New Zealand Things to Do

Best things to do while visiting New Zealand for vacation

As a general rule of thumb, New Zealand is regarded as one of the most attractive travel destinations in the whole world. It is considered a small place compared to other tourist places worldwide. Still, it makes the perfect setting for an exciting trip experience.

Also, New Zealand has many ideal tourist places and destinations to do all the most adventurous activities and events such as running, dancing, helicopter-riding from the top of the mountains, and other activities full of adventure and excitement, and the recommended tourist destinations for adventurous travellers vary.

1.     Visiting Waitomo Glowworm Caves

Waitomo Glowworm Caves is a real feast for the eyes. It is located on the North Island and is one of the most amazing natural miracles. The limestone caves are estimated to be more than 30 million years old. It has incredible stalagmites and stalactite formations. It is also home to Arachnocampa Luminosa – special glowworms found only in New Zealand. The serene boat experience in the river under the caves is another experience entirely. You are sure to enjoy watching the thousands of glowworms lining the walls. It’s as if you’re staring at a starry night, even when it’s broad daylight outside.

2.     Swimming with Dolphins

you can swim with the largest species of dolphin on the planet. However, be sure you have a warm drink before entering the water, as the temperature is less than 13°C.

3.     Enjoy the History lesson at Waitangi.

You can return to where it all began with a trip to Waitangi. The country was founded in 1840 based on an agreement between various local Māori tribes and the British Empire. James Busby, who was appointed as the Empire’s representative, drafted the document – which became known as the Treaty of Waitangi. Busby’s property stands on the foundations of a sprawling treaty, and visitors get a chance to peek into how the family lived.

4.     Visiting Cathedral Cove

you are a beach lover, so enjoying this place is granted. No road entrance exists, so you can choose between boating or walking. There is a massive cathedral in the form of a cave with the pleasure of walking down to enjoy this wonderful place to spend the afternoon and to enjoy the sun, sand, and sea, as well as the marine life that lives in reserve.

5.     Bath in a natural thermal pool

These natural thermal ponds in New Zealand are dotted with hidden hot springs. There you can enjoy some snacks and some supplies to spend the afternoon soaking in these natural hot pools.

6.     Participate in a bluebird day

When visiting New Zealand during winter, you must see the mountains. Cardrona is a great choice to go up between Queenstown and Wanaka while enjoying skiing. However, you can enjoy a bike ride in the park while visiting in summer. Visitors can stay overnight at the top to experience the beauty of the southern sky or to discover one of the trails in the Southern Alps.

7.     Seeing Joseph Glacier 

Have you ever visited a glacier? Even if the answer is yes, when you visit the Joseph Glacier Glacier, you will be sure that you have not seen a glacier before. The Joseph Glacier Glacier is located on the beautiful west coast of the South Island of New Zealand. And it is the right place to see the most beautiful landscapes made of ice and rocks. It will surely be a truly unique experience.

8.     Mountain Biking, Jet-Boating, Snowboarding, Bungee Jumping & Zip Lining In Queenstown 

Queenstown is the home to countless activities that will boost your adrenaline, Including mountain biking, jet-boating, and snowboarding. 

For instance, The Nevis Swing is the signature swing and the largest in the world. It was once the highest bungee point in the world, and now it is considered the highest bungee jump in New Zealand. It attracts all New Zealand’s visitors to enjoy the Queenstown adventure; suppose you rise in this swing about 160 meters in the air and hang over the rocky riverbed before rushing at a speed of 120 kilometres per hour into the valley; worth it.

Don’t miss to encounter the Shotover Jet, this incredible jet boat experience as it rides Lake Wakatipu at the speed of a plane. With special safety procedures, you will feel like flying over the water.

9.     Having Cruised through Milford Strait

There is no sound but the sound of the sea strait; this is what you will learn from the ship captain that you will ride in the Milford Strait. Milford Strait is still the most magical place in the world. The journey will take six hours from Queenstown to the pier and is a journey worth enjoying every second. You will be dazzled by the breathtaking views of the gorge, majestic waterfalls, and mountain ranges. And if you have a little luck, you will see dolphins, seals, and even whales!

10.  Enjoying helicopter rides in the Southern Alps

A panoramic helicopter flight is the highest method to see the Southern Alps in New Zealand. Fly through the sky on a 60-minute aerial tour, mainly on Mount Cook. With approximately $400 for a two-seat helicopter with a pilot. That figure increases for more significant flights with more passengers.

11.    Visiting Sheep farms and hobbit houses

Having a tour of New Zealand’s sheep farms where you see New Zealand sheep, besides feeding them, is recommended. Then you’ll watch the process of making wool while riding a car and exploring the farms.

12.    paddling or kayaking in Abel Tasman National Park

A small-sized park is located at the top of the South Island. At first glance, you may have a false impression. However, this small piece of heaven is full of many experiences for adventurous travellers.

Despite being New Zealand’s smallest national park, this park is a popular tourist destination with tidal inlets and golden-sand beaches along the shores of Tasman Bay. Activities at this park include strolling along its world-famous coastal path, which features granite cliffs and an enchanting landscape. 

13.  Cable Cars Riding

It is one of the most beautiful activities you can do in New Zealand.

It is considered one of the most entertaining fortes in some cities like Wellington and Queenstown. While riding through it, you will see many attractions and charming landscapes, where the cable car is at a high altitude, allowing you to see what surrounds the city. It is a truly remarkable experience.

14.    Scuba dive and Snorkelling on Tonga island

Tonga Island Marine Sanctuary is one of the main attractions in the area, with more than seven square miles dedicated to the unique and rare marine life. The reserve includes sandy beaches, rocky boulders, rocky reefs, small estuaries, and groups of dolphins, penguins, and herds of seals. Kayaking trips are available to explore the caves of the island of Tonga, and snorkelling is the perfect way to see all the marine life among the rocky reefs.

15.    Prawn fishing

Sound weird, right? Ideally, Prawn fishing is one of the exciting activities for many visitors to New Zealand. Hence, the giant shrimp in the world was discovered in New Zealand from the shrimp garden, which has a whole range of things to enjoy and identify the prawns. You will be provided with long bamboo sticks and a small fishing tie when you enter.

16.  Climb the Rangitoto Volcanic Island 

Rangitoto is a volcanic island located off the coast of Auckland. You will enjoy climbing on this island, which takes about an hour to hike to the top through ancient lava fields and jungles. There is a beautiful scenic view from the great crater that can be visualized from about 360 degrees from all the islands in the Hauraki Gulf. There are also LAVE Caves at the base, which enable you to take an adventurous tour.

17.  Visiting Mount Eden

Mount Eden is one of the city’s many volcanic peaks, 196 meters high. You can enjoy from its summit the best views of Auckland.

The Māori once used the mountain as a fortress, and its symmetrical crater is still considered sacred today. While you are not allowed to get into the hole, the rest of the mountain area has plenty of fun trails to discover, with impressive panoramic views.

18.  Experiencing Various festivals

You’ll have plenty of fun if you can plan a trip to New Zealand during any of its fantastic festivals, including the Winter Festival in Queenstown, the Chinese New Year festivals in Auckland and Christchurch, and many more.

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