Mexico Best places to visit on Holiday

Top 10 Places to Visit in Mexico

First, we have made a list of the top 10 places you must visit in Mexico.

1.     Mexico City

Start your holiday with Mexico City, the capital of Mexico and one of the largest cities in the world. It is the most multicultural of all places in Mexico as it consists of groups of many different ethnicities. You are bound to find someone there that speaks your language.

Though Mexico City has no beaches, there are many other exciting sites there that you should visit. For example, you can visit the Historic Center, which consists of places like the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Plaza de la Constitucion, the ruins of an ancient Aztec temple, and the National Palace.

You should also definitely check out Chapultepec Park and the Xochimilco Floating Gardens when in the city. We recommend you book a sightseeing tour of the city to ensure you cover all the attraction sites.

2.     Cancun

Cancun is another must-visit place in Mexico. It is especially popular amongst people that enjoy beaches, Mexico timeshares, and all-inclusive resorts. But Cancun doesn't just offer parties and luxuries; there is something for everyone.

Going a little further from the hotel area and into the city, you will come across the opposite –regular Mexicans enjoying their everyday lives, eating traditional local food, salsa dancing, and much more. It is known as Mexico's resort capital for a reason! Things are comparatively cheaper here compared to the resort life.

So, if you get tired of the luxurious life at the resort, you can head into the city for a bit, meet locals and try street food and other things.

3.     Mérida

Mérida, Yucatán's capital and largest city in the Peninsula, is nicknamed Ciudad Blanca, the "White City." The name comes from its very unique buildings made of white stone.

Mérida's isolated location is the best starting point for exploring Mayan sites like the Chichén Itzá and Tulum. The city possesses its unique set of things such as cuisine, dialect, and culture that is formed by influences of the Mayans, Caribbeans, and colonialists. There is "el Zocalo," which is the main Plaza of the city, then El Pasea Montejo, the tree-lined street of Mérida, and so much more!

So, along with being able to roam around exploring the White City, you will also have many museums, theatres, and art galleries to explore. And, once you're done for the day, you will have plenty of restaurants to choose from.

4.     Tulum

Tulum is not only one of the best beaches in Mexico but is also known for being home to one of the most scenic ruins in all of Mexico, the Tulum ruins. The ruins are a Mayan city located on a cliff that overlooks the Caribbean sea coast. It is the perfect location to go on adventures, have fun and relax.

Tulum lays out several opportunities to explore water-based activities with your family. These include diving, snorkelling, and water parks.

The three Tulum areas, Tulum Pueblo, Tulum Playa, and Tulum Ruinas, are not within walking distance. So, you could dedicate a day to exploring the town centre, from there you go to the sandy beaches and so on.

5.     Los Cabos

Los Cabos, often referred to as only "Cabo," is the world's marlin sport fishing capital. It is a large stretch of coastline where the desert and the sea meet, making it the perfect beachy destination for families.

Other than that, this is another location in Mexico where you can enjoy water-based activities with your families – including snorkelling, whale watching, shark diving, and much more!

You can visit towns like San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas along the 30-kilometre stretch of Los Cabos. These traditional Mexican towns offer not only touristic sites but also luxurious resorts, fancy restaurants, and places to party at.

6.     Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon, located in Chihuahua, consists of six separate Canyons that are bigger and deeper than the Grand Canyon.

The Canyons are full of flowers, trees, and wildlife, making it the perfect location for exploring with your family. It is also known for its waterfalls and rock shapes resembling animals and humans.

The best way to explore Copper Canyon would be to take the train. If you take the train, you will explore places like the main canyon from Chihuahua to Los Mochis within about 15 hours. However, some people prefer biking, hiking, and horseback riding around the area.

7.     Palenque

Palenque is one of Mexico's most beautiful Mayan ruins; that is one place you must visit. It is home to some of the best Mayan sculptures, carvings, and architecture.

The Temple of Inscriptions, a pyramid temple, is an example of what you can find in Palenque.

The Aztecs' ruined city, Teotihuacan, or the "birthplace of the gods," is another place you can travel to from Palenque that consists of many breathtaking pyramids, some of the largest in the world!

8.     Acapulco

Acapulco has long been a favourite family destination in Mexico. It is the largest beach resort city in Guerrero.

You should check out some of the most popular beaches in and around Las Costera: our Icacos, Tamarindos, Hornos, and Papagayo. If you were looking for something cleaner and located directly on the ocean, Langosta and Caleta are some really nice beaches worth checking out.

When in Acapulco, another must-do would be to watch La Quebrada Cliff divers dive 147 feet deep into a shallow inlet. It is nice that you can even view it while having lunch or dinner at restaurants nearby.

9.     Guadalajara

Guadalajara, Mexico's second-largest city, is one of the most popular getaway spots in Mexico, perfect for couples and families looking to catch a break from the fast city life!

Guadalajara has several museums and other cultural sites that show off the rich Mexican history. Plaza de Armas, Palacio de Gobierno, and Catedral de Guadalajara are a few notable buildings you should check out when sightseeing.

The city is also unique because tequila and Mariachi emerge here, so you are guaranteed to enjoy the nightlife.

10.  Oaxaca

Lastly, Oaxaca, the capital of Oaxaca, is another one of the most popular places in Mexico amongst tourists. It has even made it to UNESCO's World Heritage Site.

This city is famous for keeping its traditional and cultural values alive by remaining untouched by modern development. So, you are bound to come across scenic places, vibrant art, colourful festivals and festivities, and other forms of natural beauty.

We also recommend that you visit Oaxaca during November 1-2 as Mexico's Dia de Muertos celebrations take place then, and Oaxaca is known for it.

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