Philippines Best time to visit and what to pack

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Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the Philippines is from December to February when the temperature is at the coolest, and the rain generally slows down. Things start to heat up in March and will go on until May. If you don't like to go sightseeing in the scorching heat, avoid visiting during this time of the year, especially since the humidity is high. But if you happen to be in the Philippines during this time, spend as much time in the water to cool off. Or you can go to places with cooler weather, such as Baguio City.

It's worth noting that the rainy season in the Philippines, which runs from June to October, can often disrupt flights and boat trips, and there is the risk of cyclones. Therefore, if you visit during this time, try to make your schedule flexible to allow unexpected travel interruptions. Some tours will also be cancelled during the rainy season, especially island-hopping tours.

Unpredictable Weather

Aside from the typhoon season, where the weather is generally wet and unpredictable, the Philippines is a great destination to visit any time of the year. Typhoons will sometimes occur as late as January or as early as August. Weather-wise, the best time to visit the country is between January and May, but that's also the peak season for tourists.

If you want to avoid the tourist crowd and don't mind a little rain, you can visit during the low season, which is from June to September. It's the rainy season in the Philippines, although some parts of the country do not experience rain during this time of the year.

What To Wear

The weather in the Philippines can be unpredictable. Even during the country's supposed dry season, some places can experience rains and typhoons. If you're planning to travel to the Philippines, you must come prepared and pack clothes ideal for both seasons.

Before packing your bags to fly to the Philippines, it's worth checking the weather condition to know what to wear to the places you plan to visit.


Since you will most likely be visiting some of the country's most beautiful beaches, you should pack some swimwear. Wear clothes made from natural fibers like cotton, silk, or linen to stay comfortable under the high level of heat and humidity.

Aside from the country's beautiful beaches, the Philippines is also home to dense forests and mountainous terrains that avid hikers might want to conquer. When hiking or trekking in the Philippines, wear appropriate clothing like quick-dry clothing, long-sleeved shirts, and waterproof or breathable trousers. More importantly, make sure to wear a pair of comfortable footwear.

If you plan on exploring the country's historical landmarks or busy street markets, you should wear light casual clothes made from breathable fabrics.


When exploring indoor attractions like churches, museums, and religious places, you may be required to wear proper clothing. Anyone wearing shorts and flip-flops might be refused entry. It may be best to wear a casual top paired with loose-fitting pants or a knee-length skirt. These are also appropriate if you have to walk outdoors or ride public transportation, such as a tricycle or jeep.

The Philippines is home to several shopping malls, especially in major cities like Cebu and Manila. These are the best places to visit in case rain starts pouring or if you want to shop and dine out. You are allowed to wear anything you want when visiting these places, including short dresses and skirts or skimpy shorts. You will not draw much attention since the locals in big cities are somewhat open-minded. Most Filipinos also get fashion inspiration from Hollywood celebrities, so you will not feel out of place.

Essentials and Accessories

Whether you're planning to venture into the outdoors or prefer to explore indoors, it's a must to bring the following essentials when travelling to the Philippines. These essentials will come in handy in the event of a sudden change in weather or temperature.

  • Hat or Cap
  • Jacket or sweaters
  • Sunscreen
  • Umbrella

Here are some suggestions on what to wear in the Philippines:

  • Dresses - women should pack at least a couple of dresses when visiting the Philippines during summer. Opt for breezy dresses made from light fabric, so you'll feel comfortable walking under the heat. Bring versatile dresses that you can wear for island hopping and sightseeing. A pair of flip-flops and a straw hat will also work best during summer.
  • Tops - since the Philippines has a tropical climate, wear light and loose-fitting tops. White and light-coloured tops are better as they reflect the heat. When going out at night, opt for dark-coloured tops. A classic white tee would come in handy. And instead of synthetic tops, choose light cotton tops instead. Pack one or two sleeveless tops for sightseeing or island hopping. Avoid wearing very revealing tops when visiting religious places.
  • Bottoms - pack jeans, shorts, and skirts to go with your tops. Although denim jeans may not be a good idea when going to tropical countries, it's a staple in the Philippines. You'll find most men and women wearing a pair of denim all over the country. They are also perfect for when you need to go out on cooler nights.

Hopefully, this list will give you an idea of what to wear when travelling to the Philippines. In case you forget to bring something, fret not. The Philippines has plenty of shopping malls where you can shop for clothing and other essentials. Most of these malls are home to top international fashion brands like H&M, Zara, Forever 21, and more.

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