructed and do not have any obstacles. But the roads in rural areas are of significant concern due to their condition and are less travelled. Traffic accidents are also common in rural areas of Saudi Arabia, so you must be vigilant on the road.

Aggressive traffic is also a concern in Saudi Arabia, and Riyadh is famous for it. When you are travelling, make sure you are taking precautionary measures. Consider a driver who is aware of the local conditions of roads. It will make your tour exciting and safe. The Saudi government has a list of safety measures you should consider on the road.

Political Unrest and Security Issue

There is an ongoing military fight and conflict with neighbouring countries like Yemen. As a result, missiles and explosive-laden drones can occur. These drones target the civilian infrastructure and buildings. Mainly these attacks occur near the border of Yemen. So plan your trip carefully for your sake.

The Saudi government takes every step possible to ensure the safety of tourists. The capital city Riyadh, Jeddah, and the cities on the Red Sea have also become the target of foreign attacks. So, whenever you visit these places with kids, stay safe and follow the instructions relevant institutions give.

When you hear a loud siren, immediately run towards a safe place to be safe from these attacks. In addition, constantly monitor media to be aware of sudden attacks in the region you visit.

Crimes in Saudi Arabia

Generally, the crime rate is almost zero in Saudi Arabia. But in crowded places, some crimes do occur. For example, piracy is a crime that can occur in Saudi Arabia. It often occurs in regions like the Southern Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. The things that pirates attack are luxury craft and naval vessels. So if you are travelling through such places, better to keep your valuables in a safe place.

If you are travelling to Saudi Arabia and travelling by boat, make sure you are following the recommended policies. It would be best if you were up-to-date with the piracy reports of the specific region so that you can take appropriate steps for your family. It will be helpful if you avoid confrontation with any pirates or thieves.

If you precisely follow the instructions of the authorities, then there is a high possibility that you can save yourself and your family from the crimes. Furthermore, taking such precautions will make your visit more pleasant because of the safety of your life and asset.

Kidnapping in Saudi Arabia

There are minor crimes in Saudi Arabia; kidnapping is not a mainstream issue in the country. However, there are some places where there are slight chances of kidnapping. Therefore, you should avoid such areas that carry kidnapping risks. It would be best if you always traveled in a group and not went outside late at night.

If you accidentally visit a place with the risk of kidnapping, ensure you are safe and sound. Try to be in touch with the authorities regarding security concerns. Always follow their instructions to keep your family safe from unexpected situations. If you have extra money, always arrange personal security to be safe from other risks.

Always Have Travel Insurance

Before planning a trip and going to any place, make sure you have travel insurance if you travel with kids. Get comprehensive travel insurance as it will cover most medical issues. It is a significant need if you plan to stay in a foreign country. Your insurance policy should cover all medical expenses.

If you are a tourist travelling with kids and have this travel insurance, you can get the necessary help and medication at the time of need. Most hospitals, particularly the public ones, will accept your travel insurance; if you need to be admitted, they will also do that.

Other Risks

When you travel to a country different from your environment, there are some health risks. For example, sand storms and dust storms in Saudi Arabia can cause many types of allergies. So during these storms, stay inside the house and wear a mask. To avoid health risks, follow the instructions of medical experts.

Malaria and Dengue are also diseases that can make you sick. To stay safe from these diseases, take medicine for Malaria. If you do not have the required medication, visit the nearest medical store. Also, wear clothes which can cover your arms. In this way, you can make yourself save from these diseases.

Typhoid, Rabies, Hepatitis, and brucellosis are diseases that can make you sick. Follow the health instructions to save yourself and your family from these diseases.

Health and Medical Emergencies and Insurance

Health is an essential part of your life. It would help if you took care of your health while travelling so that your tour with family can become more pleasant. Your kids will enjoy the visit if they look after their well-being. Furthermore, you should take the necessary steps to ensure their health is not compromised.

Here we will discuss some tips you should adhere to regarding health and medical emergencies that may happen during your visit to Saudi Arabia with your family.

Insurance Before Travelling

It would be best if you had an insurance plan before travelling. That insurance should cover all the medical costs. If you do not have health insurance, you will need to pay a lot of money if you require some medical attention at the hospital in Saudi Arabia. Hence, your tour will be challenging if you travel without health insurance.

Insurance is mandatory, and you must ensure that your insurance plan is valid for the duration of your tour. In addition, you need to ensure that your insurance policy covers all emergencies. Saudi Arabia provides such insurance policies for tourists. Such a facility will make your visit convenient. Hence, you can get insurance for yourself and your family.

Major Health Risks

Saudi Arabia has some health risks, just like all countries worldwide. However, according to the present situation, the most common health risk is COVID-19. Therefore, make sure your COVID-19 vaccination process is complete before travelling.

Another health risk in Saudi Arabia is Sand Storm. Sand Storms can cause allergies and breathing problems for many people. Therefore, you should avoid going outside during sand storms. If you go, then make sure you are wearing masks.

Insect-borne diseases are also a health risk in Saudi Arabia. Malaria and Dengue are the most common diseases. Take medicines that can prevent you from Malaria. Make sure you are wearing long sleeves and use insect repellent frequently.

Medical Services in Saudi Arabia

Most health facilities are different in every region. In central and capital cities, high-quality health services are available. So if you stay in metropolitan cities like Riyadh, Jeddah, etc., you can enjoy high-quality medical services. In minor towns, health facilities are not up-to-date with the latest procedures.

