Saudi Arabia Best places to visit on Holiday

Top 10 Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia

History and art lovers can visit some interesting places in Saudi Arabia. This country has some of the most attractive tourist places, such as galleries, malls, and museums in Saudi Arabia.

So first, we will discuss the top 10 places you must visit in Saudi Arabia.

1.     King Abdul-Aziz Historical Centre (National Museum)- Riyadh

One of the top historical attractions in Saudi Arabia is King Abdul-Aziz Historical Centre. The place is also called National Museum in Riyadh. It has an area of almost 1.5 km, which looks like a Palace. The place is rich with its architectural beauty. On your visit, you must explore the eight exhibition halls of the National Museum in Riyadh.

All the exhibition halls are beautiful, well-lighted, and airy. These halls are well-known for presenting the rich history and heritage of Saudi Arabia. Other than halls, this historical centre has a library, green fields, conference hall, park, mosque, and fountain. All these spots enhance the beauty of this historical place.

The place is free for children, but adults must pay SAR 10 as an entry fee. The timings of the place are different for the whole week. The location is open Monday to Thursday from 8 am to 8 pm, Friday from 4 pm to 8 pm, and Sunday from 8 am to 2 pm. Add this place to your visit to Saudi Arabia and get great information and interaction about the country.

2.     Umm Al-Qamari Island

Another attractive spot in Saudi Arabia is its islands. Umm Al Qamari Island brings you spectacular beauty, luxury, and a relaxing time to enjoy your holidays in Saudi Arabia. If you are a nature lover, it is a peaceful and beautiful place where you can spend some relaxing time during your visit.

Many migratory birds visit the Islands and add more wilderness to their heavenly beauty. You can find birds such as white egret heron, eagle, and African collared lunar in the migratory birds. Moreover, they ensure the safety of the wildlife species and provide them with a good Inhabitat. The national centre for the development of wildlife has kept this area under supervision.

Umm Al Qamari Island has diverse beauty, from stony surfaces to eye-catching floral sceneries that attract many tourists. The place is in Al-Qunfudhah, southwest of the Red Sea. The location is open around the clock for tourists. The best time to visit this place is between November and February. If you want to visit Saudi Arabia, don't forget to enjoy this natural reserve.

3.     Qasr al-Farid-Hegra

Qasr al-Farid-Hegra is the most visited historical place in Saudi Arabia. It is also known as The Lonely Castle, standing alone in the desert. The Castle was originally a tomb included in the Nabatean site of the Hegra region. It was built in the first century CE and had an impressive ancient structure.

Qasr al-Farid was built with the inspiration of Nabatean techniques. Due to its complex architecture, it was never completed. You can find the incomplete piece of tomb an attractive thing to view. Although it is not a whole, it still has an ancient architectural glimpse. The tall facade of this tomb now looks like a ruined castle and is a popular tourist attraction.

In 2008, UNESCO declared Qasr al-Farid-Hegra a World Heritage site. This tomb is the best visiting place for an art and history lover. This tourist place is open seven days a week from 9 am to 5 pm. You can visit the place without fees but must issue a permit before the entrance.

4.     Al Nakheel Mall by Arabian- Riyadh

It is not possible to visit a place and miss shopping there. So when you visit Saudi Arabia, don't forget to visit Al Nakheel Mall by Arabian. It is one of the top shopping spots in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The mall has a wide variety of fashion brands, an exclusive collection of multiple items, and many other shopping accessories.

The mall has an architectural structure and royal luxuries that increase the beauty and attraction of this place. International brands such as Kipling, ZARA, Lefties, Karaca, and Bershka have exclusive collections at the Al Nakheel Mall. Estimation shows that more than 200,000 people weekly visit this mall.

Other than shopping, if you visit Saudi Arabia on New Year's day, you can enjoy a good time on New Year's Eve at Al Nakheel Mall. The mall provides impressive dining offers at its cafes and restaurants. Al Nakheel Mall is one of the best spots for families with diverse options. The mall is open on Saturday to Thursday from 9:30 am to 11 pm, and Friday from 2 am to 11 pm.

5.     Al Rahma Mosque- Jeddah

Saudi Arabia is a land of rich culture, heritage, and spiritual places. On your visit to Saudi Arabia, you cannot miss exploring the beautiful attractions and spiritual feelings. One of the top spiritual places in Saudi Arabia is the Al Rahma Mosque. Many tourists visit the mosque on their tour to Saudi Arabia.

You will find the Al Rahma mosque as a representation of ancient aura and beauty. The mosque has a turquoise-shaped dome that looks beautiful from a distance. It has a unique architectural design and engraved art that attracts tourists worldwide. People from far and near visit the mosque to experience its spiritual vibes.

