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Best Time to Visit Paris

People enjoy visiting Paris all over the year due to its beauty, tourist places, delicious cuisines, and engaging activities for the kids. There is never a wrong time to visit Paris with your family. But if you want to visit Paris for a specific reason or festival, you must know the best time to visit it.

Here we will discuss the best time to visit Paris according to weather and specific events.

Best Time to Visit Paris for Fashion Week

If you are a stylish traveller and want to visit Paris for a fashion week, then September and February are the best months. Fashion week in Paris happens twice a year. The fashion week for the spring collection happens in late September. The fashion week happens in late Winter for fall styles, usually in February. If you love to dress up, you should visit Paris during fashion week.

Best Time to Visit Paris for Shopping

Paris is also ideal for fulfilling your desire for a shopping spree. Winter sale in Paris starts from early January to mid-February. The summer sale starts in June and ends in July. Therefore, this sale only happens in Paris twice a year. The price of everything is low, and you can get a discount. But, unfortunately, there is a lot of crowd in such places. You can avoid the gatherings by visiting shopping malls at the start of the sale.

Best Time to Visit Paris for Museums

Many tourists love to visit museums wherever they travel to. Paris has some fantastic museums that you can visit with your kids. January and February are the best months to visit Paris for museums or art galleries. You can get special Paris Museum Passes as well. You can get this pass and access all the beautiful Paris museums. If you want to see art and artefacts at cheap rates, then you must visit Museums on days when tickets are free of cost.

Best Time to Visit Paris for Garden and Flowers

If you love spring and flowers, then late April is the best time to visit Paris. In late April, flowers bloom, giving nature lovers a beautiful sight. You can also see the flowers bloom in late May and early June. These months will be pleasant as you can visit Paris and see the beauty of nature. The gardens of Paris present a beautiful view in September. You can watch a fantastic view of gardens during these months.

Best time to Visit Paris for Disneyland

Disneyland of Paris is mainly overcrowded, especially during months of holidays. At the weekend it is also crowded. If you want to visit Disneyland with less crowd, consider going around mid-January to mid-March or mid-April to mid-May. The best days to visit Disneyland are weekdays. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the best days to visit Paris.

Best Time to Visit Versailles in Paris

You will see a large crowd at Versailles during the summer holidays and weekends. The best time to Versailles is the fall and spring season. The best day to visit is Tuesday. At this time, you will see less crowd, and you can enjoy a pleasant time with your family. The visitors who love the sight of this spectacular garden should avoid visiting it during the winter months.

Best Time to Visit Paris for Holiday Display

The city of lights, Paris, presents a beautiful view during the holiday display. The roads look so beautiful. The last two months are most important because of the beautiful sights. Christmas displays offer a wonderful sight to a visitor. The Eiffel tower also shows incredible lighting and displays around this time, which is an invaluable sight for some travellers.

Best Time to Visit Paris on a Budgeted Trip

August is the favourite month for tourists. Most locals of Paris this month go to the coast. You will see tourists everywhere. You will see a dense crowd in Paris during this month. The rates of hotels also drop during this month. The lack of business travellers is why management will lower hotels’ expenses.

High Season for Tourists

The high season for tourists in Paris is the summer season. It is a season when most travellers love to travel to this beautiful city. The hotel rents are high during this season. However, August in the summer season is a time when the hotel expenses are less. Since the weather is pleasant in August, most travellers travel to Paris in the summer.

Normal Season for Tourists

April to May and Mid-September or November is when tourism in Paris is normal. In this season you can see beautiful sights but with fewer crowds. Thus, it is a good combination for you to consider visiting the city this time. You can visit Paris this season to enjoy this combination with your family.

Low Season for Tourism

January, February, and March are the months that are low seasons for tourism in Paris. The weather is mostly pleasant. It is a season when most children are at school. Therefore, public places are not full of crowds. In this off-season, you can find a good deal on booking hotels. So you can quickly get a booking for less than the average price. Hence, you can visit Paris this season if you don’t like the crowd.

What to Wear in Paris

Paris is not only famous for its art, food, culture, and language but also for its fashion. If you plan a trip or visit to Paris, you must maintain a classy, comfortable, and presentable look.

We will inform you about French fashion, what to wear and avoid in Paris.

Dress According to the Weather

The weather in Paris remains unpredictable all the year. It’s best to see the weather forecast before your visit. In Paris, you can experience rainfall in all the months anytime. It’s good to keep an umbrella with you all the time. Plan to visit museums on rainy days to enjoy the best out of your trip.

Paris is not a religion-restricted city. You are free to wear anything you want. The best way to enjoy a trip is to not appear like a tourist. Adopt the fashion, clothing, and looks of Parisian people according to weather conditions and enjoy your visit with its full.

For Spring

March, April, and May are the months of Spring in Paris. These months are inconstant. You can experience spring days with rain and low temperature or sun with warmth. For warmer days, a maxi or top with a light jacket, t-shirt, and sneakers or ankle boots are best to wear.

A jacket, a light sweater, t-shirt or blouse with a skirt or comfortable pants is ideal for rainy days. You can wear ankle boots or sneakers without thick socks according to your comfort. You can also wear trench coats to look stylish. Always keep an umbrella with you and a light scarf if you feel cold.

For Summer

Summers are hot, but the weather is changeable. June, July, and August are the months of summer in Paris. Mid to late afternoon is the hottest time of the day in summer. Cotton, linen, and rayon dresses are best to wear on summer days.

For chilly weather, comfortable jeans, a t-shirt or blouse, and ankle boots or wedge sandals are ideal. A light blouse, t-shirt or top, skirt, and sandals are the best for warmer days. Skinny skirts will be uncomfortable; avoid them. In summer, wear sunglasses and light jewellery that looks stylish.

For Autumn

September, October, and November are the months of fall in Paris. Paris presents its real beauty in the autumn season with falling leaves and yellow trees. You will experience heavy rains and cool weather. People in Paris love to wear leather clothes. Autumn is the best time to wear leather.

Skinny clothes, including tights, jeans, skirts, and well-fitted blouses, are ideal for wearing in autumn. Keep an umbrella with you. Ankle boots are best to wear in the rain for the muddy parks of Paris. You can also wear sneakers, waterproof shoes, and leather boots to look classy.

For Winter

December, January, and February are the winter months in Paris. All winter days are cold and wet except for some sunny days. Leather is the best choice to wear on winter days as it is comfortable and durable. You can wear leather boots, a jacket, and a stylish hat to avoid cold and look classy.

Linen and wool clothes are ideal for wearing in a cold climate. Keep yourself layered with clothes from top to bottom. Keep heavy sweaters, fingerless gloves, and silk scarves with you. Wear thick socks and take hot drinks like tea and coffee to stay warm.

What to Avoid Wearing in Paris

Paris is a place without restrictions on clothing, but you have to avoid some things. In Paris, you have to explore the city more on foot. It would help if you avoided heels and flip-flops. Walking all day long with heels, you will get sore feet at night. Flip-flops are also not comfortable and will not protect your feet.

Travel to another place needs your better and more comfortable dressing. Avoid workout clothes such as tees, shorts, and sweatpants on your trip to Paris. They are not a good choice to wear in Paris. You are exploring a new place, not doing hiking.

You have to maintain light, decent, and subtle colours. The people of Paris believes in three colour combination in their clothes. They love to wear neutral colours. You will look odd if you wear bright colours on the streets of Paris. They will highlight you as a tourist by your flashy colour clothes. 

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