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Top 10 Places to Eat Out

Visiting new places means that you can try out new food. Apart from being a tourist destination, Mexico has also attracted travellers from other countries due to its exquisite culinary skills. Mexico offers various flavours that differ from one country region to another. Each region presents ingredients and food preparation which is so unique that you are bound to enjoy an ultimate food experience throughout your trip.

So, we will discuss the top 10 places to eat out with your family in Mexico. 

1.   Monterrey

Located in Northern Mexico, Monterrey is a food destination that travellers cannot miss out on. The locals in this part of Mexico consider themselves the steak experts, which is an ideal way of telling others that they won't find a steak better cooked than here.

The culinary essence of Monterrey goes well with the dry climate. Perhaps that is why the restaurants in the region serve salty dishes and charcoal grilling. The desert-like ambience makes the food worth the stay for tourists in the area. One of Monterrey's famous dishes is flour tortilla wraps, and the ideal way to try them is when the chef makes them fresh on the spot.

You can also visit the Regio Land in Monterrey and try out their iconic Cabrito, which you won't find elsewhere. People come to this place especially for this goat meat because it is so tender and soft and melts in your mouth. You can choose Cabrito in any way you would like; some prefer to have it grilled, while others like it to be slowly grilled on charcoal.

If you are in Northern Mexico, you should definitely visit El Rey del Cabrito restaurant as they only serve Cabrito and nothing else. The place is as legendary as the Cabrito they make.

2.     San Miguel de Allende

On the day of your arrival in Mexico, you must go straight to San Miguel de Allende for its impressive architecture and growing culinary culture. This place combines Ancient Mexican and European culture on one plate.

You will experience simple and traditional foods and high-end and international dishes that will make your time at San Miguel de Allende memorable. Some traditional dishes the city offers include the Pacholas and Fiambres. Some people find this city's water quite refreshing, so if you are thirsty, ask a local to provide you with a glass of water.

Many rooftop restaurants surround this beautiful city from where you can see the breathtaking landscape and topography of San Miguel de Allende. The locals claim that the rooftop restaurants offer the most stunning views, improving the ambience.

If you would like to enjoy your meal with a breathtaking view, then you should definitely visit places like Atrio and Casa Nostra. The views from every window of these particular places will give you the ultimate tourist experience in Mexico.

3.     Puebla

Puebla is one of the leading food destinations that every tourist in Mexico must experience. The meals served in Puebla are simple and complicated simultaneously, making it so exciting. Perhaps tourists are attracted to this familiar but unique meal called Mole Poblano.

The mole sauce in the Mole Poblano is prepared with no less than 100 ingredients that consist of various chillies, spices, and vegetables. Being one of the most representative dishes in Mexico, travellers feel the urge to try it out at least once. The dish is known to bring a culinary festival to the mouth of the person.

At Puebla, you can try out dishes that go decades back to ancient Mexico, like chiles en nogada. The dish represents the Mexican flag since chillies and parsley are green, and the nogada sauce is white, with a red pomegranate.

Travellers visiting Mexico for the first time can try chiles en nogada in Puebla at various restaurants. Some famous restaurants in Puebla include La Casita Poblana, Fonda de Santa Clara, or Casa Del Mendrugo.

4.     Valle de Guadalupe

Most travellers love to taste a good beverage from time to time. Valle de Guadalupe is a popular food destination in Mexico since it is the wine capital. This place is in Baja California, where you can try different world-class vineyards.

Visitors of Valle de Guadalupe can also tour with a tour guide for these first-class wineries like Monte Xanic, Las Nubes, etc. You can also get a chance to be part of the wine tastings held by wine experts.

Some recommended restaurants in Valle de Guadalupe serve the region's local food, including fresh seafood, fresh fish, and quail. You should definitely try some fish tacos from this area. You can also grab a bite after finishing the tour of wineries.

The locals in the region recommend a place called Deckman's en el Mogor. All the ingredients like olive oil, spices, vegetables, and meat are home-grown and come directly from the property. So you can enjoy a freshly cooked meal with a glass of wine directly from the wineries. With an impeccable view of the vineyards, you will surely enjoy your meal with a fantastic ambience.

5.     Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta's surreal beauty has attracted several tourists from around the globe, giving rise to it becoming the best foodie destination in Mexico. The residents of Puerto Vallarta come with an international diversity that brings international cuisines to the travellers. Several resorts in the region have world-class chefs that offer food variety worldwide.

Since the city has convenient access to seafood, there are plenty of famous Japanese restaurants in Puerto Vallarta. An example of this is the Hiroshi restaurant at Hotel Mousai. Many travellers book their accommodation at this hotel to easily access the restaurant.

You can also try several local dishes of Puerto Vallarta, such as zarandeado fish, Tortas Ahogadas, etc. Puerto Vallarta ensures that all travellers enjoy their time at this place regardless of age or ethnicity. You can try tostadas and guacamole at Blanca Blue restaurant in Puerto Vallarta.

