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Top 10 Places to Eat Out in Istanbul

1.  Spago by Wolfgang Puck

Set on the rooftop of St. Regis Hotel, Spago offers a modern and seasonal menu with exceptional service and stunning views. The restaurant was the first international branch of Wolfgang Puck's flagship restaurant. Aside from the sumptuous dishes, the restaurant menu also features an extensive wine list of more than five hundred outstanding selections.

Spago opens to stunning views of the Bosphorus Strait. Indulge in refreshing cocktails or choose from the extensive wine list while soaking up the golden sunset. The best dishes on the menu are locally inspired, such as the sautéed cauliflower served with almonds and raisins. If you are craving home comforts, head to the sushi bar, which serves some of the best sushi in the city.

2.  Nicole Restaurant

In the Beyoglu District, you will find Nicole Restaurant, which offers contemporary Mediterranean cuisines served on a charming terrace overlooking the panoramic views of the Prince Islands, Istanbul's historical peninsula.

The name "Nicole" came from Mother Agnes Martha Nicole, who healed several patients until the early 20th Century when the building was a Franciscan Monastery. The building now houses Nicole Restaurant, one of the top places to eat out in Istanbul. The restaurant's wine cellar is impressive and includes chateau-style local wines from the Anatolia, Thrace, and Aegean regions.

3.  Râna Meyhane

Formerly called Topaz, Râna Meyhane serves authentic Ottoman and Mediterranean cuisines. The restaurant overlooks the Bosphorus Strait with a very serene and relaxing atmosphere, while the interior features a blend of traditional and modern decors.

Râna Meyhane has two wasting menus - traditional and modern. The traditional menu includes classic dishes like ravioli with beef cooked in strained yogurt. Meanwhile, the modern menu consists of innovative dishes, the most popular being the goose liver terrine served with cranberry marmalade and walnut.

4.  Pokémate Restaurant

If you find yourself craving Hawaiian dishes, head to Pokémate Restaurant, a fantastic Hawaiian restaurant offering guests an incredible sushi experience you won't find anywhere else in the city. You will find the restaurant in the neighbourhood of Nisantasi, within walking distance of Taksim Square.

Pokémate is named after "poke" a world-famous Hawaiian dish where three large sushi rolls are served open on a plate. The restaurant also offers the option to cook your own healthy, delicious, and fresh poke bowls.

5.  Queb Lounge 360 Sultanahmet Restaurant

Queb Lounge 360 treats diners to delicious meals and drinks on its beautiful terrace surrounded by panoramic views of Istanbul. It's set inside the Byzantium Hotel and doubles as a restaurant and cafe.

The restaurant is close to some of Istanbul's famous sites, the Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque. It's an ideal place to relax and enjoy delicious meals after a day of exploring the city. Featuring modern and aesthetic interiors, with a great location, you can enjoy your meals while surrounded by the panoramic views of the Bosphorus.

6.  Kinaliada Teos Beach Restaurant

If you're visiting the Princes' Islands, drop by the Kinaliada Teos Beach Restaurant, one of the top places to eat out in Istanbul. Teos Beach is a popular beach club in the Kinali Islands, one of the islands that make up the Princes' Islands.

Kinaliada Teos Beach Restaurant is a Greek-style restaurant offering an excellent dining experience. Enjoy delicious meals while surrounded by stunning sea views. The restaurant operates as a beach restaurant during the day and a club in the evening, offering live music and entertainment.

7.  Banyan

With a motto of "Food for the Soul", Banyan Restaurant serves up delectable Asian fusion fares. It's the best place to enjoy healthy cuisines with Asian roots, which you can enjoy on the top floor of a historical building, surrounded by striking views of the city.

The menu features popular Asian dishes like duck satay, Sichuan pepper steak, and several dim sum varieties. Enjoy your meals with refreshing cocktails, fresh juices, or tea. Whether dining outdoors or indoors, you are guaranteed to enjoy this beautiful Asian restaurant.

8.  360 Istanbul

If you're looking for a luxury dining experience, 360 Istanbul is the best restaurant to visit. Featuring 360-degree views of Istanbul, this high-end terrace restaurant has excellent offerings on its menu, with dishes suitable for every taste. Aside from the delicious meals, guests are treated to fun evening entertainment, including extraordinary shows.

Located on the top floor of the historic Mısır Apartment building, 360 Istanbul is popular among tourists looking for a great place to relax while on holiday. Featuring a fusion of Turkish and International cuisines with an excellent wine selection, 360 Istanbul is definitely one of the top places to eat out in Istanbul.

9.  Oligark

Oligark is one of the newest culinary hotspots in Istanbul. It's a dining complex featuring four restaurants and a winter nightclub. Thanks to its location right across the Bosphorus, you are guaranteed spectacular views as you enjoy delectable meals and refreshing drinks. Whether you are in the mood for Mediterranean cuisines, Turkish specialities, or international fares - you will find them all here!

After enjoying your meals, hit the trendy nightclub and dance to your heart's content! But make sure you dress up when going to this place since there is a strict dress code.

10.  Seven Hills Restaurant

Located close to Sultanahmet Square, the Seven Hills Restaurant is one of the best places to eat out in Istanbul. Located in the heart of the city, the restaurant is on the rooftop of the Seven Hills Hotel and overlooks the stunning views of Istanbul's historic peninsula.

The menu features a combination of Turkish cuisines and international dishes, but the most popular are those made from freshly caught fish from the Sea of Marmara. Featuring spectacular views of the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, the Seven Hills Restaurant is also one of the most Instagrammable spots in the city.

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