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Best Time to Visit

It is essential to visit the country at that time when it is appropriate to make the most of your family trip to Qatar. This will ensure you can see all the country's tourist destination spots. Moreover, there are activities that you can only do in a particular month, so it is better to know about the best time to do them. You will also need to consider the places you must visit with your family to deduce the best time to visit Qatar.

So, we will discuss the best time to visit Mexico by destination, location, and time of year.

Best Time to Visit Qatar for Ideal Weather

Qatar primarily has two main seasons: hot summers and mild winters. The winter months in Qatar are from November to March. The average temperature in winters is 17 degrees Celsius which sometimes gets milder. In contrast, the months from April to October are extreme temperatures where the temperature is typically 30 degrees Celsius.

The best time to visit Qatar is from October to March. During these months, the weather is pleasant, and travellers can easily enjoy getting around Qatar. The temperature on these days will be between 18 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius. There are great chances of rainfall in December and February. So these months are cooler than the other ones.

Best Time to Visit Qatar for Dune-Bashing

Dune-Bashing is a popular activity in some Arab countries, including Qatar. The sand dunes in Qatar provide travellers with a unique experience of Dune-Bashing. But it is essential to know about the weather conditions before planning to visit the desert. Qatar is a hot country, and its temperature rises to 50 degrees Celsius in summers. With this extreme temperature, it is hard for tourists to enjoy Dune-bashing.

Winters or months with low temperatures, such as from November to April and December to March, are ideal for Dune-Bashing in the deserts of Qatar. These days, the temperature will be around 24 degrees Celsius during the day and 19 degrees Celsius at night. Travellers can enjoy this adventure with their family and friends.

Best Time to Visit Qatar for a Beach Holiday

Qatar is a country that comprises beautiful beaches. Tourists and visitors get great attraction towards these spots. As Qatar has an extreme summer temperature, it will not be a good time for travellers to visit the beaches. The temperature of 13 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius is ideal for swimming and enjoying Qatar beaches with your kids and family. Travellers can enjoy a beach holiday in the winter and spring months.

There are numerous public and private beaches in Qatar, such as Khor al Adaid, Sealine Beach, and Maroona Beach. You can also enjoy sea turtles hatching on Fuwairit Beach. The hatching season starts in April and ends in July. It's a great time to visit with your kids and involve them in this memorable activity.

Best Time to Visit Qatar on a Budgeted Trip

Qatar is a visiting place for many people on their holidays and tours. The country is filled with tourists between October and April. As the country provides luxury resorts and dining, it isn't easy to balance an affordable budget.

If you can bear a temperature of 45 degrees Celsius, the best affordable time to visit Qatar is between July and August. There are fewer visitors in these months so you can have cheaper hotels and dining. Visitors can also book their trip with discount offers to save money.

Best Time to Visit Qatar for Events

Qatar is a famous country where organising sports events is quite common. The country has been hosting many events for a long time. The events are scheduled according to the weather conditions of the country. Hence, different types of events are held between October and April. The FIFA World Cup 2022 will be held in Qatar and will initiate from October to December.

Qatar's weather remains constant every year so that events can be scheduled on time. A yearly calendar has all the events to be taken in the year. But there are chances of some security issues, weather conditions, or other related problems that can cancel or postpone the events. It's good to look at the events and their timings so that you can enjoy them easily.

What to Wear in Qatar

Every state and country has its dress code to wear according to its culture, weather, and religion. If you are travelling to any country, you must understand the basic requirements a state or country requires from you. Although, not all countries have strict rules on clothing and dress code. But Qatar expects all citizens, especially tourists, to follow Sharia Law (religious law of Islam) in the country.

So, we will discuss the various clothing items you will need for your stay in Qatar.

Dressing According to the Culture

Packing your clothes for Qatar can be a challenging task. And you can have difficulty in deciding what to wear in Qatar. Not only is the weather hot in Qatar, but you have to follow their religious law. This does not mean you have to pack yourself from head to toe. But there are some basic enforcements that you have to follow in Qatar. They are:

  • Shoulders should not be visible; any top without sleeves is not allowed in Qatar.
  • The knees of both men and women should be covered. It means that you can't wear shorts in Qatar.
  • Revealing clothes are restricted in Qatar, so women should avoid cleavage on their tour to Qatar.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothes in Qatar. It is not restricted or added to the law, but as the weather in Qatar is hot, you will be uncomfortable in tight clothes. Moreover, the people of Qatar wear loose clothes, so it's good to follow their culture.

Qatar and some other Muslim states also enforce some rules of dress code on all people. These forbidden clothing include revealing clothes, shorts, tank tops, and miniskirts. Qatar expects Tourists and ex-pats to wear modest dresses and care about the sensitivity of their Islamic culture.

Everyday Wear

Qatari women usually cover their heads with a black head cover called "Shayla" so that their hairs are not visible to others. Some women add a niqab with their Shayla to hide their face, and only their eyes are visible. It is not obligatory to wear an abaya in Qatar, but some Qatari women cover themselves up with a black dress called an abaya. The abaya covers their face, hair, shoulders, neck, ankle, and body.

Female tourists can wear clothes of their own choice in Qatar. Several female tourists visiting the country wear skirts and dresses that cover their knees and wear light jackets and t-shirts covering their shoulders. They are not restricted to wearing an abaya. But they must cover their shoulders and knees and avoid revealing clothes to look decent in Qatar.

Qatari men usually wear undershirts and trousers with their cultural dress code called the "thobe." The thobe is a long white-coloured dress that Qatari men wear as their everyday dress code. They also wear a head scarf called "Ghutra" that covers their whole head. Men tourists are not restricted to wearing these dresses but have to cover their knees and shoulders.

Dressing for the Weather

Qatar is a hot country having a temperature of more than 40 degrees Celsius, especially in the hot summer months. Tourists can wear tops with sleeves and long dresses to cover their knees to avoid the hot weather. They can also wear loose clothing to be comfortable in the hot weather.

Light and airy clothes are ideal in Qatar's hot weather. Qatar's autumn and winter months are expected to be full of rainfall. So tourists should keep light jackets with them. It would be best to prefer cotton and linen clothes to stay calm in summer.

Business Wear

If you are going to Qatar for a business meeting, be mindful that there is no particular dress code for business people to wear in Qatar. Usually, Qatari people wear suits only at important business meetings and events. Qatari men wear dresses with long sleeves with covered shoulders in their workplace.

In contrast, Qatari women wear skirts or long trousers that cover their knees. Other than skirts and trousers, they can wear dresses of their own choice, but their knees and shoulders should not be visible. Also, they must wear long sleeves tops or shirts that cover their shoulders in the workplace.

Formal Wear and Nightwear

There are no restrictions on clothing in places like hotel bars and clubs for tourists. They can wear dresses of their own choice. But tourists must check their dressing before going out in public places. Their clothes for public places should cover their knees and shoulders.

Qatar is not a country with free availability of alcohol. It is only available in hotel restaurants and bars that have a license. Tourists must have a decent dressing on the streets of Qatar to dine in or spend the night out.

As Qatar is an Islamic country, they follow its religious dress code. In the Holy month of Ramadan, there is a strict restriction on following appropriate dressing for both men and women. Qatar offers religious freedom to its citizens and tourists and does not force them to follow traditional dressing.

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