Paris Travel Guide

A Comprehensive Guide for Families Travelling to Paris

Paris, known as the City of Lights, is one of the world’s most beautiful and romantic cities. This city has a history that dates back 2000 years. If you plan a trip to Paris with your family, it is merely due to the famous tourist attractions it offers.

Paris is one of the unique cities in the world where everyone can find something fascinating. It is home to several famous museums and art galleries and has trendy restaurants and eateries. This vibrant city has everything that can transcend your wildest imaginations.

This guide will help you plan your family trip to Paris, covering everything there is to know about the city.

About Paris and People

Paris is not only the capital of France but a city well-known for its rich culture, history, museums, music, and architecture. There are many stereotypes about Parisians, but it’s not always true. All people have different experiences based on different things. It’s good to understand a place or people on your own.

We will inform you about Paris and its people to improve your knowledge about the culture and tradition of this city.


Paris is full of architectural structures. You will roam around the city and explore architectural styles in the streets, walls, buildings, and historical monuments. Parisian history is full of famous architects and designers. There are architectural designs of the Middle Ages.

The ruins in the city speak a lot. You will see ancient Roman baths, Art Deco style, and designs of the French Renaissance in the city of Paris. Streets portray the history and historical events in a beauteous way. Paris impresses tourists with its elegance, endless designs, and beauty.


Paris is the city of music, especially the classical genre. It is famous for its operas, orchestras, and ballet music. Paris music companies are considered the top music companies in the world. They performed live in theatres and concert halls worldwide and earned a great reputation.

There is no limit to music in Paris. Everyone enjoys music and portrays it in different ways. You will experience different musical styles in the clubs, night bars, streets, and theatre. Besides the classical genre, Paris offers other genres such as jazz, African fusion, rock, electronic, and many others.


French is the official language of the Parisian people and the rest of the country. As Paris is one of the best visiting places, tourists interact with the locals in English. Parisians are not friendly and don’t like the English language but communicate with visitors in shops, dining places, and hotels.

Other than French and English, Parisian speak some German dialects such as Alsatian, Lorraine Franconian, Occitan language, and Maghrebi Arabic. If you have learned the French language, you will find a difference between the Parisian spoken and standard French.


Paris is known as the top visiting place for museums. Paris museums have endless beauty, exclusive art galleries, and famous collections. Some of the largest and most amazing Parisian museums include Musee D’Orsay, Centre Pompidou, and Paris Louvre Museum.

The Paris government spends a lot of money on its tourist places. You will get enormous and stunning art pieces in the museums of Paris. You will explore paintings of popular personalities like the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo in the Louvre Museum. Museums are a great source of getting information.


Parisians are famous as rude people, but the fact is that Parisians are more direct and natural people. There are two reasons for them appearing rude. First, they are not friendly to strangers; they don’t waste their precious time on details. They stay on the topic and avoid extra details.

The second reason is that the majority is more concerned with rules and regulations. Educated Parisians complain about improper things. They get rude about time wasting, heavy traffic, unfavourable things, and if something is not equal to their standards.

People in Paris are popular for being classy, stylish, and having good looks. It is well-known that they wear designer clothes and fashionable attires. Paris is called the city of fashion, meaning Parisians pay more attention to their clothes. They always keep themselves up-to-date.  

Parisians are not strict about religion. France is a Catholic country, but Parisians belong to different religions, including Islam, Buddhism, and Judaism. Parisians are open-minded. They don’t let religion get into relations, friendships, or work.

Paris people feel loved to enjoy walks and roaming around the city. They spend their leisure time walking in the streets, window shopping, and enjoying coffee alone or with friends. They also enjoy sitting idle in streets, restaurants, and marketplaces to watch passers-by.

Parisians know that they will always catch something interesting. So they love to stay alone in crowds. There are always eye-catching things like street art, parks, scenic views, dance, and music to enjoy in the streets of Paris. Parisians enjoy everything and live their lives at their best.

Paris is a wonderful travel destination. It offers many tourist attractions around the city; some are free while others are paid. You can find fun and engaging activities to please kids of all ages. Since Paris is a renowned family holiday destination, you can expect it to be expensive. Many travellers visiting Paris plan their trip each week to have a truly unforgettable stay in this city.

The City of Lights offers cuisines of unique tastes that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. The place is safe to visit despite some recent protests. It is home to fashion and style. If you go out on the street, you must dress accordingly to blend in with the crowd. Getting around Paris is not challenging due to the various transport services.

All you need to do is prepare, plan, and execute the plan to have a memorable trip to Paris with your family.

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