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Safety and Security

Paris is overall a safe city to visit with your family. The crime rate in Paris is less than in other cities. Violent crimes also do not frequently occur in Paris due to the strict law and order. But you should follow some preventive measures to save yourself from minor security issues.

Here we will discuss the steps you and your family should adopt to ensure their safety. These steps will further help to prevent several safety issues.

Personal Safety

Pickpocket crime is a mainstream problem in Paris that you can be a victim of. This problem mainly occurs in crowded and tourist areas as your attention is elsewhere. When visiting such crowded places, keep your wallets and valuables safe. Keep an eye on your bags and essential things.

It would be best if you always kept your baggage with you. You should also protect your money and passports while travelling in crowded places. The government of France elicits safety measures for tourists on their website, which is worth visiting, especially if you are visiting Paris for the first time.

Be Safe from Strikes and Marches

There can be strikes and protests in Paris for various reasons. Although many strikes are peaceful, there can be violence and harm in those protests, particularly when the issue becomes political. Therefore, you should avoid such places where you see a demonstration.

The extreme measures taken by the police include using water cannons and tear gas to control the situation. Therefore, you should try to save yourself from strikes and protests by avoiding water cannons and tear gas. You should follow the directions of traffic away from any demonstration to prevent yourself from violence.


Terrorism has been a severe issue in Paris. Therefore, Paris has made strict laws and regulations to protect people, including travellers, from terrorism. For example, you cannot park cars in front of government buildings, schools, and all sensitive places. These measures are for the security of the masses.

As a visitor, you may find it unusual, but the government has taken every measure to protect tourists. French Troops carry machine guns outside government buildings as a security measure. Natives of Paris have the habit of this high security, so it is not new for them.

Always Keep a Copy of Important Documents

For security, ensure you have a copy of every important document. Make sure your copy is valid and you have it in soft and hard form. Always have multiple copies of essential documents. Keep the copies in a safe place to ensure they don’t get stolen.

Keep your documents safe in a digital form, such as your cell phone or your Google drive. So, when you face any problems, you have a copy of your essential documents to show the authorities. These digital copies will help you if you lose your documents in hard format.

Call an Emergency Number if You Are in Threat of Assault

If you face any threat or feel you are not safe, do not stay silent; make noise as much as you can, it will attract the people around you, and you can seek help.

Paris has strict laws for assault so if you face assault, take refuge in nearby places. Call the emergency numbers freely available on the website. It will help you in times of danger.

Transport Risks in Paris

There are some risks in Paris related to transport that you should know about. Drivers are often aggressive since few parking areas are available in the city. So keep yourself and your family safe from such a risky environment. You must be alert in Paris while driving and visiting with your kids. 

There are some risks related to public transport as well. Suppose you are a tourist and have no idea about the transport fare. In this case, drivers can overcharge you beyond the standard fare. Make sure you determine the price before you sit in a taxi. Some tourists do research at their end for assurance.

The Risk of Scams in Paris

There is a risk of scammers in Paris. Many scammers take advantage of tourists since they are new to the city. For example, teenagers will try to help you with your luggage but steal it. That can be the biggest scam you may face in the city. Keep yourself safe from such a scam, and don’t let others handle your luggage.

Another famous scam in Paris is the Gold ring scam. This scam is a trick in which somebody will try to find a ring in front of you, and he will demand money or fake petitions. These scams usually occur around the Eiffel Tower, where there is a crowd, and it is easy for scammers to benefit from and fool you. Therefore, you need to keep yourself safe in such places. Make sure you can save yourself from this scam.

Mugging in Paris

Paris is one of the safest cities in the world, with a low probability of serious crimes. However, the city does experience some minor crimes, but their rate is relatively low. On the other hand, the risk of mugging and kidnapping is considerably low in Paris. As per the crime rate of mugging and kidnapping,

Paris is a safe city to visit with your family. You can even take your kids to this city without any hesitation. But you must ensure sufficient safety measures, especially in crowded places. The police of Paris work so well for your security, so you must look after yourself.

The risk of crime is low, but it is still there. Whenever you feel that you are at any risk, do not remain silent. Call the authorities, and they will help you in the best possible way. Always go together in a group since it is safer that way.

Health and Medical Emergencies and Insurances

Paris is one of the most famous cities you can visit with your family as it has many beautiful sights that attract visitors. However, when you visit a different place, you can face some health-related problems. Therefore, you should know your travel destination’s health and medical situation.

Here we will discuss health and medical emergencies in Paris that you must adhere to during your visit to the city.

The Basic Healthcare System of Paris

Overall, the primary healthcare system of Paris is sound. There are public and private health institutions in the city. In addition, for tourists and foreigners, Paris has a separate health insurance system. This health insurance is an essential requirement for a visa.

Because of this health insurance, you can get emergency help in case of need. It will cover all your hospital expenditures and medicines in case of emergency.

Public Healthcare

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health handles public health healthcare in Paris. They provide primary and secondary services. In addition, they promote healthy eating to both locals and tourists. As a tourist, you may face some stomach-related issues. Therefore, it will be helpful for you to take this healthcare.

According to the new law, a new healthcare system is working for foreigners. Hence, if you are a foreigner, you can access state health services after three months.

Private Healthcare System of Paris

Along with public healthcare, a private healthcare system also works well for the people of Paris. It improves the healthcare system because there are many private doctors and specialists. If you are a visitor to France, this private healthcare system can help you in an emergency.

These private institutions also provide insurance. Therefore, you can consult these private institutions to make your tour risk-free.

