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Safety and Security

Maldives is a safe place to visit with your family. There are no severe threats or dangers, and this beautiful place gives a fantastic chance of a safe tour. However, it is safe, but like other places, there can be some dangers.

Here is a complete guide to the safety and security of Maldives.


The crime rate in the Maldives is relatively low. Most people stay in hotels. People do not complain about significant crimes. However, the crime of stealing goods can occur to you. These crimes are usually near the beach when you leave your luggage without your presence.

It will help if you keep your precious things with you. You should leave your amazing stuff at your hotel if it is impossible. Male is a place where you can mostly face such crimes. So be alert when you are going to Male.

Knife Crimes

Besides these minor crimes, you can also face gang violence like knife crimes. Therefore, it would help to be alert when travelling outside your resort area. If it is mandatory for you to go, then you should take local help with you. This local help will guide you about dangerous places.

In outside island areas, you should be so alert. There is no evidence that all people face this crime, but knife crime can occur in gang violence. So it would help if you were alert while going to such areas. Suppose you feel any threat or danger. You can contact local authorities.

Political Situation

The political situation of every place is critical. Political protests and political chaos can cause damage to people. Therefore, before visiting any new home, you should be aware of the political protests in that region if there is some protest going to take place. It would help if you avoided going there.

In the Maldives, primarily political protests occur in the capital, Male. If you see some political chaos, you should avoid those political rallies for your safety and your family's peace. If you want to visit these places, you should see the news before going.

Swimming Safety Tips

Swimming is favourite for many people. In the Maldives, people love to swim. As a family, they enjoy this activity of swimming. It is a safe activity. Your family will love this activity. However, at some point, swimming can become dangerous for you. While swimming, keep your younger kids with you.

Before going swimming, you should take the advice of the locals. It will be helpful for you. Sometimes the seas of Maldives will have strong currents. You can drown in this situation. You can enjoy this great activity of swimming by following some preventive measures.

Transport Safety

In Maldives, when you are visiting from one island to another. The most critical ways to travel are with the help of a boat or seaplane. The safety standard of these transport modes is excellent and secure. There are no serious dangers. The condition of the ships is also good.

However, you can face some accidents while travelling by seaplane or boat. If you feel there is some leakage, you should avoid that boat. It is suitable for you and your family. This incident happens rarely, but you can prevent it with some preventive measures.

Safety Tips for Monsoon Season

The monsoon season in Maldives starts in mid-May and ends in November. During this season, you can experience strong winds, rough seas and frequent rainfall. In addition, there is a chance of Tsunamis occurring. Therefore, it would help if you were careful while outside this season.

The weather in the Maldives is delightful. Besides the monsoon season, there is no extreme weather. Suppose you are visiting with your family during this season. You must ensure that you follow local authorities' advice about the weather. You can take help from friends and family.


One thing about the Maldives is that there is a danger of terrorism. There are threats related to terrorism in the Maldives. The essential things which are in danger of terrorism are public places and tourist places. The security forces try their best to keep the tourists safe and secure.

Visitors are safe in the Maldives. Security forces with good strategies always work well for the safety of visitors. However, when visiting outside places in the Maldives, you must ensure that you follow the instructions of security agencies regarding high-alert areas.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are part of life. Every country and every region faces these natural disasters in some way or another. No area is completely safe. The same thing is with the Maldives. The islands of Maldives face the issue of flooding, tsunamis and swell surges.

This region has significant issues related to the flood. The climate authorities issue the high alert areas and the season in which the flood danger arises. It would help if you cared for your life and the safety purpose you need to keep in touch with the meteorology department.

Cyber Security

With the advancement of technology, now everything is changing to a digital platform. The same thing is happening with the Maldives. The hotel data is also available for customers in digital form. People now prefer digital travel agencies. This online system is efficient and user-friendly.

With this digital system, there can be a chance of fraud and scams. To be safe from those scams. Maldives cyber security agencies are making strict laws. These agencies have strict rules. If you feel anything is suspicious, you can contact cyber security agencies.

The major cybercrimes you can face in Maldives are phishing and botnet attacks. In these crimes, through software, criminals can steal your data. Maldives cyber security agencies take serious action against these attackers. You can inform them for better security.

Health and Medical Emergencies and Insurance

Health is the most important thing for everyone. People love to take care of their health. Before visiting any new place, we must first notice their health care system and insurance. Good knowledge about health care will help in case of emergency.

Maldives also has an evolving healthcare system. Therefore, you can benefit from the health authorities if you get sick or feel any other health emergency.

Here is a complete guide about health and medical emergencies and insurance in Maldives.

Public Healthcare System in the Maldives

The public health care system of Maldives works well. The public healthcare system of Maldives has a hierarchical system; it has five hierarchical tier systems. The system dives into this sequence of central, regional, atoll, sub-atoll and island-level services.

This system provides an excellent health-related facility. However, in most cases, patients can follow the order of the hierarchal system without following the order of the hierarchal system. They can take services related to their health from anywhere. The government of Maldives is trying to improve the healthcare system of Maldives.

Private Healthcare System in the Maldives

An excellent private healthcare system also works well with a public healthcare system. The private healthcare system saw growth in the past decade. There are more than 50 private clinics in the Maldives which are providing excellent health-related service.

