Mexico Weather


If you are planning a trip to Mexico, you must look into the weather and seasons to make an informed decision about where to go with your family. Many people consider the weather the same throughout the country, but that's not the case. Mexico is a large country where the weather differs from one place to another. Mexico can have days that are chilly in one place and dry in another place.

So, we will discuss Mexico's climates and weather by season and region.


Mexico has two main seasons, which consist of the dry season and the rainy season. The rainy season in Mexico is between May to October. There is very little rain throughout the rest of the year. Tourists also tend to visit in the rainy season since rainfall mostly happens in the afternoon to evening. For the rest of the day, you can see the lush greenery of Mexico with your family.

Most regions affected by the rain are in the south of the Tropic of Cancer near Mazatlan city. However, the area is dry and cools off in the evening, which is the perfect time for you to travel around with your kids.

Hurricane Season

Since Mexico is a tropical country, so it is bound to have hurricanes and similar natural disasters. The hurricane season in Mexico falls roughly from June to November. To ensure you don't ruin your vacation, check the weather forecast for when you plan to come to Mexico. Moreover, look at the Government of Mexico's website for warnings and precautions.

Dry Season

The climate and temperature witness a massive change on the ground as the air becomes hot and dry. The other extreme season in Mexico is the dry season which appears after the rainy season passes away. In the dry season, the landscapes are parched, and tourists can travel with their families and enjoy a good time at resorts and beaches. This is also an ideal time to do trekking and hiking in Mexico.

The Hottest Months in Mexico

The hottest months in Mexico vary according to the region. So if you plan to visit Southern Mexico, then April and May will be the hottest months. But if you would like to visit the pacific coast with your family, including Baja, you will find July to September the hottest months. People travelling to Yucatan will find an extremely hot climate from May to September.

The Coolest Months in Mexico

Like hottest months vary, the coolest months also follow the same trend in Mexico. But generally, most regions of Mexico are the coolest months, from December to February. However, the Yucatan state can still experience a hot climate even in the coolest months. So this place is ideal for those fond of beaches and trekking.

Climates by Region in Mexico

The climates in Mexico differ from one region to another. Let's look at them one by one.

Northern Mexico

Northern Mexico is the desert part of the country where the weather is hot and dry. But this region also experiences some cold months where the temperature falls to freezing point at night. However, the climate is mostly temperate, but you can witness some cold nights during the winter. Apart from the coastal areas, the weather in this part of the country, especially Monterrey, is rigid and aggressive.

Central Mexico

Central Mexico has various areas where the climate varies. So if you want to travel to inland Central Mexico, you can expect warm and dry weather during the day, but the nights can be cool or chilly. So it would be best to pack clothes according to different weather conditions. The early morning time is magical as you can acutely feel the difference in the weather at different times.

Southern Mexico

The Sothern Mexico comprises Mexico City, where the weather conditions are similar to the ones in Central Mexico. However, there are elevated areas in this part of the country where the climate will be cooler. The highland cities towards the coasts are also warm. But you will get to feel the climate warmer as you move towards the Southeast regions, particularly the Yucatan Peninsula.

Yucatan Peninsula

The hottest months in the Yucatan Peninsula are from June to August, when the climate is hot and humid. During these months, the temperature is extremely hot, and monsoon rainfalls happen during the evening. The hurricane season is from June to October but can stretch to November even. The appropriate time to visit this place is from December to May, when the weather is temperate and dry.

Baja California Peninsula

The weather in Baja California Peninsula can be classified into two broad categories: hot deserts inland and cooler near the oceans. Apart from the rainy season from August to October, this place will witness very little rainfall. The summer kicks off the hurricane season, where you can witness torrential rains and tropical storms in the region.

Best Time to Visit

Mexico is a land of microclimates where the weather changes from one place to another since the country's topography is diverse. You could enjoy a beautiful time with your family on the beach in the morning, and by nightfall, you could be bundled in a blanket, sipping hot chocolate. Hence, the best time to visit Mexico depends on where you wish to stay with your family.

So, we will discuss the best time to visit Mexico by destination, location, and time of year.

Best Time to Visit Mexico for Good Weather

The dry season, from December to April, generally brings out the best weather conditions In Mexico. Although the weather varies from region to region, most of Mexico will experience sunny skies and a pleasant, temperate environment for visiting beaches and different tourist attractions.

If you are into outdoor activities like swimming in canoes, zip-lining, and surfing, it is ideal for visiting Mexico in the early spring months. Many travellers who prefer to take their kids for surfing or adventurous sports like zip lining come in the winter or early spring months.

It is essential to understand that Mexico is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the world, so from December to April, you will find the country occupied with solo, female, and family-oriented travellers. They are all in Mexico to appreciate the great weather, enjoy quality time, and relax.

Best Time to Visit Mexico for Cheap Prices

If you are on a budget but want to visit Mexico, the best time to visit it cheaply is during the shoulder season. The shoulder season consists of those few months before the rainy season begins. So if you wish to visit cheaply, travel to Mexico from April to May or October to November.

You can enjoy a budgeted vacation with low prices on accommodation, travel, and activities. The shoulder season means that you will get to enjoy good weather with your family at a time when the prices are low. Since not many people travel at this time, so you will find less crowded places and tourists.

Many coastal destinations witness hurricanes in the summer, leading to potential health and safety risks. Some people do not like to visit in the summer because the temperature is hot and dry, and they have not lived in such weather conditions. So a budget vacation in Mexico is ideal during spring and fall.

Best Time to Visit Mexico for Sunny Beach Days

No vacation in Mexico is complete without having a great time at the beaches. So if you want to spend your ideal time on beautiful beaches in Mexico, you should visit Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific Coast.

