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Top 10 Places to Eat Out in Paris

Paris, the beautiful capital of France, has many luxuries and fantastic dining places. These restaurants in Paris have an excellent reputation which is why many tourists dine out. You can complete your Paris tour with your family by enjoying the delicious food items served at these places.

Here, we will discuss the top 10 restaurants that you must visit with your family in Paris

1.     Clover Grill

Clover Grill in Paris is a steakhouse where you can enjoy quality time with your friends and family. The main food item of this restaurant is beef. Every dish in Clover Grill has beef in it. Every dish in the restaurant is presented with spices, sauces, lemon, and dill.

This restaurant has the most beautiful interior and exterior. The colour theme of this place is white with the touch of red curtains. Every table has roses; you will see plants loaded with flowers in the exterior sitting placement. If you miss Clover Grill on your trip to Paris, you will regret experiencing the unique beauty of this place.

2.     Allard

Allard is one of the classical restaurants in the capital of France. You will think of it as an antique restaurant when you see it. Everything in this restaurant, including the furniture, walls, rooftop, and table cloths, presents a classic look. The utensils are of gold colour, showing a royal look. The rooftop is decorated with scenic paintings. 

Allard offers delicious food. One of the best dishes of Allard is Duck with green olives. You can enjoy dining at Allard with your friends and family. This place has a vast seating arrangement area. Your trip to Paris will not be complete if you miss this beauteous dining place.

3.     Septime

One of the most visited places in Paris for eating out is the Septime. Bertrand Grebaut owns this place. He is a middle-aged man who was a very famous chef in his youth. This talented chef formed this place in Paris to provide delicious food. The place is at 80 Rue de Charonne, 75011 Paris, France. You will enjoy dining out at Septime with your family.

At Septime, you will get beautiful glass walls, a furnished interior, and a decent environment. All the furniture in the place is of fine wood. Besides spicy and salty food, you will love the desserts of this place. The best dish of Septime is a Duck filet with Guethary anchovies. You can also try other delicious food from this place, such as mushrooms and chicken foie gras.

4.     Les Enfants du Marche

Another beautiful place for dining out in Paris is the Les Enfants du Marche. This is not a vast restaurant with a multiple-story building. But you will get the most delicious food to enjoy with your family or friends. The place has a small kitchen, a lovely sitting arrangement, and beautiful utensils. You will get your food in traditional dishes.

The best dish in this place is the veal tongue carpaccio. You can find various vegetarian and non-vegetarian food at this tiny restaurant. This restaurant is located at 39, rue de Bretagne Marche des Enfants Rouges Paris 75003. The restaurant’s hours of operation are different in Summer and Winters month. You must visit this restaurant and enjoy delicious food in traditional styling.

5.     Clamato

Clamato is a seafood restaurant in the capital of France. The place has a beautiful interior. You will see furniture of wood, steel, and concrete. The seating arrangement of the place also increases its beauty. There is no fixed menu in the place all the year. The menu changes according to the season and demand for any new item. The timings in the summer and winter months are different.

The surroundings of this restaurant present beautiful scenic views. You will get fresh food at Clamato, one of Paris’s finest wines, beers, and ciders. Clamato does not offer an online service, so you must reach the place and enjoy the food there. Add this dining place to your bucket list and enjoy tasty food. The place is located at 80, rue de Charonne Paris 75011.

6.     Abri Soba

Another dining place in Paris is the Abri Soba. This restaurant is famous for its Japanese food. Chef Katsuaki Okiyamas owns the place and formed the restaurant with Japanese interior design. You will see wooden walls and furniture and a floor of concrete. Eating at Abri Soba will give you a unique dine-out experience.                

The best dish in the place is the famous soba noodles. People from far away visit this dining place to enjoy the delicious noodles. The other dishes of the Abri Soba include several cuisines, salads, desserts, and delicious wine offers. You can eat lunch and dinner at this restaurant. We prefer you to eat at Abri Soba in the evening.                    

7.     Eels

Eels is one of the most attractive places for eating out. This restaurant has an open Kitchen. Users can enjoy the preparation of their food in front of their eyes. The decoration and interior of this place change with time. Mostly, there is a brown-black theme in the restaurant. You can enjoy multiple spices, citrus flavours, fresh herbs, and a long menu.

The signature dish of Eels restaurant is smoked eel with reglisse and some hazelnuts. You will find reasonable prices for all the food items. Other than the food, you will enjoy the surroundings of the restaurant. Eels is located at27 rue d’Hauteville, Paris, 75010, France. Add Eels to your tour to Paris and enjoy tasty food with your kids and family.          

8.     Les Pantins

Another restaurant for food lovers is Les Pantins in Paris. The restaurant opens seven days a week at different times. The timing in summer and Winter can vary. Before visiting this place, you must ask about the timings of the three meals. The restaurant has reasonable prices for all dishes. You will find the traditional and modern cuisines of France in the restaurants.

One of the best food items of Les Pantins includes The grilled Basque octopus with garlic mousse and raw beetroot. The place is simple and not luxurious like other nearby restaurants. Beautiful utensils, wall decorations, comfortable sitting placement, and a relaxed environment will be found. Try the food of Les Pantins and enjoy dining in Paris.

9.     L’Ami Jean

L’Ami Jean provides visitors and customers with a comfortable and calm environment. It is an outside sitting placement. Mostly, people think negatively about outdoor restaurants. They think of bad taste in outside restaurants. But L’Ami Jean provides a fantastic ambience and delicious food with a good presentation. The restaurant is open seven days a week, from morning to late at night.

As it is an outside sitting, you can enjoy the busy streets and crowd of Paris while eating. You will find reasonably priced food items, including cuisines, drinks, and desserts. One of the famous dishes of this place is a roasted pigeon with thyme and garlic. When you visit this place, you must try rice pudding. It is the signature dessert of the L’Ami Jean chef.

10.  Le Baratin

A simple yet authentic dining place in Paris is Le Baratin. Although, this place offers no gloomy atmosphere and luxurious seating arrangements. It is the best place for people who like and appreciate simple, authentic, and decent dining. It is not a rushed place with thousands of people. You will find this place fairly quiet. The best time to visit this place is evening.

If you want to spend quality time with your friends and family, Le Baratin is the best place. You can enjoy the simplicity of this place by eating out alone. The best dish in this place is Joue de Boeuf meaning the beef cheek. As you start eating your food, you will know the comfort this place brings you. Add this dining place to your bucket list and enjoy your trip to Paris.

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