New Zealand rent a car, taxi and getting around

Getting around New Zealand. Taxis, rent a car When visiting New Zealand for vacation.

There are many transportation options that you will find available in New Zealand. This diversity includes buses, trains, taxis, ferries, bicycles, and motorbikes, in addition to the possibility of car rental and hiking, depending on where you are going and your current location.

You can take buses to travel between cities. And suppose you want to head to the South Island. In that case, you can take the ferry that departs regularly at certain times. Still, driving is unnecessary unless you want to explore some genuinely secluded sites. You can ask the car rental company if you do not have your car.

1.     Bus

Buses in New Zealand are one of the most popular means of transportation besides being the cheapest mean of transport in New Zealand. They help you to move from one city to another quickly. 

This is for public transport buses, as for the private service, hop or hop-off buses are available, and they are a popular means of transportation among backpackers.

These buses travel all over New Zealand. You must book your ticket and choose the itinerary you want to enjoy an unforgettable adventure.

2.     Train

Trains in New Zealand are not a popular mode of transportation; only three lines travel across different countries and are operated by KiwiRal. The first line is known as the Northern Explorer and runs from Auckland to Wellington.

The second line, Coastal Pacific, runs from Picton to Christchurch. Finally, the third line, which runs from Christchurch to the East Coast, is known as the Transplant. This train offers one of the most beautiful rail journeys in the world.

3.     Ferry

Ferries are one of the best transportation means in New Zealand; more; its wide fame for navigating between the islands of the South and the North Islands as ferries allow you to explore the beauty of the nature of this country.

Ferries travel between land and coastal islands in New Zealand, including; The Great Barrier, Waiheke, Rangitoto, and Stewart Island. They connect in coastal areas between sea-connected cities such as; Russell and Paihia, allowing easy navigation and navigation.

4.     Water Taxis

Water taxis are another way of providing freedom and ease of movement in New Zealand. It transports you to and from coastal towns overlooking the small ports that ferries do not reach.

It is also a suitable way to reach mountain hikes and bike rides in destinations like; Queen Charlotte Walk and Abel Tasman National Park.

5.     Motorcycle Rentals

New Zealand offers many motorcycle rental agencies to suit all tastes to enjoy the nature and beauty of this country differently. You can tour on your own or within the private tours provided by these agencies, allowing private tours to enjoy more of this beautiful country.

To rent one, you must own a motorbike driving license. Suppose you have a similar license in English or an international license. In that case, you can ride a motorbike in New Zealand for twelve months.

6.     Air Transport

Another of the most important means of transportation in New Zealand, but it costs a lot of money; domestic flights are operated by both Air New Zealand and Jetstar, in addition to several small airlines.

Each of these airlines operates daily flights from one city to another or several essential and famous destinations; the main airport is located in Auckland, in addition to several other small airports located in; Queenstown, Christchurch, and Wellington.

7.     Bike

The bike is another means of transportation in New Zealand that allows you to; Enjoy the city atmosphere and its various attractions freely without paying a lot of money. Many bike rental agencies offer comprehensive tours; It guarantees the ease and security of your roaming, as it provides meals, accommodation, medical staff, and special equipment.

The country also provides cycling routes to ensure your safety and security. These routes extend across the northern and southern parts of the island.

8.     Car Rental

Travelling in New Zealand using a rented car is a highly recommended mode of transportation. It is the best choice for tourists, due to the good roads that extend across the country, making it easy to drive.

You can get a car from one of the agencies you find in airports or major rental centres scattered across cities; you can choose the vehicle you want based on your budget and taste.

From small cars and SUVs to minivans and luxury sports cars, car rental prices include cleaning fares and fines, making it an expensive option compared to other modes of transportation.

Renting a car in New Zealand allows you to quickly and freely move in New Zealand towards some places that are not on the tour lists and that attract fewer tourists. However, some rental companies refuse to drive to these places, in addition to the coastal areas and locations in the far country.

You must have a driver’s license to rent a car. Still, if you have an English license or an international one, you can enjoy driving on New Zealand’s roads for twelve months.

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