If you opt for private facilities for medical treatment, you will have to pay a lot. If you get a severe injury or sickness, then they will move you to better hospitals for medications. However, you will have to spend a lot of money since the treatments are expensive.

Medications in Saudi Arabia

Not every medicine is available in every country. There may be some medicines that are illegal according to the law of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has the same rule in this regard. Before taking any medication with you, make sure you check if it is legal in Saudi Arabia or not.

Take the prescription of your medicines along with medicines. The medicine's brand and scientific name should also be present. The authorities at the airport may question you about the medications you are taking into their country.

Specialists and Doctors in Saudi Arabia

Many specialists in Saudi Arabia will look after your health. The doctors have specialisation in many fields. Cardiology, Orthopaedics, Urology, and Ophthalmology are the fields in which doctors in Saudi Arabia specialise.

The doctors of Saudi Arabia are also specialists in ear, nose, and throat-related diseases. Therefore, if you face these problems during your tour, you can contact the doctors by visiting the nearby hospital.

Health Care for Women in Saudi Arabia

Although the health facilities are more advanced in Gulf countries, Saudi Arabia also provides health facilities to women. Saudi Arabia also has exceptional doctors who treat diseases, specifically of women. Therefore, the health quality of women in Saudi Arabia holds great importance.

Female hygiene products are available in markets and pharmacies. Females can get these products from any grocery store or pharmacy.

Health Care for Children in Saudi Arabia

The government of Saudi Arabia also promotes the health of children. So when you visit this country with your kids, you can take care of their health along with the tour. You can enjoy the tour with your family with better health facilities because there are many facilities for children's health. Dental hygiene and disease prevention are available in Saudi Arabia.

There are many vaccination programmes in Saudi Arabia, like the vaccination for rubella, polio, hepatitis, and measles. If there is any seasonal spread of these diseases in Saudi Arabia, then you should prevent your kids by taking them for vaccination these diseases.

Mental Health Prevention in Saudi Arabia

Along with physical health, mental health is also essential in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, Saudi Arabia also has a mental health policy. The services provided by mental health hospitals and therapy sessions in Saudi Arabia include rehabilitation, psychotherapy, addiction services, and speech therapy.

Saudi Arabia's health department handles the primary level of mental health issues as the primary care level. In contrast, mental health hospitals efficiently provide services for severe problems.

Therapy sessions for anxiety and depression are also available in Saudi Arabia. So when you visit the country with your family and unexpectedly face some mental health issues, you can access mental health services.

Getting Around in Saudi Arabia

Travelling throughout Saudi Arabia is not a difficult task. You will find multiple transportation resources to get around the country. The country has a proper bus system in various cities that you can utilise. Besides that, taxis, trains, and aeroplanes travel around the country.

Here, we will discuss the best transportation methods around Saudi Arabia with your family.

Getting Around by Air

Saudi Arabia is a rich land with several domestic airports in almost all its major cities. Elite-class people with high budgets prefer airlines to roam around Saudi Arabia. They move around from one town to another via domestic airlines.

Getting around the country by airline is a good option if you can afford it. Also, it will not consume much time, and you can easily visit more places on your tour. Flynas, Saudia, Mid East Jet, and Saudi Gulf are the most preferred domestic airlines currently providing their services in Saudi Arabia.

Getting Around by Rail

Saudi Arabia has a rail network that connects some major cities. You can travel to Riyadh, Dammam, and Al Hofuf using the railway service. The trains in Saudi Arabia run on a weekly schedule. Saudi Railway Organization operates the whole railway system in the country.

The railway organization ensures to provide reliability and convenience to passengers. Still, the whole railway system is not progressed yet. Many railway tracks are under construction. With time, the railway system is getting better.

You can experience comfortable and clean sitting arrangements on the trains. The tickets for the train are also cheap and are available at railway stations. Other than railway stations, you can also book your tickets online.

Getting Around by Road

The most convenient and pleasure-giving source for getting around in Saudi Arabia is by road. Saudi people are less likely to follow the traffic rules. They cross the roads without following the traffic lights and laws. Before crossing any road in Saudi Arabia, pay more attention to avoid mishaps or accidents. The following are the means of road transportation that you can opt for with your family


Taxi driving is a major occupation of many Saudi and non-Saudi men. Travellers mostly prefer taxis for getting around the country. But you can also experience Taxi haggling in Saudi Arabia as it is common there. Professional drivers are hired for the taxi service all around the country.

You can easily communicate with them as they are skilled English speakers. If you face any issue regarding your location, you can show them your destination or any nearby place using your mobile.

Rental Car

Car hiring companies provide a vast network of cars all around the country, especially in major cities. You can book cars for rent for self-driving from airports, online, and other vehicle hire places. Self-driving is also a good option for roaming around Saudi Arabia. Men aged 25 or above can hire a car for themselves but remember, Saudi Arabia does not allow women to drive cars or bicycles.


The public transport company of Saudi Arabia provides locals and visitors with a vast network of bus services. Locals mostly use the bus service in the country. But many tourists also prefer the bus for getting around the country as it is easy and comfortable.

Al Khobar, Riyadh, and Jeddah are well known for their well-developed and well-organized bus system. The local people buy bus tickets daily, but you can also book your bus ticket in advance. You can also enjoy multiple views of the Saudi market and places while sitting on the bus.


Besides buses, the same company runs a system of coaches in many cities. Travellers and local people also use these coaches for travelling to neighbouring countries. These couches can take you to countries such as Bahrain, Egypt, UAE, and Yemen. You will find these coaches clean, comfortable and affordable. To book coach tickets, online booking is the best method.

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