New Zealand Best places to visit on Holiday

10 Best Places to Visit in New Zealand for Vacation

1.     Auckland

Auckland is one of the best picks you will choose while visiting New Zealand for a vacation to relish the picturesque landscapes and exquisite attractions.

It is also the largest city in New Zealand and the first entry point for most of the country's tourist trips. The town has a mesmerizing landscape where two beautiful harbours sparkle in the sun with many volcanic cones reaching into the sky. At the same time, fertile agricultural land extends on the city's outskirts.

Auckland is known as the "City of Sails" thanks to its numerous yachts and sailing boats on its coasts. In contrast, the skyscrapers rise impressively behind the waterfront, and many small islands lie close to it.  

You will also enjoy the trendy shops, with a large selection of restaurants, including in the package the hot springs and fabulous rainforest reserves with a view of the golden sandy beaches and clear waters.

In short, take your chance to visit the waterfalls and leafy gardens. Hence, this city is one of the loveliest cities in New Zealand, and it is a win-win situation as you will merge the adventure and calmness with the most remembrances and historical attractions like;

             I.     Sky tower

It is an important tourist site in New Zealand, and it is a structure designed to be the most elevated design in the world, with a height of 328 meters.

            II.     Waiheke Island

It is a famous tourist island in New Zealand. This island is characterized by calmness, so it is a destination for many tourists. It is also characterized by its soft sandy beaches and clear blue waters that enable you to see the gorgeous green mountains.

          III.     Auckland Park

It is considered one of the multiple stunning sightseer spots in New Zealand, which tourists visit to enjoy its charming nature. This park is also distinguished by its unique design, and you can have a good time watching the incredible lake and rare birds.

          IV.     Auckland Zoo

This park includes many pets and predators. Moreover, the existence of rainforests and many recreational activities are held to enjoy the time when visiting.

           V.     Te Papa is New Zealand's national museum

This museum is considered one of the most luxurious tourist places in New Zealand and has been called the treasures container. It has been designed in a beautiful classic style that indicates luxury and classiness. This museum includes six floors, all of which contain many antiques and historical collectables that tell the history of New Zealand.

          VI.     One Tree Hills

These hills have great historical importance, as they are a group of major volcanic peaks, including a group of terraces left to us by the indigenous New Zealanders. A large obelisk was built with it dating back to the last century. There are many different animals, and you can practice jogging, walking, and sitting around enjoying the scenery.

        VII.     SEA LIFE Kelly Tarlton's Aquarium

This incredible shrine is an important tourist place for tourists worldwide to enjoy their favourite hobbies and see sharks and penguins. This shrine includes three sections, the Antarctic section, which is an ice area in which several penguins live, and the second section is the Pacific Ocean, where sharks are seen. You can practice swimming next to them, and the last area is for small fish tanks with their distinctive colours and shapes.

       VIII.     Auckland Harbor Bridge 

This bridge is considered the longest bridge located on the North Island. This bridge consists of two floors. You can enjoy the most beautiful view when visiting it and do various recreational activities such as climbing. 

          IX.     Queen Street

Coming to the most appreciable part of your vacation, Shopping in Queen Street, which includes many shops that display famous brands' products, is considered the best commercial market in New Zealand.

2.     Aoraki Mount Cook National Park

It is a harsh area located on the road to Queenstown,

Aoraki, or Mount Cook, contains rocks and icy peaks. One of those peaks is Mount Cook. It is the highest mountain peak in New Zealand, located west of South Island.

The drive there is particularly unforgettable for the mountain landscape due to the stunning scenery along the road of Mt Cook and the surrounding peaks of the Southern Alps, which are seen in the span. 

The village of Mount Cook is located in the south of the mountain range, near the Tasman Glacier, where it is located in Lake Pukaki. Although Aoraki is a small and isolated village, the limited facilities will serve every type of traveller, from budget to luxury. 

Perhaps Helicopter Ride through the Southern Alps with a landing on a glacier will be one of the most extraordinary experiences for your vacation in New Zealand.

3.     Bay Of Islands

The Bay of Islands is a New Zealand Bay of more than 140 subtropical islands adjacent to the country's North Island. Its stunning beaches, fishing, and Maori (Aboriginal New Zealand) artefacts are famous. It is home to the 19th-century Port Russell that houses the remnants of the colonial state. Enchanting landscapes, golden beaches, and fresh seafood make the Bay of Islands one of New Zealand's top tourist destinations.

