Italy Best places to visit on Holiday

Top 10 Places To Visit In Italy

Before embarking on that trip to Italy, it is important to familiarize yourself with some of the vacation hotspots in the country. Most tourists opt for destinations around the countryside to have a more serene experience of Italy. This especially works best for couples hoping for a relaxed spot to enjoy a romantic getaway. The Italian Lakes and beaches also offer similar experiences, with locations like Lake Como, Puglia, and Tuscany taking the front seat.

Italian cities have also become a popular stop for tourists, especially during peak seasons like summer and spring. Touring remote villages and islands also offers the best adventure-packed holiday experience, especially when you figure out the right places to hit. That said, here are some of the best Italian Holiday and travel destinations.

1. Venice

Venice is one of the most popular vacation spots in the world and unarguably the pride of Italian tourism. From its alluring atmosphere to its romantic ambience, the city offers an overall magical experience. Many believe the city is at its most alluring in February, yet, Summers in Italy witnesses an influx of tourists looking for a peek at the sparkling canals interconnecting the city. In fact, a visit to Italy is never complete without hitting this popular romantic tourist destination, and with good reasons.

While Venice is undoubtedly a number one pick when looking to give your family a memorable travel experience, securing worthwhile accommodations may prove tricky. This is due to the rapid influx of people, causing most renowned hotels and lodges to be filled up. Hence, it is best to book your lodging before embarking on the trip. This saves you unnecessary glitches upon arrival. Some lodging options in Venice to look into include The Grill Palace, The Gritti and the Rosa Salva.

2. Puglia

Famous for its unique traditional conical-roofed Trulli houses, Puglia is another must-visit Italian city. The region boasts of not only the idiosyncratic houses but also a spread of Masseria hotels once standing as fortified manor houses. The extensive coastline further contributes to the city’s irresistible ambience and serenity. Puglia is a great choice for a seaside vacation, having several amenities on-hand to keep a family engaged throughout the trip. Couples could take an intimate stroll along the long coastline, kids could get their adrenaline boost running around the beach or taking occasional dips in the sea while friend groups could have a blast partying around a campfire or acquiring the perfect tan in the warm Italian sun.

3. Sicily

The island of Sicily offers the best of both worlds, combining the natural serenity of surrounding beaches with the cultural appeal of the small baroque towns and villages spread across the Island. It is home to several historic sites like the Greek and Roman Ruins, traditional restaurants and the most exotic delicacies. Sicily allows tourists to experience the fulfilment one could only get from bonding with nature, without missing out on the rush of the typical city life.

Families who choose to vacation in Sicily have the luxury of enjoying a full-blown pampering at the Verdura Golf and Spa Resort, an adventurous day connecting with nature at the Sardinia Beach or the perfect environment for families to bond at the Forte Village Resort. Interestingly, a handful of beach clubs are also available in the region, availing you of opportunities to connect with other visiting families.

4. Verona

If historic landmarks are your thing, then Verona would make a great vacation spot for both adults and kids. The city, home to the infamous Arena hosts thousands of tourists yearly, flocking in to experience the annual open-air opera festival held in the summer. With July being the peak season, families looking to have a memorable trip could do so seamlessly, equipping themselves for the thrills that await them in this citadel of history and culture.

Notably, while a trip in the summer would certainly pay off, it is advisable to plan your lodgings ahead as thousands of other families are also eyeing that dream vacation. Some lodging options to check out before hitting the road with your family include the Palazzo Victoria located a reasonable distance from several culturally-significant landmarks of the ancient city. For a complete experience touring the region, be sure to explore the Roman Arena, the infamous Juliet’s House, and the ancient town centre.

5. Florence

The incredible architecture of Florence is a magnificent sight to behold all year round, making it a preferred vacation destination. One of Italy’s most remarkable cities, tourists flock in all year round, hungry for a taste of the architectural wonder or the artistic masterpieces on display. Aside from the bustling city life, Florence is home to several iconic museums and historic cathedrals. Furthermore, locals endeavour to keep a couple of items on display in community stores which tourists could purchase at great prices. Bonus point if you hit the location earlier on in the year just before the spring or summer sets in. That way, you and your family could beat the crowd of tourists, land more affordable accommodation and touring deals, and even benefit from the infamous January sales reeking with eye-popping prizes.

