Istanbul Travel Guide

A Comprehensive Guide for Families Travelling to Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the world's most popular travel destinations, and it's easy to see why. It offers a unique blend of cultural and historical riches, home to many different civilizations and sitting on two different continents. The city has a lively atmosphere that combines the past and future in a single pot, providing a sense of universal history in every step.

With more than two thousand years of history, vibrant nightlife, unique nature and culture, Istanbul has plenty of things waiting for you to discover. If you're planning to go to Istanbul for a holiday, here's a comprehensive guide to help you plan your trip.

About Istanbul and the People

Turkish people are renowned for their hospitality. It is this trait that makes visitors want to visit Istanbul over and over again. The locals are friendly and welcoming and will greet you with a smile wherever you go. They are also known for their excellent cooking skills and for the value they put on friendship and family.

Turkish People Have Excellent Cooking Skills

One thing tourists love about Turkey is the delicious food, thanks to the excellent cooking skills of the Turkish people. Whether whipping up a simple homemade meal or a fine-dining menu, the Turkish people have a talent for prepping up delectable meals.

Aside from their fantastic cooking stills, the Turkish people are very talented - from the traditional craftspeople to actors, singers, fashion designers, athletes, authors, and film directors.

Turkish People Are Hospitable

Hospitality is another trait that the Turkish people are known for. In fact, almost every visitor to the country will always have a story to tell about how the locals helped them or invited them into their home for a meal. When you visit Istanbul, you will find that the Turkish people find joy in helping others and are known for their generosity to people, even strangers.

Timeless Traditions and Culture

Even though Istanbul is a modern city, it retained its many cultural elements and traditions. From music to folk dances, literature, and arts - the city's past is still well-celebrated today. And although the Turkish people give utmost importance to their culture, they know how to let loose and have a good time.

If you attend any Turkish wedding, you'll find everyone dancing and having a great time, even the oldest grandma. In a local tavern, you'll find Turkish people singing their favourite tunes together with street musicians.

Respect for Family and Pride in their Country

Family is important in the culture of Turkey, and the Turkish people always make sure to put family first. They are very respectful of their elders and are committed to taking care of them when they are old. Many would prefer to live with their parents until they get married and have their own families.

The Turkish people take pride in their nationality, and you can feel their enthusiasm when talking about their culture and history to others. No matter which part of the country you go to, you'll find that locals are more than willing to tell you stories about their country, culture, and history.

Turkish People on Love and Friendship

The Turkish people believe in love and romance, soulmates, and true love. They savour the emotions that come with falling in love. You will find that many Turkish songs, whether folk or pop songs are often always about love.

Aside from putting importance on family, the Turkish people are very close to their friends and have deep respect for friendships. In Turkey, you can be certain that your friends will be by your side on the best and worst days of your life.

Turkish people are very opinionated and will not hold back from expressing their opinions. They can also be emotional. When they are happy, they will ensure that the people around them feel their happiness.

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