Rome rent a car, taxi and getting around

Getting around. Taxis, Rent a car, etc. when visiting Rome on holidays

When you’re on holiday in Rome, you’ll probably spend a lot of time in the city. That’s why getting the most out of your trip is important by getting around efficiently and easily.

Rome is a beautiful city, and there are so many sights to see. The best way to get around the city is by public transport, as it will allow you to see more of Rome than if you were just using taxis or renting a car. If you do want to rent a car, make sure you have an international driving license and that it is valid for at least one year from the date of hire; otherwise, you may not be allowed to drive in Italy.

You can also use your feet! Rome is pretty walkable, but it isn’t always the most pleasant thing in the world – especially in summer when temperatures can reach up to 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit).


Taxis are the most common mode of transportation in Rome. They’re relatively inexpensive, but it can be difficult to find one when you need one—especially if you’re trying to hail one along the street. But there are a few apps that make finding a taxi easier. Rome has many taxis you can use to get from place to place. These taxis are easy to spot because they are white with yellow stripes. They can be found all over the city, so if you can’t find one near where you are standing, just walk a little further down the street, and one should be there eventually.

Taxis are required by law to accept credit cards as payment, so it’s easy to pay for them using your smartphone. The cost of a taxi ride varies depending on where you’re going and how far away it is, but generally, they cost between $2–5 USD per mile.

Renting a Car

Rome has an excellent public transit system, but renting a car is a great option if you want to see more of the country and don’t want to pay for a tour bus. Just make sure you know how to drive on the other side of the road! If you want more, renting a car may be better suited for your needs. Many rental companies in Rome offer different types of cars at affordable prices. The best part about renting a car is that it gives you flexibility when exploring the city or going on day trips outside Rome.

Public Transport

If neither of these options sounds right for what you need while visiting Rome, consider taking public transportation instead! There are buses that run throughout Rome every hour during the day; however, they do not run at night or on Sundays, so this may not be an option depending on what time your flight arrives/departs from.

The metro system is extensive and easy to navigate, though it can get crowded at rush hour. For a more personalized experience, consider taking a taxi or an Uber. The city also has an extensive bus network that can get you almost anywhere you need to go in the city centre.

Getting around Rome

Rome is a massive city, with several different neighbourhoods and districts within it. You’ll want to plan ahead if you want to see as much as possible during your trip, but luckily there are plenty of options for getting around. If you’re looking for a taxi or ride-sharing service, you can use directory or online apps to find one near where you’re staying or travelling. If you have a car at the time of your visit, there are plenty of parking garages in the city, and many paid lots where you can leave your vehicle while exploring Rome on holidays with family members!

Few Tips

Rome is a great place to visit, but it can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Here are some tips on how to get around when you’re staying in Rome:

-If you’re looking for a taxi, plenty of them are around. But if you want to save money, the best way is to take public transportation.

-The buses and trains can be confusing at first, so check what line you need before your trip starts. If you’re unsure where to go, just ask someone nearby! You’ll find that most people are friendly and willing to help out a tourist.

-If you want something more private than public transportation but don’t want to drive around town, consider renting a car for the day instead!

-Several car rental companies are located throughout Rome if you’d rather rent a car.

-The metro system is also an option, though it is only recommended for those who already know how to navigate it or who have access to a map or guidebook that can help them get around.

-There are buses that run throughout Rome. Though they aren’t as common as taxis or cars, they are still available and affordable ways of getting around town!

-Get a map and plan out your route before heading out. This way, you’ll know exactly where to go and what will be along the way. It’s also helpful if there are any areas you’d rather avoid; this way, you can just take an alternative route if there’s an accident or something along the way.

-Rome has taxis available at all times of day and night; these are usually yellow and easy to spot in traffic or at stops along main roads like piazzas (squares) or train stations; however, it may take longer than expected, so be prepared!

If walking isn’t an option for whatever reason (elevators not working properly), then maybe consider taking public transportation instead! Several options are available, including buses running every few minutes between major attractions like Colosseum/Roman Forum/Pantheon/Vatican Museums.

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