Mexico Holiday Weather


If you are planning a trip to Mexico, you must look into the weather and seasons to make an informed decision about where to go with your family. Many people consider the weather the same throughout the country, but that's not the case. Mexico is a large country where the weather differs from one place to another. Mexico can have days that are chilly in one place and dry in another place.

So, we will discuss Mexico's climates and weather by season and region.


Mexico has two main seasons, which consist of the dry season and the rainy season. The rainy season in Mexico is between May to October. There is very little rain throughout the rest of the year. Tourists also tend to visit in the rainy season since rainfall mostly happens in the afternoon to evening. For the rest of the day, you can see the lush greenery of Mexico with your family.

Most regions affected by the rain are in the south of the Tropic of Cancer near Mazatlan city. However, the area is dry and cools off in the evening, which is the perfect time for you to travel around with your kids.

Hurricane Season

Since Mexico is a tropical country, so it is bound to have hurricanes and similar natural disasters. The hurricane season in Mexico falls roughly from June to November. To ensure you don't ruin your vacation, check the weather forecast for when you plan to come to Mexico. Moreover, look at the Government of Mexico's website for warnings and precautions.

Dry Season

The climate and temperature witness a massive change on the ground as the air becomes hot and dry. The other extreme season in Mexico is the dry season which appears after the rainy season passes away. In the dry season, the landscapes are parched, and tourists can travel with their families and enjoy a good time at resorts and beaches. This is also an ideal time to do trekking and hiking in Mexico.

The Hottest Months in Mexico

The hottest months in Mexico vary according to the region. So if you plan to visit Southern Mexico, then April and May will be the hottest months. But if you would like to visit the pacific coast with your family, including Baja, you will find July to September the hottest months. People travelling to Yucatan will find an extremely hot climate from May to September.

The Coolest Months in Mexico

Like hottest months vary, the coolest months also follow the same trend in Mexico. But generally, most regions of Mexico are the coolest months, from December to February. However, the Yucatan state can still experience a hot climate even in the coolest months. So this place is ideal for those fond of beaches and trekking.

Climates by Region in Mexico

The climates in Mexico differ from one region to another. Let's look at them one by one.

Northern Mexico

Northern Mexico is the desert part of the country where the weather is hot and dry. But this region also experiences some cold months where the temperature falls to freezing point at night. However, the climate is mostly temperate, but you can witness some cold nights during the winter. Apart from the coastal areas, the weather in this part of the country, especially Monterrey, is rigid and aggressive.

Central Mexico

Central Mexico has various areas where the climate varies. So if you want to travel to inland Central Mexico, you can expect warm and dry weather during the day, but the nights can be cool or chilly. So it would be best to pack clothes according to different weather conditions. The early morning time is magical as you can acutely feel the difference in the weather at different times.

Southern Mexico

The Sothern Mexico comprises Mexico City, where the weather conditions are similar to the ones in Central Mexico. However, there are elevated areas in this part of the country where the climate will be cooler. The highland cities towards the coasts are also warm. But you will get to feel the climate warmer as you move towards the Southeast regions, particularly the Yucatan Peninsula.

Yucatan Peninsula

The hottest months in the Yucatan Peninsula are from June to August, when the climate is hot and humid. During these months, the temperature is extremely hot, and monsoon rainfalls happen during the evening. The hurricane season is from June to October but can stretch to November even. The appropriate time to visit this place is from December to May, when the weather is temperate and dry.

Baja California Peninsula

The weather in Baja California Peninsula can be classified into two broad categories: hot deserts inland and cooler near the oceans. Apart from the rainy season from August to October, this place will witness very little rainfall. The summer kicks off the hurricane season, where you can witness torrential rains and tropical storms in the region.

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