Saudi Arabia rent a car, taxi and getting around

Getting Around in Saudi Arabia

Travelling throughout Saudi Arabia is not a difficult task. You will find multiple transportation resources to get around the country. The country has a proper bus system in various cities that you can utilise. Besides that, taxis, trains, and aeroplanes travel around the country.

Here, we will discuss the best transportation methods around Saudi Arabia with your family.

Getting Around by Air

Saudi Arabia is a rich land with several domestic airports in almost all its major cities. Elite-class people with high budgets prefer airlines to roam around Saudi Arabia. They move around from one town to another via domestic airlines.

Getting around the country by airline is a good option if you can afford it. Also, it will not consume much time, and you can easily visit more places on your tour. Flynas, Saudia, Mid East Jet, and Saudi Gulf are the most preferred domestic airlines currently providing their services in Saudi Arabia.

Getting Around by Rail

Saudi Arabia has a rail network that connects some major cities. You can travel to Riyadh, Dammam, and Al Hofuf using the railway service. The trains in Saudi Arabia run on a weekly schedule. Saudi Railway Organization operates the whole railway system in the country.

The railway organization ensures to provide reliability and convenience to passengers. Still, the whole railway system is not progressed yet. Many railway tracks are under construction. With time, the railway system is getting better.

You can experience comfortable and clean sitting arrangements on the trains. The tickets for the train are also cheap and are available at railway stations. Other than railway stations, you can also book your tickets online.

Getting Around by Road

The most convenient and pleasure-giving source for getting around in Saudi Arabia is by road. Saudi people are less likely to follow the traffic rules. They cross the roads without following the traffic lights and laws. Before crossing any road in Saudi Arabia, pay more attention to avoid mishaps or accidents. The following are the means of road transportation that you can opt for with your family


Taxi driving is a major occupation of many Saudi and non-Saudi men. Travellers mostly prefer taxis for getting around the country. But you can also experience Taxi haggling in Saudi Arabia as it is common there. Professional drivers are hired for the taxi service all around the country.

You can easily communicate with them as they are skilled English speakers. If you face any issue regarding your location, you can show them your destination or any nearby place using your mobile.

Rental Car

Car hiring companies provide a vast network of cars all around the country, especially in major cities. You can book cars for rent for self-driving from airports, online, and other vehicle hire places. Self-driving is also a good option for roaming around Saudi Arabia. Men aged 25 or above can hire a car for themselves but remember, Saudi Arabia does not allow women to drive cars or bicycles.


The public transport company of Saudi Arabia provides locals and visitors with a vast network of bus services. Locals mostly use the bus service in the country. But many tourists also prefer the bus for getting around the country as it is easy and comfortable.

Al Khobar, Riyadh, and Jeddah are well known for their well-developed and well-organized bus system. The local people buy bus tickets daily, but you can also book your bus ticket in advance. You can also enjoy multiple views of the Saudi market and places while sitting on the bus.


Besides buses, the same company runs a system of coaches in many cities. Travellers and local people also use these coaches for travelling to neighbouring countries. These couches can take you to countries such as Bahrain, Egypt, UAE, and Yemen. You will find these coaches clean, comfortable and affordable. To book coach tickets, online booking is the best method.

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