The city will host a gourmet festival every year where the best restaurants in the region will participate and provide food offerings to the people. These restaurants include Loma 42, La Peska, and Bocados Steak House.

6.     Merida

Merida is a vibrant city in Yucatan, where it offers the iconic culinary experience in Mexico. The different dishes offered by Merida are a combination of traditional flavours and specific ingredients and spices brought by the Spanish.

Merida's cuisines are unique, so that every Mexican food admirer would know about its origin. The different dishes come with strong spices that match the sweet and salty flavours in the dish.

The locals of Merida recommend travellers to try Cochinita Pibil. This iconic dish is prepared with a pork base, various spices, and little orange sweetness. You can eat this meal with red onion, habanero pepper, and banana leaves. The final look of this dish sounds more tempting than hearing about it. You can order a lime soup to go with Cochinita Pibil.

If you want to try some Cochinita Pibil, visiting the La Lupita stand at the Santiago Market or El Naranjo is best. Even the locals in Merida go to these two places to try the Cochinita Pibil especially. You can also eat other high-end gourmet dishes at classy and traditional restaurants.

7.     Oaxaca City

Oaxaca City has recently surfaced due to the region's growing interest in food scenes. The state of Oaxaca has many young chefs who are mastering their techniques by training with the area locals. Perhaps that is why many travellers from different parts of the world are attracted to this city of Mexico.

Many travellers feel they need to try the food themselves to acknowledge whether it is as good as advertised. Some popular food items that have gained international attention include Mole Oaxaqueno or their fresh Quesillo.

One specific dish that you must try in Oaxaca is the Tlayuda. This delicious dish prepares a large toasted corn tortilla topped with beans with special Oaxacan cheese and a salsa of your choosing. The dish is served with a tasty steak called Tasajo that you can only find in Oaxaca.

Oaxaca city has some of the best restaurants Mexico can offer travellers, including Alfonsina, Casa Oaxaca, and Criollo. Pairing the food of your choice with the local mezcal will surely provide you with a beautiful food experience in this part of Mexico. 

8.     Pujol

If you are visiting Mexico, you will surely visit Mexico City with a food emporium to offer for tourists in the region. One of the high-end fine dining restaurants in the region is the Pujol restaurant, which is so hard to get in that you would need to book in advance to experience the place.

Dining at Pujol will provide you with an experience of Mexican cuisine, which is different in its ways. The meal includes food items like amuse-bouche, a sorbet, and churro. Pujol's menus come with a six-course meal; you cannot purchase an a la carte as that's not an option.

Travellers dining at Pujol will get to taste most menu items in small quantities. The restaurant's signature dish is the Mole Mandra. Travellers worldwide come to try it out because of its hype as people who had the chance to eat it left remarkable reviews about it.

Although this dish has many variants that are available in other restaurants, if you wish to taste the original one, then Pujol is the only option. The dish consists of cocoa, chillies, peanuts, sesame, tomatoes, and different spices.

9.     Biko

Biko is called the 'Legendary Restaurant' of Mexico City. Perhaps the main reason is that the chefs come from different cultures, so they try to blend that diversity into the dishes. At Biko, you will experience Mexican food with a blend of different flavours worldwide.

The restaurant comprises big slated windows showing you beautiful views of Mexico City. The place offers some of the best and most tempting Spanish dishes like the traditional Spanish bacalao and Jamon, which is an ideal meal for dinner.

At Biko, you can also taste some of the best desserts in the world. Their dessert menu will offer you anything sweet of your choosing, prepared from the agave plant that brings out the unique taste.

Due to the restaurant's popularity, finding a nice place with a beautiful view would be difficult during lunchtime, so it is best to make a reservation for dinner to enjoy a wonderful time with your loved ones.

10.  Quintonil

To have the ideal Mexican City food experience, you should visit Quintonil. The menu of this place consists of a full range of vegetables, including mushrooms, herbs, etc. You can order a turkey served in black sauce and cacao. For the side dish, you can have vegetables and sliced onions to complete your dish. The restaurant is best to taste menus specifically limited to Mexican cuisines.

Quintonil will change its menu as the seasons change and consider the availability of the local ingredients. However, some dishes remain constant in all the seasons because they are customer favourites.

The restaurant offers a ten-course tasting meal where chefs prepare each food item using traditional Mexican ingredients such as beans, corn, chillies, mushrooms, and squash. You should order burnt corn ice cream in dessert as it is a huge customer favourite. Travellers who want individual meal items can look at some restaurants' a la carte options.

Since the restaurant is in the heart of Mexico City, so you would need to make an advance reservation. The perfect way to enjoy your time at Quintonil is by having your meal served in an open-air area with a mesmerizing garden-like ambience under the starlight.

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