Qatar rent a car, taxi and getting around

Getting Around in Qatar

Qatar is relatively a small size country, so it is easy to get around the country. You will find paved ways and well-maintained roads while roaming around the country. The main transport people use to get around in Qatar is by car. However, since public transports are much improved, people use that too. People prefer public transportation like buses, taxis, rideshares, and metro services. The roads of Qatar are interlinked and will lead to and from one place to another.

So, we will discuss the best ways to use transport to travel around Qatar.


Metro is the best option for getting around in Qatar. It provides a comfortable ride, and you can easily travel around the country. The metro service is available all around Qatar. Gold, Green, Red, and Blue lines cover 300 km. You can buy a travel card at supermarkets and stations. The card is available at the following prices:

  • The standard travel card of $2.75.
  • Gold Club Travel card is $ 27.46.

Taxi and Rideshare

Central Doha is full of traffic and busy roads, and tourists can get stuck in large crowds. The best way to avoid such things and save time is to use public transport. Also, tourists can use taxis and rideshares. Visitors can also rent a car if they want to get around the country by themselves. But they must provide their driving license of at least one year, and their age should be twenty-five or above.

Qatar allows people with business or visits visas to drive for six months if they have an international license. And they can also drive cars in the country with their driving license for fifteen days. People having GCC licenses have the opportunity to drive for three months. If they want to extend their driving time, they need to apply for a driving license that will be a temporary one.

Travellers can also book taxis to get around in Qatar. Karwa application is used for easy booking of a cab in Qatar. Another option for roaming around in Qatar is the availability of rideshares. If you want to avail of rideshare, you must contact Uber and Careem services.

Public Buses

The public buses are cheap and comfortable to avoid heavy traffic and busy roads while getting around in Qatar. It would be best if you had smartcards to use the public buses. You can buy the bus cards at the airport, bus stations, malls, and some merchants.

  • Classic Card: Rechargeable card at $8.24.
  • Limited Card: Available for twenty-four hours at $2.75 for two journeys.
  • Unlimited Card: Available for twenty-four hours at $5.49 for unlimited journeys.

You can use the Karwa Bus application on Android and iOS devices to check the bus schedule, routes, and your card balance.

Cycles and E-Scooters

Qatar is a flat place with a location at sea level. The roads are not bumpy, and you can easily enjoy cycling on the well-maintained roads of Qatar. If you want to have information about cycle paths and other details about cycling, you can contact with Qatar Cycling Federation. The federation will provide you with all the details about cycling paths, roads, adventurous routes, and weather conditions.

Another way to get around in Qatar is using an electric scooter. E-scooters are available within walking distance at almost all places in Doha. You can take e-scooters for rent with an easy process. You need to install the provider's application, and it will enable you to get around in Qatar quickly.

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