If you want calm and relaxation, you should enjoy a tourist trip on the shore of one of these beautiful islands for tourism, enjoy the turquoise waters and secluded pristine beaches, and enjoy the sea birds. You can also make a cruise to one of the tourist islands. You can rent a yacht and enjoy the waters of the most beautiful islands for tourism and go to the pierced rock and cross through it on the island of Matokukaku, which is one of the numerous stunning islands for tourism in the Bay of Islands and there you can swim with dolphins and make a more than a beautiful tourist vacation.

Bay of Islands includes the most beautiful islands for tourism in the world. Bay of Islands contains about 144 islands and a group of bays. It is located in the upscale coastal area of ​​the Northland region. You can make a tourist trip to these charming islands, which are considered one of the best marine parks in New Zealand. You can watch dolphins, whales, and penguins and enjoy beautiful times. Bay of Islands region is a natural port and contains many of the most beautiful islands for tourism; each island represents a unique culture and has a different lifestyle that gives any tourist trip a unique and distinctive character. A visit to the Gulf of Islands. The sea and land of this island are one of the signs of beauty on this earth.

4.     Tongariro National Park

Tongariro National Park, located in the hub of New Zealand's North Island, is one of the country's most critical natural locations and one of international fame. It is also one of only 28 areas worldwide awarded double World Heritage status by UNESCO due to its cultural and natural importance.

It may be more general in New Zealand, the Tongariro Intersection.

The most spectacular sights in the park are the three active volcanoes of Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe, and Tongariro itself, which are the focal point of the whole central North Island.

Additionally, The Tongariro River is the major river in Taupo and has its beginnings in the mountains. There are also multiple tracks for you to explore.

One of the most distinctive aspects of Tongariro National Park's landscape is the grass wrapping large areas of open land. This low-growing native grass performs well in higher Alpine grassland regions surrounding the mountains. In winter, many of these areas are completely covered in snow and covered in orange in the autumn season, which attracts many tourists from all over the world to see this natural phenomenon.

The park also contains wooded areas with large numbers of beech and kanuka trees. However, in the higher regions of the garden, only lichens can survive.

Bird life in the park is also extraordinary. Thanks to its isolated location, there is a wide variety of aboriginal birds, including tui, bellbird, and many rare species of Kiwi (Kiwi is a bird that can't fly; Kiwi is also the nickname of New Zealand that called by its people). Unfortunately, birds have many predators in the form of animals brought to New Zealand by early European colonies, such as Australian rats, bass, and bowls. However, these lesions are declining thanks to a vigorous eradication program. Red deer are also hunted in the park.

5.     The Coromandel Peninsula

The Coromandel Peninsula is a favourite holiday destination in New Zealand. People come here from Auckland, Hamilton, and other cities to relax on the white sandy beaches and enjoy fishing, surfing, other sea sports, and beach city life.

Framed by indigenous Pohutukawa trees on the west side, beautiful white sandy beaches on the east, and scattered by ridges covered in native rainforests, Coromandel, 400 km from the coast, offers the visitor a distinct mix of experiences.

The essential characteristic of the Coromandel is its people. They are known for their friendliness, relaxation, and welcome. They are always keen to greet you and share their little paradise with you.

Whitianga is the principal city of the Coromandel region and is located on the eastern side of the Coromandel Peninsula. 208 km from Auckland (3 hours’ drive). It is a famous holiday city for many people from other towns across New Zealand and abroad.

Whitianga has approximately 4,000 permanent residents and offers a full range of services and attractions for visitors. It has an excellent preference for eateries and cafes and a wide range of accommodations to cater to everyone's needs. The bay's relatively sheltered waters are great for water sports. On land, you can enjoy bush walks, horseback trekking, tours, adventures, shopping, and restaurants, or check out local artists on the Mercury Bay Craft Trail.

6.     Matamata (Hobbiton Movie Set)

This city is one of the world's richest agricultural and rustic regions. It is described as a vast fertile basin through which the Waikato River flows. Your journey will begin when you stop in Hobbiton Movie Set and enjoy this supernatural location is a must for many visitors. Wander past the iconic Bag End and intriguing hobbit holes while stopping for a refreshing drink in the Green Dragon and exploring the gift shop and eatery at the entrance to Hobbiton Movie Set.

And wander among the hobbit houses that came from holes in the earth with their windows. Its doors are rounded, it is a virtual village with its inhabitants in front of the lens of the Hollywood camera, but it is realistic in its decor.

This city contains a group of Kalimai Mountains with a charming landscape that gives you a rural character when visiting. This city is well suited for mountain climbing, watching the lovely views from the top of the mountains, and taking souvenir photos.

7.     Rotorua

Rotorua is located in the volcanic Taupo region's heart. The city is famous for its outstanding hot springs and geysers everywhere, which makes it the most popular tourist destination on the North Island. Its streets are constantly flooded with steam and mist, and the smell of sulfur mixes in the air.

