Paris Holiday Weather

Weather in Paris

Paris is a beautiful city with so many amazing sights where the weather suits visitors. Travellers can visit Paris at any time of the year. On average, Paris has mild weather, so choosing when to visit it should not be an issue. Extreme heat and freezing weather are rare in Paris. However, light showers can occur throughout the day in Paris.

Here we will tell you about the city’s temperature and weather conditions.

Spring Season in Paris

The spring season in Paris starts in March and ends in May. For most visitors, it is the best time to visit Paris. You can spend a beautiful day in a park or a garden. You will explore the beauty of flowers and nature. You can see multiple beautiful views in the spring. You can experience a little rain at night, so keep your umbrella with you. Nights can also get a little cold, so keep your jackets.

Summer Season of Paris

Summer is also a favourite season for many tourists. Humidity makes the temperature of Paris warm. The temperature can sometimes get high. At night the temperature will be low. Sunglasses are an important essential for you if you are visiting Paris in the summer season. You can have a great picnic day in front of the Eiffel tower during summer. The summer season in Paris starts in June and ends in August.

Autumn Season of Paris

The autumn season in Paris starts in September and ends in December. Of course, October is a bit cold, but you can visit the outskirts of Paris without jackets in autumn. For long walks and visits to the Seine River, autumn is the best place of the year. In autumn, you can experience a light breeze and slight rainfall in the autumn season.

Winter Season of Paris

Winter in Paris starts in January and ends in February. Winter has short days. Holiday light glow is a remarkable sight in the winter season of Paris. You can experience occasional snowfall in the winter season. If you love snow, Winter is the season. The night temperature will be at a freezing point in Winter. Therefore, you should stay warm in the winter season.

Rainfall in Paris

The average climate of Paris is dry. The average annual range of precipitation in Paris is 25.6 inches. However, there are some exceptions regarding rainfall in Paris. On some days, heavy rain can overflow even the Seine River. On average, the temperature is mild, and rainfall is less. Therefore, you can visit the places of Paris all over the year.

The Effect of the Atlantic Current on Paris

The Atlantic currents influence the weather in Paris. When these Atlantic currents prevail, the temperature of Paris becomes mild. The weather can reach 13 and 14 degrees. In those days of the Atlantic current, the wind blows frequently. These Atlantic currents also become the reason for the cloudy and rainy environment. 

Coldest Period in Paris

In Paris, the coldest period is when cold air masses from Russia enter Paris. It can cause snow for a few days. On coldest days, the temperature will drop to minus 10 degrees. In rare cases, it will fall to minus 18 degrees. However, it only gets to a severe cold level occasionally.

Coldest Month in Paris

January is the coldest month in Paris. The weather in January is quite cold in comparison to other months. The average temperature in January is 4.6 degrees. However, the temperature on the coldest night of January can drop to minus 6 degrees.

In January, the maximum temperature reaches around 14 degrees. However, on average, there are two hours of sunshine on the warmest days of January. The sun shines on the warmest days for 23 per cent as an average time. However, the humidity level is about to 86 per cent, even on the warmest days.

Hot Days in Paris

On average, the temperature of Paris is mild. It is neither too hot nor too cold. But sometimes hot air masses enter Paris from Africa. It causes a high temperature in Paris. It does not happen frequently. But now, heat waves are occurring in Paris because of global warming.

The Hottest Month in Paris

The weather in July is primarily high. The average temperature in July is 20 degrees. July is the hottest and warmest month in Paris.

The minimum temperature this month is 9.5 degrees. The maximum temperature record for this month is 34 degrees. There are almost 7 hours of sunshine daily. The precipitation level this month is 60 mm. The average speed of wind is 13 kilometres per hour. The days of July are usually long. The day of July almost lasts for 15 hours and 40 minutes. It happens in the last days of July.

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