Some top accommodations you could check out include The Place, Portrait Firenze, and the Four Seasons Hotel in Firenze. Beware that during peak seasons, lodgings in these areas sell out fast, making it necessary to book accommodations ahead of the planned vacation.

6. Italian Lakes

The Italian Lakes offers some of the best vacation experiences for families, with a wide range of activities for adults and kids. The location lives up to the reputation of Northern Italy, with places like the infamous Lake Como housing several grand lakeside hotels punctuated by mountainous landscapes. Lesser-known destinations like Lake Iseo and Lake Orta also give tourists access to breathtaking sites that make the vacation worthwhile. Families looking for a more active Italian getaway could cruise along with Lake Maggiore’s Borromean Islands.

Several locations also offer tour packages, which is an easy way to experience the Italian Lakes to the fullest without the stress of mapping out locations. A fully-paid Lake Como tour for instance gives tourists not only a tour of the small Lake-town but also a drive through the Bernina Express through Alpine terrain and a day in St. Moritz, Switzerland. This tour also covers accommodations at the Hotel Rissi located right on the northern shores of Lake Como. Continental breakfasts and three-course meals comprising the best Italian dishes are some of the benefits you get to enjoy with your family.

7. Capri

Capri is a popular Italian destination with exotic villas and resorts, picturesque cliffs and the calm water bodies surrounding the astonishing Island. For years, this dramatic location has attracted celebrities, public figures and the wealthy, thanks to its stunning structures that blend seamlessly with the natural environment giving off an overall display that seems straight out of a painting. Thanks to the effect of the green landscapes, clear blue rivers, bougainvillaea-covered walls with colourful papery bracts and artistic structure, the Island gives off an overall mythical effect one can’t ignore.

When visited in the spring or summer, tourists can enjoy this Island at its most beautiful. The abundance of hospitable villas around makes it perfect for anyone to spend the holiday irrespective of their budget, and families are no exception. Wondering where to start? Check out the wonderful Villa Calypso to make the most of that trip.

8. Calabria

For a fun-packed vacation away from the busy city life or crowded towns, look no further, as Calabria holds numerous promises. This Italian destination lets you experience the country on your terms while giving families an avenue to bond with little or no distractions. The southern region of Calabria especially holds hidden wonders only a few get to explore. Experience a memorable vacation frolicking through the white sand beaches and dramatic landscapes. For a more sublime experience, avoid the Italian cities completely by opting for a weekend or week-long getaway in one of the medieval villages. Additionally, you can have your fill taking in the ancient ruins of Calabria.

9. Brera

Brera is a beautiful district in Milan, Italy marked by slick designs and historically significant structures. The district, situated within Zone 1 is home to the Brera Art Gallery and the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. These two locations contribute primarily to making the neighbourhood the city’s artistic centre. Also, the Bohemian atmosphere and other significant features serve to attract tourists.

A visit to the artists’ neighbourhood avails tourists the opportunity of exploring the bountiful spread of restaurants, art fairs, local markets, and antique stores. Those craving a taste of the nightlife could also hit the numerous bars and nightclubs spread throughout the district. Kids would have a great time surfing the Milan Botanical Garden and various kids’ parks upholding the Milano culture. Learning has never been more fun.

10. Remini, Marche

There is no point in a family vacation if it does not appeal to the kids. Hence, when it comes to picking out an enjoyable vacation spot for everyone, one must pick out kid-friendly destinations that still give room for the adults to benefit. Remini, located on the Adriatic sea in Marche, Italy offers the promises of a memorable fun-packed vacation, especially when there are kids in tow.

The destination, comprising a 9-mile beach with hotels lining the shores, is as appealing as it gets for all age groups. Each hotel boasts of unique colourful beach huts where guests could change before a fun day at the beach, they also have play areas for children. The region also boasts of the Fiabilandia theme park, which gives families a taste of Disneyland.

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