Qatar Things to Do

Things to Do as a Family

Qatar is one of the most beautiful Islamic countries in the world; that has impressive skyscrapers in Doha and other cities in the country. It offers several exciting locations and activities you can do with your family.

If you are going to Qatar on a family vacation, there are many things you can explore with your kids ranging from awe-inspiring locations to theme parks and other outdoor activities.

Here, we will discuss some fun activities you can do with your family in Qatar.

Visit the Museum of Islamic Art

Many families in Qatar attend this iconic Museum of Islamic Art since it offers a profound collection of art exhibits. The beautiful place contains Islamic art that dates back 1400 years. All the Islamic exhibits here were collected from different residences of individuals belonging to various eras.

Since each art piece narrates a unique story, visitors go beyond the Museum's walls and into the historical world. Kids roam around the museum halls and enjoy a beautiful time while looking at these gorgeous Islamic art pieces. These carvings attract visitors from around the globe to this Museum.

If your kids love arts and drawing, you should take them to the Museum of Islamic art. The Museum represents Qatar's heritage and culture and is the best place to educate yourself. The Museum has a park that offers activities that your kids would engage in at any time of the day.

Explore the World of Angry Birds

Qatar has Angry Birds entertainment park that your kids will enjoy visiting as it offers several fun activities that they can participate in. This perfect holiday destination has various spellbinding adventures to make your holiday with your kids more exciting.

The theme park takes after the popular digital game. Qatar became the first country to introduce the Angry Birds theme park, where your kids can participate in over 20 attraction spots. Beautiful attracts are ideal places where you can take pictures with your kids and buy different souvenirs.

The Angry Birds theme park is an exciting place you can find in Doha. The location is full of entertainment that guarantees your kids will have fun. Most kids at the park-like like go-karting and practising their skills which is an excellent way to burn energy. This amusing park is a must-visit place with your family.

Take a Trip to Al Khor Park

Al Khor Park is one of the most pleasant places your kids would love to visit in Qatar. The park is well-kept and offers a variety of fun activities that you can involve your kids in. The park is spacious, where visiting families come to relax while the kids enjoy the water fountains.

The Al Khor Park comes with its private zoo that houses some of the most exotic animals in the world. These animals include birds, oryxes, zebras and other friendly animals that children would love to see. The park also has a skating arena and a basketball court where you can play outdoor games with your kids who like such sports.

Parents can connect with their families by opting for a mechanical train that moves around the park. Visiting families can also visit the restaurants in the park and enjoy a delicious meal with their kids. A mini-golf club is also found in the park that families can take advantage of and play a game or two.

Visit the Baladna Park

The Baladna Park of Qatar is an adventure land where kids can engage in exciting outdoor activities with their families. The park is ideal for families to get close to nature, particularly if they want to get away from the busy city life and enjoy some quiet.

Many visiting families consider Baladna Park for picnic purposes, where they can spend time with each other, eat exciting food and beverage, and play outdoor activities to burn calories. The beautiful place is on the outskirts of Doha in Qatar. It is equipped with swings and frames for children of all ages.

The park has a great ambience and a zoo that houses zebras, ostriches, camels, and other animals. The park has beautiful trees where families can sit and eat a meal. Also, there are wooden benches at the park that elders sit on while monitoring their kids and taking their pictures.

Visit Torba market to Celebrate Local Products

The Qatari Torba market is famous for the local artisanal and healthy foods you can buy from the vendors. You should come by this place if you wish to taste some yummy food and bakery items. Many food-loving kids come to this market to buy locally-grown food items that are healthy to eat.

One of the best things about this Qatari market is that farmers inspire it, so every food you find here will be good for your health. Moreover, this market is located in the Education City in Doha that celebrates selling sustainable, locally produced, cooked delicacies.

The colourful and seasonal market attracts tourists to this place as a travel destination. The market offers an excellent place for visiting families to treat their kids to healthy meals. Apart from the gorgeous stalls, the market has a beautiful park where kids can play outdoor sporting activities.

Enjoy a Wobbly Camel Ride on a Desert Safari

No holiday to Qatar is complete without a desert safari which is a fun location for you and your family. Everyone loves a little adventure and thrill, and kids love getting involved in such activities. So if you are in Qatar, it is your chance to explore the desert by riding a camel with your kids.

If your kids want to feel what the desert is like, then visit the desert safari with them. The desert safari is an ideal location for you to come out of your comfort zone and participate in this thrilling activity called the wobbly camel ride. You can also play with sand waves and take pictures together with the camel to take that as a memory.

The desert has these powerful vehicles driven by expert drivers, giving out an incredible sight. Families with young kids love to watch such exciting activities. Several tourists and their families have a barbeque and a staycation for a night in the desert. The sunset and sunrise of the desert are magical to watch. You can choose to eat many delicious food items of your choice at the desert safari.

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