New Zealand Travel Guide

A Comprehensive Guide for Families Travelling to New Zealand

New Zealand is considered an Island Country with a bunch of small islands of about 600 islands in the southwestern Pacific Oceana little bit near Australia; however, New Zealand is comprised of only two main islands where the individuals live, the North Island and the South Island. 

For vacation, New Zealand is one of the most vital tourist destinations worth visiting, especially for Nature Fans. 

There are numerous attractions in New Zealand for a vacation that drive millions from different areas worldwide to visit this peaceful country.

In addition to many exquisite beaches and sunny coasts, vacationers come to enjoy swimming, diving, and surfing. However, vacation in New Zealand is not only limited to sunny beaches, as New Zealand is rich in heritage and culture worth exploring and a mixture of delicious food worth trying.

So, let's dig in to discover the top 10 best places in New Zealand for vacation, besides essential recommendations, instructions, and information, which you must know before travelling to have a fantastic vacation in New Zealand.

About New Zealand and People

New Zealand Culture

New Zealand is located in Oceania, a geographical area including Australia, Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia. However, compared to the continents, Oceania is the most diminutive in terms of size and the second smallest region in terms of population after Antarctica.

The history of New Zealand dates more than 400 years before Christopher Columbus and the rest of Europe worried about losing to the edge of the world; the Maori people journeyed thousands of miles across the expansive unknown Pacific in small ocean-side boats where the islands of New Zealand were discovered and settled and became the first occupants of New Zealand’s Otter. Until now, The Maori culture has been an essential part of New Zealand’s national identity.

New Zealand has English, Original Maori, and New Zealand Sign Language. English is the language of everyday business within New Zealand, a relic of links with the British Commonwealth. However, Maori is the original Polynesian language, similar to the vocabularies ​​of other Pacific Island cultures such as Hawaiian, Tonga, and Samoan. More than 157,000 people in New Zealand speak Maori; hence the Maori language and culture have been part of New Zealand since the first people arrived on the islands.

The two languages ​​(Maori and English) are used throughout the country in various television and radio programs. Where with other areas, the two cultures are mixed, the English language has impacted the Maori, and the Maori language has also affected the English language, resulting in new terms.

New Zealand people

The New Zealand people are the same as New Zealand nature. Thus, they have shown a passion for the outdoors and a joy in activities that make the most of their beautiful landscapes, leading many visitors to New Zealand for outdoor activities. With so many coastlines, it is no wonder that New Zealanders love the water; more than 15% of New Zealand families own their boats, and the people of New Zealand are respected as the world’s leading designers of yachting, kayaking, and windsurfing.

Additionally, they are one of the friendliest people in the world, and dealing with them is almost one of the most important things you like on your visit since it has witnessed a long history of Maori, Europeans, Pacific Island, and Asian cultures, the New Zealand people have become a mixture that brings together several different cultures and origins. However, they still enjoy Some unifying features that make it unique worldwide.

Another thing to be considered is Sir Edmund Hillary. He has a New Zealand origin and was one of the first climbers to reach Everest Mountain peak in 1953 AD. New Zealand people are the most adventurous, thanks to their country’s nature.

In New Zealand, you will likely hear the phrase “everything will be better,” which indicates the Kiwi’s outlook on life in general. They like optimism and believe that everything will work out in the end. This shows how humble they are; hence, they don’t want to brag about their accomplishments and hate to hear anyone bragging about them.

New Zealanders are also known for their conservation and appreciation for nature; hence, many take the time to volunteer across the country to clean beaches and rivers and plant trees.

Tips For Visiting New Zealand for vacation

·      Plan for your vacation 

You must be convinced that the feasibility of cost savings starts from planning early and making flight and hotel reservations early so that flights can be obtained at lower prices, especially if you are planning to have your vacation in the high season, in addition to the fact that accommodations early allow you to take advantage of discounts Early available.

·      Reduce your vacation cost

New Zealand is an important tourist destination that can be crowded during peak tourism times. So, we advise you to avoid hotels at this time, as their prices tend to rise significantly and they rely on rooms and rental apartments or beautiful housing in the heart of the countryside.

·      Tips are a particular case, not the standard.

You generally can tip waiters in New Zealand Up to 10% of your bill when you get a satisfactory service. Hence, it's more of a polite sign than an indicated standard.

·      travel in the off seasons 

Travel outside the tourist season. This seems confusing to you, but it’s a general rule of thumb that the rates of the tourist season are high and many times higher than the prices of other seasons. Therefore, you can get the opportunity to enjoy a lower financial value.

·      Eat in Locals

Going to a local restaurant, you will be surprised what you will gain from this simple act; eating local food is not only about cutting costs but also about authentic experiences in travel, while international hotels tend to serve their guest's plenty of global food choices at high prices.

·      Download every city's map

Each city has its location; to avoid getting lost, you will find maps, brochures, and essential details about your location. Intercity buses usually stop next to these places where you can book your next ticket or tour on arrival. Suppose you are driving and need additional information or travel advice. In that case, you should be familiar with the local branch path for these places and avoid driving in the remote areas due to the bumpy roads and the isolation of some of them.

·      Drive Safe

Your distances vary from city to city, so be careful on the highways. Note those rules and regulations on the road and take them seriously.

·      Drink tap Water 

Tap water is safe in rural towns and cities; however, we advise boiling or treating water from natural lakes and waterways. Larger centres may fluoridate their water supplies. 

·      Get a Copy of all your documents.

We highly recommend you note your passport details (passport number, visa number, and place and date of issue). And try not to hang out with your originals.

·      Choose the right time for your vacation.

Before planning a trip to New Zealand, you should know the ideal weather for your trip goals. The summer is suitable for lovers of adventure in nature and getting to know the forests, meadows, and coasts.

As for the winter season, it is ideal for lovers of snowboarding, visiting the ice caps in the mountains such as Mount Cook and Mount Aoraki, and watching the rivers freeze in magical views.

·      Take only the Bare Essentials.

Take clothing that can serve multiple purposes. Recall that New Zealand is a modern country. Thus, you really can buy that item you left behind locally.

·      Internet services

You have to know that free internet service is not available in all regions of New Zealand. The internet in most parts may be slow, so you must adopt international services to connect to the internet in case of necessity.

·      Follow safety rules and know your limits.

Although New Zealand is safe, you should avoid going into remote areas or walking in quiet or uninhabited areas at night.

·      Please don't forget your Scuba Diving.

Getting your scuba dive certification cards and dive log book is a must, as these will be examined in every diving centre in New Zealand. 

·      A driving license in New Zealand is a must.

You should bring your license if you plan to drive a car while visiting New Zealand. Hence, you can legally drive in New Zealand just in case you have a driver's license from your home country.


New Zealand is a motherland of charm and magnificence with its beautiful natural spaces and extraordinary adventures, mainly when it strengthens the safety rules for adventure tourism.

Not to mention that Tourism destinations in New Zealand are located in infrequent places that have not been affected by many of the recent developments experienced by the countries of the world, such as pollution, corruption, and tourist intensity.

Ideally, Nature and surreal beauty have made New Zealand one of the most important tourist destinations in the world, especially for lovers of exploration and camping. Thus, New Zealand is one of a few destinations with many stunning natural wonders packed into such a small space. Snow-capped peaks, sparkling bays, coastal glaciers, rainforests, and fish-filled rivers are some treasures you can experience and explore.

Finally, we hope that this comprehensive guide illustrates the most effective and practical tips to travel to New Zealand for vacation and the most noteworthy tourist attractions, activities, and valuable information that will help you enjoy your vacation in New Zealand to the fullest.

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