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Things To Do As A Family In Italy

After figuring out the right town to visit and the perfect places to eat out, the next step in making your Italian vacation worthwhile is engaging in numerous fun activities. These activities range from sightseeing to watersports. There’s so much to do once you hit your destination, and a lot more to keep the kids engaged. 

Depending on your kids’ taste, deciding on the right activity to engage in during an Italian trip can prove tricky. That is because each child may desire something different at any given point. To work around this and inadvertently avert a catastrophe, try creating a bucket list of things the family can engage in throughout the trip. A common trick to making this work is including at least one of each person’s favourite activities. That way, everyone would have a fulfilling moment to remember. Outlined below are some of the best things to do as a family in Italy to reap the most out of the planned vacation.

1. Go Hiking In A Kid-Safe Zone

One thing you could bank on in Italy is an abundance of hills and mountains, and these physical features are just perfect for family hikes. Hence, to get your fill of adrenaline-pumping adventures, add hiking to the list of activities to engage in with your family.  Hiking not only gives you the adrenaline rush but also allows your hiking party to enjoy the view of the beautiful countryside to the fullest.

Irrespective of your destination in Italy, there is always an ideal hiking spot, which could be easily located by communicating with the locals or searching the web for child-friendly hiking spots in Italy. To enjoy this activity with kids, your safest bet is a hiking trip to the Dolomites in Trentino Alto Adige. This spot features family-friendly trails with a full view of the surrounding farms, natural sceneries, and beautiful horizons.

2. Explore Family-Friendly Beaches In Italy

With numerous coastlines in Italy, a visit to the beach seems like an obvious option when vacationing with family in the region. Yet, some trips to the beach may not go as planned, especially for particular age groups. This is especially true when you have younger kids in tow. While older kids and adults may find it interesting to take occasional dips in the sea, go surfing or take a leisure stroll along the coastline, younger kids are more interested in their sand crafts. Hence, it is necessary to opt for beaches that have sand in abundance for the kids but still feature a tall coastline to make it enjoyable to the adults as well.

Many such options exist on the eastern coast of Italy, which has sandy beaches. The north also has an impressive selection of family-friendly beaches, plus an array of resorts and beach clubs spread across the coastline to make the experience more fun. Italy’s Tyrrhenian coast is also a great place to explore with the family. This location has a beautiful mix of sandy coves and tall coastlines. Other family-friendly beaches to visit in Italy include:

  • Diano Marina in Liguria
  • The beaches of Versilia in Tuscany
  • The Sperlonga in Lazio
  • Trentova in Agropoli, Campania
  • The White beaches in Nicotera, Calabria

3. Visit The Numerous Beautiful Lakes

The Italian lakes are renowned for their incomparable beauty, breath-taking landscapes, and unique coastlines. These lakes are ideal for a family vacation, making available numerous activities like boat-cruising, kayaking, hiking, swimming, windsurfing, and sightseeing. Many of these lakes also have coastlines adorned with sandy beaches, family-friendly resorts, and captivating parks.

One of the best lakes to visit in Italy is Lake Como, which has gained popularity thanks to the influx of celebrities to the area during the summer. Lake Garda, the biggest lake in Italy is another good spot where you could enjoy a fun day with family engaging in water sports or a boat cruise.

4. A Day At The Museum

Italy is big on art and culture. Hence, it is a no-brainer that the city would be packed with numerous historically-significant museums and art galleries. While kids may not necessarily find a day at the museum worth their while, they could have a blast just exploring the significant monuments on display. Notably, opting for child-friendly museums could make the experience more enjoyable.

These museums have attractions like dinosaurs, starship prototypes, and perhaps something out of their favourite superhero comics. Play areas for kids are also reserved in most museums to keep the children occupied while the adults bring themselves up to date on Italian culture. Some great choices for families include:

  • Explora Children Museum in Rome
  • Muse, Trento
  • Leonardo Museum in Florence
  • MuBa Children Museum in Milan
  • Science and technology Museum Milan

5. An Excursion To A Theme Park

When it comes to leisure activities, theme parks are the easiest way to a child’s heart. Therefore if looking to give your kind an enjoyable vacation, endeavour to include theme parks and water parks on your list of things to do in Italy. Suck locations are flocking with fun activities like rides on a ferry’s wheel and pseudo boat rides among others. Kids also get to engage in water fights, paint-balling, or a stroll through a Jurrasic park. The possibilities are endless. Some of the best theme parks to visit with your children in Italy include Etnaland Waterpark, Sicily, Gardaland in Lake Garda, and Le Caravelle water park in Liguria.

6. Check Out Family-Friendly Historical Sites

Numerous outdoor activities are available for families to engage in Italy. So make the most of it by enjoying a day out, and sightseeing with your family. A good place to start is exploring the various historical sites and structures in the country. From archaeological sites to ancient ruins, Italy has it all in abundance.

When making this trip with kids, endeavour to consciously seek out areas that appeal to them. Be it an iconic architectural structure from the 18th century, or an ancient ruin in a historic city, Italy has various kid-friendly sites to explore. Some destinations that come highly recommended include Paestum, in Ostia Antica, and the Colosseum.

7. Go Gelato Hunting

Once kids are involved, nothing beats a walk through the city trying out the best gelatos you come across. In fact, gelato is a major tourist attraction in the city of Italy. The traditional Italian variant, gelato artigianale, is infused with milk and egg, which gives it a unique rich taste. The milk or egg-free versions are also delightful and could make any kids’ day.

So next time you find yourself in Italy with your family set out a day to go gelato-hunting, and have a blast trying out variants from as many stores as you can. Gelatos also have various unique tastes and flavours which make them more appealing.

8. Visit Ferrari Museums 

Most comics and modern-day movies put exotic cars on centre stage, which in turn makes kids idolize them. Hence, any child, especially the car-lovers would not pass off an opportunity to indulge their passions in a studio filled with exotic straight-out-of-the-movies cars.

Thankfully, Italy has an abundance of car museums to indulge both the adults and kids. The Ferrari factory and museum in Maranello for instance has a variety of car prototypes on display. Visitors have opportunities to fill their eyes with old, new, and existing models from the brand. So when looking for an exciting adventure to undertake during a family vacation, hitting one of the car museums in Italy may be your best bet.

9. Say Yes To Animal Encounters

In Italy, tourists and residents alike have equal opportunities to be close to animals. If you happen to pop by the city, never hesitate to exploit these opportunities by visiting sites where animals are likely to be. From zoos to animal farms, families could have an awesome time exploring the wildlife or domestic animals, awakening their fondness for animals.

Some available opportunities to have animal encounters include a dolphin cruise at the whale and dolphin sanctuary in Liguria. The Fattorie Didattiche exposes visitors to rural life, availing them of opportunities to connect with various farm animals.

10. Spend A Day Out In A Natural Hot Spring

Various volcanoes are distributed across Italy, some of which offer the surrounding natural springs an endless supply of warmth. Families visiting this location can dedicate their day to soaking up the warmth of this wondrous work of nature. Additionally, you could have a series of dishes on hand to help you take breaks within baths to have a family picnic. The city of Tuscany especially has these hot springs in abundance, most of which can be utilized for free, and is perfect for touring families.

If none of these fun and creative activities appeals to you, you could always hit the net for a more creative idea of things to do as a family.

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