Saudi Arabia Travel Guide

A Comprehensive Guide for Families Travelling to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has invested greatly in tourism to rebrand its international image as a premier holiday destination in the Middle East.

From providing all the facilities in tourist places to opening up international and unique food chains and food stalls, Saudi Arabia is an ideal place to visit with your family. The country has several attractions that your kids can enjoy that are unique to the country's climate.

This guide will help you plan your family trip to Saudi Arabia, covering everything there is to know about the country.

About Saudi Arabia and People

Saudi Arabia was an underdeveloped country for a long time but has made tremendous development in recent years. The country is a rich land of culture, tradition, and Islamic heritage. It has carried out its culture and tradition in modern countries.

So, we will provide information about Saudi Arabia and its people, giving you invaluable information about the country.

International Reputation

The past century covers the vast influence of Saudi Arabia not only in the Middle East but also in European countries. Saudi Arabia has a strong economy and holds an excellent reputation. Prophet Muhammad was born in this country, so Saudi Arabia significantly influences all Muslim communities. Saudi Arabia is the central hub of the Sunni branch of Islam.

Saudi people and the western world have opposite views on many matters. The western world sees Saudi Arabia as a land of restrictions. The way Saudi Arabia implies rules and regulations on its people, especially women. You will find Saudi people often describing their ethics and goodness to others.

Islamic Traditions

Saudi Arabia follows Islamic teachings strictly since they are part of the country's customs. The country has many religious activities, events, and national holidays. The Saudi people spend their lives according to Arab traditions and the spiritual teachings of their forefathers.

Saudi Muslims fast for the whole month of Ramadhan and spend this month with great joy and happiness. After that, they celebrate the holidays of Eid-Al-Fitr and share gifts and food with others. Another religious event in the country is Hajj which ends with the holidays of Eid-Al-Adha.

Other traditions of Saudi people include their hospitality. They greet strangers with generosity and make preparations to be hospitable. Coffee is the simplest gesture of Saudi people to show their hospitality. Also, to provide a welcoming expression, they burn oud for its beautiful fragrance.


Saudi Arabia is the land of exceptional heritage of architecture. All the historic buildings in the country are built with the available resources. The climate and geographical elements of the country heavily affect its construction work. King Saud University and the King Khalid International Airport are the wealthiest examples of Islamic structure and design.

You will see buildings made of coral in Jeddah, which is carried out from the Red Sea. Most buildings in the western part of the country are constructed with stone and bricks. The Architects of today's world are inspired by the ancient designs and structures of old buildings. They tried to build impressive architectures that portrayed old traditions and modern innovations.


Calligraphy is one of the oldest art in Saudi Arabia. The history of calligraphy art is rooted in the writings of the Holy Quran. Calligraphy is an essential art form of Islam. You will see rare manuscripts with unique calligraphy in the Saudi museums.

In the modern world, Calligraphy is one of the dominant art forms in many arts, including paintings, glasswork, textiles, metalwork, and sculptures. Saudi people give more attention to the art of calligraphy. They train the young generation and hold competitions so that they remain part of this art.


For Saudi people, poetry is an integral part of their culture. In all the literary arts, Poetry is the most significant expression through which poets present feelings, emotions, and ideas. The history of Saudi Arabia is full of tales of war, love, bravery, historical incidents, and chivalry.

The Holy Quran is the supreme source of language and diversity. After the revelation of the Holy Quran, Arab people enhance their interest in poetry. They learned Arabic and wrote poetry with examples from the Holy Quran. Moreover, the Saudi people consider the Quran the literary model for all their poetic expressions.

Poetry significantly influences the lives of Saudi people, old and young. Not only in the past, but poetry is still prevalent among Saudi people. They held events, gatherings, and cultural festivals to present the poetry of renowned poets.

The Bottom Line

Saudi Arabia is a beautiful country to visit due to the renowned Holy Mosques in Mecca and Madina. It has a diverse natural environment with a rich cultural heritage that attracts tourists from various countries. This elusive country offers novice visitors the perfect mix of religion and culture. If you are interested in learning about Islam's history and increasing your knowledge about Prophet Muhammad, then Saudi Arabia is the right country to visit with your family.

The cosmopolitan cities of Saudi Arabia, including Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, etc., have seen a tremendous cultural transformation. The country's customs and traditions blend in with the modern lifestyle that draws millions of visitors annually. Saudis take pride in protecting their homeland and its cultural values. Hence, the country has welcomed travellers from different countries to witness world-class museums, fine dining places, and fantastic shopping venues.

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