The mosque is located in Jeddah; the water of the Red Sea surrounds it. The surrounding white silts of the mosque are covered with the river water, and it seems they are floating on the water. For this reason, the Al Rahma mosque is a floating mosque. The mosque remains open all day, and you can visit the mosque anytime.

6.     Deerah Souq- Riyadh

Riyadh is called the shopping hub of Saudi Arabia and an attractive tourist place. Another best shopping spot in Saudi Arabia is Deerah Souq- Riyadh. This market is primarily known for its antique gold items. You can find traditional Arabian jewellery with unique designs, traditional clothes, furniture, carpets, and handicrafts at Deerah Souq-Riyadh.

Deerah Souq is on Thumairi Street and is also named after the street as Al-Thumairi Souq. This shopping market is one of the oldest traditional markets in Saudi Arabia. Tourists must visit this place to get an understanding of the history and culture of Saudi Arabia.

The market is open all day, and you don't need to pay entry fees to visit the place. Add Deerah Souq to the list of places you will see in Saudi Arabia. Visit and explore this shopping market with your family. Shop around the market for different impressive items and admire the art crafted by local craftsmen.

7.     Dammam Corniche- Dammam

Another ideal place to visit in Saudi Arabia is the Dammam Corniche. It is a perfect place to spend an evening at the seaside and enjoy the beauty of the sea. Along the shore of the Corniche, you will find a long line of cafes, restaurants, and other small spots for dining. All these create a beautiful view all along the long shore.

Other than tourists, many local families spend their leisure time at the Dammam Corniche. For adventure lovers, Dammam Corniche has cruises and boat rides. You can add more adventure to your visit by visiting Marjan Island from Dammam Corniche. Or you can enjoy the beauty of the Persian Gulf from the Dammam Corniche.

Dammam Corniche bears a length from Aziziah Beach to Tarot Island. You can spend your evening at the Corniche and capture the picturesque scenes of the sunset. The place does not charge fees, and you can visit the place anytime.

8.     Asir National Park

Another attractive place to visit in Saudi Arabia is the Asir National Park. This is the first national park in Saudi Arabia that numerous tourists visit for its incredible wildlife. More than 300 rare wilds and indigenous species live in the park.

Asir National Park is 10,522 feet above sea level. It was opened to the public in 1980, and since then, it has been one of the best places to visit, particularly for nature lovers. Nature ensures its beauty at the Asir National Park at its best. The lush green grounds, magnificent scenes, and a wide spread of floral beauty make Asir National park unique.

On your visit to Saudi Arabia, you must visit the beautiful landscape, exceptional aura, and dense wilderness of the park. You can see the park at any part of the year. The weather of this place remains pleasant all the year so that you can enjoy this unique place anytime.

9.     Al-Masjid An-Nabawi-Medina

Saudi Arabia is a place full of mesmerizing moments and spiritual vibes. Medina is considered the city of God as the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) left Mecca and chose Medina for a lifetime. In Medina, the top place to visit is the Al-Masjid An-Nabawi. This mosque is a place full of divinity and blessings.

Medina is the most religious and culturally essential place in Saudi Arabia. On your tour to Saudi Arabia, you must visit the mosque and mesmerize yourself with this place's spiritual connectivity. Visit this sacred mosque with your family and friends at any time of the year. The mosque is open to everyone without any fees or charges.

Medina has different charm and beauty compared to other cities in Saudi Arabia. On your trip, you can explore various historical instances and religious marvels. Millions of devotees seek blessings from God and visit this place annually. This place is full of restaurants and shopping markets. You can spend quality time with your family in Medina.

10.  Al Nakheel Beach- Al Jubail

Al Nakheel Beach is another mesmerizing place to visit on your tour to Saudi Arabia. This place holds an exceptional beauty and attraction that tourists worldwide must visit. Tourists enjoy their relaxing time by watching the clear blue water with the beautiful combination of lush green palm trees.

Al Nakheel Beach is one of the top beaches in Saudi Arabia. The beach is also called Palm Beach after the presence of many beautiful palm trees on the beach. The beauty of seawater, white sands, and trees makes up fantastic scenery where you will find yourself lost.

The beach is divided into three parts; an area full of palm trees, a place for volleyball, and a beach area for basking in the sun. You can relax under the shades of palm trees and enjoy playing volleyball with your kids and friends. Moreover, there is a nearby mosque for Muslim tourists to offer their prayers. Visit the beach with your loved ones and capture the exceptional beauty with your camera and eyes.

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