Qatar Travel Guide

A Comprehensive Guide for Families Travelling to Qatar

Qatar remains one of the most popular travel destinations in the Gulf region, where people come from around the world with their families and kids.

There are many reasons you should visit Qatar, one of which is its scenic beauty. Qatar has a desert, Middle Eastern vibe that refreshes a person's soul; you cannot have that feeling in European countries.

This post will provide a guide for your family holiday trip to Qatar, covering everything you need to know.

About Qatar and People

Qatar's diverse population comprises people of various faiths and beliefs. More than 88% of people are non-Qatari, and only 12% population are initially Qatari citizens. People outside Qatar have come there for different purposes. Some work there, and some are migrants. The Qatari nation is growing rapidly with its hard-working people. The population of Qatar is divided into communities based on religion, languages, and other related divisions.

So, we will discuss Qatar and its people, giving you invaluable information about the country.


The following are the statistics about Qatar:

  • Qatar has a 2,638,657 million population with a 1.95% annual growth rate.
  • Of the total population, 11.3% are national Qatari people.
  • Of the total population, 88.4% are non-Qatari people, including Egyptians, Filipinos, Indians, and Bangladeshi.
  • Of the total population, 5.6% are Sri Lankan people.

Religious Groups

Qatar has multiple religious groups following their religious practices freely in the country. They are as follows:

  • 67.7% of Muslims
  • 13.8% of Christian
  • 13.8% of Hindus
  • 3.1% of Buddhists

Official Language

Arabic is the official language of Qatar. As Qatar has a diverse population, people need to use English for business and daily usage to communicate with each other. Other than that, Urdu, Hindi, and Tagalog are also spoken by a wide range of foreign workers.

Personality Traits and Stereotypes

The people of Qatar are so rich that the country is globally recognised as one of the wealthiest nations in the world. Additionally, Qataris are famous for their hospitality to visitors. They take great care of others and provide all possible facilities to them.

On the other hand, there is a stereotype that people of Qatar show off with their expensive cards like Land Cruisers. It is true but also Qatari people help their residents and tourists in their journey on sand dunes. They provide their heavy vehicles to get them out of that difficulty.

Culture, Values, and Social Etiquette

Qatari people give much importance to their families. Qatar is a nation where people are close to their families and others who take care of their loved ones. The Qatari people go out with their wives and children for lunch and dinners. Parents and their kids often roam around the streets and restaurants, enjoying quality time.

As Qatar is a Muslim state, people follow Islamic traditions and laws in social affairs. Qatari people expect tourists and visitors to respect Qatar's culture, traditions, and rules. Great care is involved when someone needs to meet another person of the opposite sex. You should avoid hand-shaking with women; instead, you should wait for them to offer their hand first.

As the people of Qatar are hospitable, their hospitality is evident in meetings and dining places. The group or family gathering hosts try to pay the members' bills. You can offer your share of the bill, but once they have decided, you cannot defeat them. Hence, treating them with the same respect, they are showing you would be best. This is mainly for all travellers that stay as house guests.


In the past, Qatar has focused on an economy full of knowledgeable people. People of Qatar in the past did not have a good reputation related to their skills and talents. However, now these people are getting skilled in their professions. Qatari youngsters started attending studies in undergraduate programs. Moreover, they are also more focused on having postgraduate education.

Laws and Penalties

If you want to see a country's culture, you can look at the criminal penalties it offers. Qatar is a country where alcohol is prohibited from drinking or serving except for a few exemptions. Only licensed bars and hotels can provide alcohol consumption. So penalties for alcohol consumption, illegal drug usage, and obscene language are stern in Qatar.

Qatar is a safe place that has less number of criminal activities. But tourists and visitors should have complete registered documents of their country residence and embassy to avoid any worse and harsh situation. Moreover, they can be identified with their legal papers and nationalities, preventing all inconveniences.

Dress, Style, and Fashion

Qatar is an Islamic state that follows Islamic law and traditions. There are strict dress codes for different places, including government buildings, malls, and hotels. People of Qatar have their special dress codes for every day, business meetings and events, night outs, and according to weather conditions.

There are no enforced restrictions on tourists and ex-pats, but they should wear decent dresses. They can wear clothes of their own choice, like dresses with sleeves and lengths that cover their knees. They can wear long skirts, trousers, maxi and shirts with sleeves.

As Qatar has mixed people, there is diversity in clothing, dresses, and fashion. Qatari people balance their dresses with their tradition and style as well. Women wear a long black loose dress called abaya and a black scarf called Shayla to cover their heads. In contrast, Men wear a long white cloth called thobe and a head scarf called Ghutra.

What Do People Do in Their Free Time?

Qatari people spend time with their families and friends on weekends and holidays with their different professions and busy days. Many families prefer to go out for outings and dine at night. Friday is a holiday in Qatar for a massive number of people. People enjoy playing cricket with their friends on Fridays.

Young people of Qatar are often seen in their cars cruising and roaming around the streets. They also spend their leisure time in malls, coffee cafes, and other eateries. The most favourite place for teenagers in Qatar is the Pearl Qatar and the Corniche. You can expect to find a lot of youngsters there with their friends.

The Bottom Line

Since you have read about Qatar as a travel destination, as a tourist, you must acknowledge that there are many places of attraction to visit in this country. Qatar has a fantastic cuisine combining different cultures and people of different ethnicities, bringing a unique flavour to all the food items. Qatar is home to many migrants, working-class people who brought dishes from their homeland to this country.

If you go to Qatar, one thing is sure: you will have the time of your life! There are many water parks that you can visit in Qatar, and each place is unique and will offer you the perfect experience as a tourist in the Gulf region. You can educate yourself about Qatari culture by visiting the National Museum or enjoying a peaceful time for a staycation in the desert.

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