Drugstores and Pharmacies in Paris

Paris has a sound system of health. Therefore, it is not difficult to find a pharmacy in Paris. Furthermore, getting medicine in an emergency is easy because there are many authentic drugstores in Paris. The identification of these drugstores is a large green cross. It will help you in the identification of the pharmacy.

Pharmacies are open within a small distance. Even on Sunday, at least one pharmacy will be available per area. You can seek help from health authorities in case of emergency.

Health Centres and Clinics in Paris

Some professionals in Paris work in health centres. Access to these clinics is easy. If you are a Paris visitor and get sick, you can access these clinics at any time. They will give you excellent treatment, and you will feel better in no time.

Telehealth Services in Paris

Along with actual hospitals, there is permission for telehealth in Paris. As a visitor, you can have medical treatment. You can get a prescription from a doctor. You can consult a specialist in case of a severe emergency. As a tourist, this service will be so helpful to you.

Guidance for Chronic Illness

For chronic illness, you always have to take medicine. If you are suffering from such diseases, consult your doctor before visiting Paris. Carry the prescription of your doctor along with medications. Try to carry the medicine in its original container.

For airport security, try to bring the medicine with pharmacy and generic names. There is the possibility that airport security will not understand the local brand name. However, it will help you in that case of emergency.

The Health Problems in Paris

You can face some health-related issues in Paris because of food and drink. For example, you can face mild symptoms of stomach issues. Tap water in Paris is safe for your health. But if you usually use bottled water, then it is also available. So you should use that and avoid risk.

Dairy products are also available in Paris. Some visitors avoid them because of health risks. However, other travellers love to try them due to the health benefits of dairy products. You should use dairy products if you usually use them.

Other Health Risks in Paris

Sunburn is a problem most people face in Paris during their visit with their respective families. You should apply sunscreen to protect yourself from sunburn. Also, drink plenty of water if you are walking in the heat. You can also face the problem of tick-borne. Therefore, you should consider vaccination for tick-borne before visiting Paris with family.

Vaccinations You Need Before Visiting a Paris

It would be best if you took some vaccinations before you visit Paris. Some routine vaccinations include flu, chickenpox, measles, and polio. Besides that, according to the current situation, you should take vaccination for COVID-19 and the booster doses.

The health system of Paris is one of the best systems in the world. It provides many facilities to a tourist. Moreover, you can contact the private healthcare system in Paris in an emergency if you are a tourist.

Getting Around in Paris

Traveling to a new place requires some important factors to consider. If you are traveling to the capital of France, you need to know about the transport system of Paris. Paris is divided by an arrondissement system with twenty districts. The Eiffel Tower is in the seventh arrondissement. 

We will provide you with the main transportation sources in Paris.

On Foot

The best way to explore Paris is by foot. The city is densely populated. The crossovers for pedestrians are elegant and beautiful. Many tourists visit the city annually and try to live in the central space. Walking is the best means of transportation to avoid traffic and other transport issues.

Additionally, you can explore the beauty of the streets by walking all around. The city’s magical atmosphere and architecture can only be explored on foot. But if your hotel is far from your destination, you can avail of the metro service.

By Metro

Another best way to get around Paris is using the metro system. The city’s public transportation provides cheap, efficient, accessible, and quick metro service. Metropolitan Paris has sixteen routes for a metro train. You will find the metro service more reliable and comfortable.

Tickets for the metro are available in two ways. You can buy single tickets or a pack of ten tickets. A single ticket will cost you $2.12 for a one-way journey. But the pack of ten tickets is at a reduced rate. It will cost you $17.83 for adults and $9 for children.

The pack is the best option if you have a busy day and use the metro frequently. Other than tickets, you can avail of a Mobilis pass. They will cost you $8.14 for all-day travel via metro. The metro service is available from 6 am to 12:30 am. Check the timetable before using this service.

By Train

The RER train service in Paris provides five train routes. A train will carry you from the city’s center to neighboring areas. You can also take the train service from Paris airport and reach the city’s center. The train also serves tourist places, hotel venues, smaller towns, and areas outside the city.

You can buy train tickets at any metro station or Reseau Express Regional. The ticket cost is not fixed and will depend on the travel distance. The timings of train service are similar to that of metro service. But trains take longer to reach the destination than the metro.

By Bus

There is a wide bus service in Paris. Almost fifty-nine bus lines are running throughout the city. You can use train and metro tickets to travel by bus. The ticket price will be the same as for the bus service. If you don’t use a t-ticket or metro pass and buy a bus ticket, it will cost you $2.50.

Bus routes are full of scenic beauty and unique views of the city. You can enjoy yourself more on the bus than on the metro and train. Paris bus service is available from Monday to Saturday from 7 am to 8:30 pm. Some night bus lines are also available from 8:30 to 12:30 am.

By Taxi

A wide network of about seventeen thousand Taxis and cars runs in the capital of France. All official Parisian Taxis have a sign on the roof. It indicates the availability of customers to people. If you find the taxi sign in green color, you can hire it. If it is red, it is not available.

You can book a taxi at the taxi center or get it on the street. The meter of the taxi starts at $3. After that, you will get charges for every kilometer of your travelling. Hiring a taxi in the busy streets of Paris is a challenging task. The city is thickly populated and has many crowded places.

By Car

Another means of transportation for getting around in Paris is by car. You can do self-driving by hiring a car service at reasonable prices. This option is unsuitable in Paris because of the heavy traffic, low parking, and fewer traffic rules. To avoid these, you have to hire car rentals or car hires.

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