Some people like to go to the white sand beaches of Playa Del Carmen. The same white sand beaches are found in Tulum on the Yucatan Peninsula. 

The beach life in Mexico is thrilling and relaxing, so you can expect several sunny days from December to March when people visit different beaches with their families. Many locals also come with their families to enjoy the beach's warm, gorgeous weather and blue skies.

Best Time to Visit Mexico for Families and Kids

If you are going to Mexico to enjoy your vacation with your kids and families, it is better to avoid the Hurricane season. This specific season comprises many rainy days, starting in August and ending in mid-October. It is better to avoid these months to keep your family and kids safe.

Since you are going with your family, avoiding spring break hot spots like Cancun from March to April is in your best interest. This is a time of the year when college students enjoy their time at such places, and most of them are drunk, so it is not a good sight for your kids to be around them.

Best Time to Visit Mexico for Avoiding Crowds

If you are going to Mexico, the ideal vacation for you and your kids will be when there is little or no crowd. If you want that ambience, it is better to come to Mexico in May and leave before mid-December since that is the only time in the year when Mexico experiences less crowd.

To avoid crowds in Mexico, do not plan your trip from late February to mid-April because they are the most crowded months in Mexico due to spring break in the USA. Moreover, Mexico's Semana Santa drive crowds to the beaches, so you should avoid this time and come a bit later with the family.

Although May to mid-December is the rainy season, it does not mean there will be rain every day through these months. There are many days in these months when there will be a quick afternoon sprinkle, after which you will experience a warm sunny day. This will make it look like it didn't rain at all.

What to Wear

To visit Mexico with your family, you must check the climate and weather conditions of the areas you plan to visit. Mexico's diverse climate has made it more than a beach town with a humid tropical climate since weather conditions vary from region to region. Mexico's weather is so different that if the rest of the world is dealing with winter, it will be summer in some areas of Mexico. So you will need your special swimwear on the beach.

So, we will discuss the frequent climate-related items you will need for your stay in Mexico.


Mexico's topography endorses it to have various climate conditions from one place to another. Mexico City has a warmer climate since it is densely populated, it's capital. Similarly, Puebla is suitable for visiting beaches because it is hot. So please pack more than one swimsuit.

If you plan to visit Northern Mexico between December and January, you must deal with a chill environment. In this region of the country, it is better to pack some warm clothes that will protect you from the cool breeze.

In Mexico, you can purchase swimsuits at a lower price, so there is no need to bring all your swimsuits since you can buy them from the place you are visiting. Women can easily buy their bikinis, and children can buy their one-pieces from online stores.

Shoes – Flip flops, Sandals, Sneakers & Water Shoes

If you plan to go hiking with your kids and family, you will need a good pair of sneakers. But if you plan on visiting the beach often, sandals or flip-flops will suit your needs better. These kinds of shoes are ideal for sandy beaches and resort life. Also, they are very relaxing, and you can wear them all day.

However, some people choose not to wear sandals and flip-flops as the chance of hurting their feet from sturdy rocks is higher. So such people go with lightweight water shoes that protect their feet from sharp objects and hot sand. Those who prefer to walk in some water on the beach will find that these shoes give them traction.

Hiking Boots

If you're planning on visiting some of the smaller villages during your vacation in Mexico, it is better to bring some hiking boots to protect your feet from hot pavements. Moreover, they are safe to wear to hiking and conservative places like the jungle.

Some of the best hiking trails are in rural areas, so it is better to have solid and sturdy boots that will provide friction and grip to the ground. Also, if you are hiking in high elevations, these boots will give you the traction to go up while ensuring your ankles are safe if you slip or fall.

T-shirts – Blouses and Tank Tops

As a tourist, you will do several outdoor activities for which you will need to have cute outfits that you can wear. These outfits may include t-shirts, blouses, or a crop top. You may wear them when hiking, swimming, surfing, or getting a good tan on the beach.

If you and your family like hiking, it is better to bring quick-dry t-shirts and shorts that absorb the sweat since Mexico has dry and humid conditions. The unique material of such clothes will not stick to your body when wet and can efficiently dry up.

Sun Hats – Ball Cap, Panama Hats, and Western Style

Sun hats, commonly known as ball caps, are a must in your luggage as they protect your face and head from Mexico's heat. Mexico's weather is unpredictable; hence, there is always sunshine after a rainfall, and you can use such a hat to protect from heat stroke, etc.

It will be in your best interest to invest in a good quality sun hat with a wider brim that will protect you from UV light and sun rays when it is hot and sunny. Some people are not used to wearing a ball cap, so they can buy one with a drawstring which will remind them to wear it when it is hot.

Sunglasses and Sunscreen

Every person going to a hot country like Mexico will need a pair of sunglasses even if they don't intend to spend much time on the beach. The country's climate is extreme, so you will need good-quality sunglasses to protect your eyes from the heat. Moreover, pack your cosmetics because you will need them.

People who are sensitive to bright sunlight or those who wear contacts will find that a pair of sunglasses will protect their eyes and make them look cool. You will also need to pack medicated sun cream, particularly if you have whiter skin and wish to protect it from sunburn.

Jeans or Pants

Some places in Mexico are conservative, so you must choose your outfit carefully. Modern places like metropolitan cities, which include Mexico City, have open-minded people that do not pay attention to the type of clothing you wear. Ensure that whatever you wear will cover up your body till the knee and elbow, which looks nice and decent. You can go in long pants, jeans, long sleeve shirts.

You may reach a dilemma where you are not sure what to wear. In such a situation, it is better to go with an intelligent casual look but ensure that you do not show your cleavage or body too much. If you do, it may lead to a wrong expression and can get you in trouble as village areas have people with the conservative mind.

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