Most people prefer these private clinics because they have good equipment and doctors. Besides this, the process of these private medical clinics is easy. You can easily take the help of medical professionals from the private sector. Patient care is an essential thing for these private clinics.

Medicines and Pharmacies

Medicine is an essential thing for health institutions. Headaches and there are many things like that frequently occur, and people need medicine for that. In the Maldives, multiple pharmacies ensure that all necessary medicines are present.

Ensuring the best quality of medicines is the most important for the health authorities of Maldives. Therefore, all these pharmacies are located in all central and more prominent places. All regular-use medications are available in these pharmacies, and you can consult these medical stores anytime.

Best Private Medical Insurance in Maldives

A person must check that country's medical insurance to be safe in an emergency. Every country offers medical insurance. By taking that medical insurance, you can get easy treatment for less.

Maldives also has a private medical insurance system. By this insurance, the expats travelling to Maldives must have this health insurance. This insurance will enable them to get good treatment in a medical emergency.

Expats have the option to choose the insurance plan which suits them the best. Every insurance plan has certain benefits and a specific amount to pay. You can select which insurance is best for you and how much you can pay for that insurance.

Challenges to Maldives Healthcare System

The healthcare system of Maldives is still evolving. It needs time to be fully equipped. It has some challenges. More funds and resources must be required to develop the healthcare system to an advanced level. The demand for doctors is high. However, there are good doctors.

Another healthcare challenge for the Maldives care system is that the resources are fewer, so the medical facilities are limited. There are fewer hospitals. There are few private clinics, but these private clinics provide limited and essential health-related facilities.

There are in-house doctors as well across the whole island. However, these doctors also work just for primary health demands. The challenging healthcare system is constantly moving towards betterment. Of course, there are difficulties, but you can always consult doctors in Maldives for basic needs.

Recent Developments in the Healthcare System of Maldives

Recently there have been many developments in the healthcare system of Maldives. There is a proper transition. The ministry of health and family is taking many initiatives to develop the health system. Here are some recent developments in the health care system of Maldives.

The Maldives Children's Health Care

For the betterment of the health and safety of children, the Maldives government made special clinics to detect the basic and common problems children face. These clinics help in detecting diseases in children. In addition, you can consult these doctors in an emergency, and there is a facility for tests.

Establishment of More Clinics

In the past, the significant problem people used to face was fewer clinics. Due to fewer clinics, people were not able to get proper treatment. Now with the initiative of new steps, some new clinics are established. So now, in every area, there is a clinic people can take medical advice.

Getting Around in Maldives

Maldives is an island with significant modes of sea and air travel. Road vehicles are less used as the country is a small country with fewer road areas. Major cities like the capital, Male City, has bus and taxi service to get around. Before visiting Maldives, you need to know about the means of transport used in the country. So it will be easy for you to enjoy and get around from one place to another.

The following are the most used and available means to get around in the Maldives:


A seaplane is the best option to reach somewhere super-fast. A seaplane is an excellent choice if you are in a hurry or want to explore the island quickly. Seaplanes provide a bird's eye view from a height. So you can explore the islands and reefs during your short journey.


The ferry is another available mode of transport in the Maldives. However, it's a great source to get around the country and explore its scenic beauty. The local ferries are limited, and there is a massive issue with timings and schedules.

A ferry usually arrives late and is sometimes unavailable. With its unreliability, we don't recommend you book a ferry.


Speedboat is a fast and reliable mode of transport for getting around in the Maldives. With its reliability and good service, tourists are highly using this mode.

You can book a speedboat by yourself or at your resort. The cost of a speedboat journey may differ according to distance and resorts.


The luxury yacht can be used by rich and famous tourists who want outstanding service and a vibe alone. It is another one of the best ways to get around through numerous islands. You can enjoy beautiful scenes outside and inside the water and panoramic views of the islands from a distance.

A wide variety of catamaran and private yachts are available to enjoy the never-ending beauty of the place. You can book a yacht for $20,000 to $300,000 a week. Many resorts offer their yachts to their travellers for better accommodations.

You can book a yacht after reaching the place or bring one of your own. Resorts also offer day and night trips to travellers via their yachts. Licensed operators guide yachts so to avoid any risk factors.


If you are finding a perfect place for cycling, Maldives is not a road country. Large resorts are suitable for enjoying cycling; otherwise, low-lying islands are not ideal for cycling. If you want to experience a bike or cycle ride, you can book large resorts like Anantara Kihavah, Six Senses Laamu, and Soneva Fushi.

These resorts will offer you their private bicycles. Other than resorts, many guesthouses also have cycling tours and bike rentals. Also, you can enjoy cycling on Male City's streets. But keep your speed slow to avoid hitting people.


Bus service is only available in Male City and Addu City. It is a cheap and comfortable mode of transportation.

You can take a bus in the city to experience its bus service and street scenes while sitting on the bus.


Taxis can be seen only in the Maldives' capital, Male City. Very few taxis are available in the country as it's small.

A taxi will be helpful if you are in a thunderstorm or have heavy luggage. A trip on a taxi will cost you about $1.30, and a fee of about 65 cents for bags will be charged.

On Foot

The best way to enjoy the beauty of Maldives is by foot. Exploring the islands, beaches, and city streets is the most feasible option.

As the Maldives is a small country, you can cover its cities and islands easily on your foot.

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