Rotorua's nature parks and reserves are the perfect home for cratered landscapes and lakes. At the same time, the residents here also present their art, culture, and history to the tourists. In short, Rotorua is an ideal city to enjoy volcanic nature and plenty of outdoor activities.

This island is an important tourist destination, including an active sea volcano. You can watch it closely and enjoy its therapeutic mud.

Hence, they said about Rotorua, "When the moon fell ill and fell ill, he bathed in the healing waters of Rotorua, he recovered and regained his strength." so the experience of relaxing between the thermal baths in front of the scenes of sunrise and sunset is one of the most beautiful experiences Which usually attract tourists like you; So, what do you think about enjoying this fantastic opportunity of entertainment? Rotorua hot baths are a natural treatment and a particular way to recharge your energy away from your daily life.

It is the most beautiful tourist area in New Zealand, as this area tells the history of the indigenous people of New Zealand while visiting Rotorua's Museum, which shows a group of different arts and the history of The Māori, who are the indigenous people of New Zealand.

Not to mention the number of gardens in Rotorua, as it holds many botanical gardens containing many rare plants. 

Besides its lakes, it contains more than 16 amazing captivating Emerald lakes, all of which are dormant volcanic craters with warm water and perfectly suitable for spending a time full of peace and leisure.

8.     Kaikoura 

Kaikoura is one of the best cities in New Zealand, which still retains its beauty after a two-year earthquake, and is one of the best fishing destinations. Still, Kaikoura is no longer a secret as it was ranked as one of the hottest destinations in 2018, less than three kilometres away. One of the best areas to grow wine in New Zealand is hours from Christchurch and the way to Kaikoura from Christchurch through the Waipara Valley.

One of the best spots to see a glimpse of the sparkling southern Pacific is the hills leading up to the Kaikoura coast. On the way, you can pass the deepest ocean trenches in the world. If you are lucky, you can take pictures with whales and killer dolphins; there are many giant sperm whales and dolphins, orcas, and whales. Humpback.

The word "Kaikoura" in Maori means "shrimp meal," referring to the fame of New Zealand cities for their many types of seafood delicacies. Remnants of early times in these cities can be found in the oldest surviving buildings and the Kaikoura Museum.

Nowadays, the South Island Barracks is the perfect exploration base to check out the lush offshore wildlife (sperm whales, southern hemisphere dark dolphins, killer orca whales, and fur seals) while enjoying delicious food in this refreshing microclimate. Also dotted around the city are many art galleries displaying textiles, pottery, and jewellery made by the region's skilled craftsmen.

Kaikoura Megan went to New Zealand before becoming part of the royal family. She told us about her experience in Kaikoura, writing about the trip, "When she had the chance to swim in the sea with many dolphins, do not be afraid to experiment, and say yes I will try, it is a magical and special experience, and it becomes fully aware of how easy, cute and playful these beautiful creatures can be, it was an unforgettable experience."

9.     Hawke's Bay (Napier) 

Great news for the fine wine enthusiasts, as this leading land on the North Island of New Zealand, produces the best grape varieties, predominantly red wine, in the world, like Craggy Range and Esk Valley Estate.

There is the classic New Zealand wine route that you can explore by bike while enjoying the most famous vineyards connected by long cycling trails; its length is about 200 kilometres.

When you visit Hawke's bay, you should also visit Napier city!

Napier is a great tourist option when visiting New Zealand for vacation. It is a fascinating place to rest and relax with an incomparable romantic atmosphere.

The city has beautiful 30s facades, some delightful vintage streets to explore, and an impressive collection of Art Deco buildings, atmospheric restaurants, and cafes.

Napier has the largest concentration of handicraft decoration structures, especially after the destructive earthquake in the city in 1931. The town pays tribute to its legacy on the third weekend of every February when the city makes things the way they were before and wears their best.

All of the above take the visitors back to the atmosphere of Britain's wealthy seaside towns. In comparison, the many fantastic beaches nearby and the unique sound aquarium provide other attractive details worth exploring.

10.  Milford Sound

Milford Sound is located on the South Island of New Zealand. Specifically along the western coast that extends to the Tasman Sea.

It belongs to the "Fiordland" National Park. It is inscribed with a group of other New Zealand parks on the World Heritage of Humanity list.

The Strait of Milford Sound is one of the largest and most famous tourist destinations in New Zealand, receiving about 500,000 tourists each year, despite the difficulties of access and travel time from the populated areas of the South Island. 

Tourists enjoy the charming landscapes surrounded by mountains with cliffs covered with green forests. This valley is home to dolphins, seals, and whales. Hence, lots of boat trips, pumice, or light narrow boat that walks with one oar on the waters of the alley and for hiking.

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