Fuerteventura Weather

Fuerteventura Weather

The average weather in Fuerteventura is pleasant. It receives slight rainfall. In winter, the temperature decreases. In summer, you will experience a cool breeze. Although the weather is not constant, it is steady. Here is a complete guide to the climate of Fuerteventura.

Summer Season in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is so close to Morocco and the Sahara. Due to this reason, in the summer season, Fuerteventura experiences very dry and sunny weather. This condition lasts from June to August. In these months, the average temperature is more than 27 degrees.

The average temperature of the water during these months is 22 degrees. However, during these months, the temperature at night decreases to below 20s. In late summer, the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean affect the temperature of Fuerteventura.

Winter Season of Fuerteventura

In winter, you can experience unexpected rainfall. Especially in December or January, you can experience a whole week of rain. It usually does not last longer than a week. The days in these months are a little short; sunshine in these months occurs for 6 to 7 hours.

The evenings in these months are also quite remarkable. The average temperature does not decrease to a freezing point; it is bearable and pleasant for tourists. Therefore, you can enjoy a beautiful trip even in winter. However, it would help if you kept looking for weather forecasts.

Coldest Month in Fuerteventura

The coldest month of Fuerteventura is January. The average excellent season lasts for three months in Fuerteventura. The average daily high temperature is about 71 degrees Fahrenheit. The average daily low temperature in these months is about 59 degrees Fahrenheit.

Wind in Fuerteventura

Winds are an essential part of Fuerteventura weather. However, the level of wind is relatively small. The average wind power is 13 mph per year. During the summer season, usually, the occurrence of wind is about 16 mph. Furthermore, the average long reach brings a good wind swell for surfers.


Fuerteventura is very close to the Sahara Desert, and this is the reason for the hot and dry winds in Fuerteventura. However, sometimes these winds blow harder than usual. When the speed of the wind is hard, it also brings sand with it. Therefore, it reduces visibility and increases the temperature.

These sandstorms can make life difficult. Usually, these sand storms occur in April. February to April are the crucial months in this regard. If you have a respiratory problem, these sandstorms can become difficult.

Clouds in Fuerteventura

Clouds are an essential part of the weather of Fuerteventura. On average, the sky is primarily full of clouds. However, there is a seasonal variation in clouds. The most exact time, according to clouds, lasts for like 3.6 months. It starts on May 23, and this period ends on September 12. Therefore, the most apparent month is July.

 During this month, the sky is transparent mainly for about 98 per cent of the time. The cloudiest time in Fuerteventura lasts for 8.4 months. This period starts on September 12 and ends on May 23. During this period, about 36 per cent of the time, the sky is full of clouds.


There is no seasonal variation in terms of wet days. The frequency of wet days is usually from 0 per cent to 7 per cent. The average value of this precipitation is about 3 per cent—the month which is primarily wet and full of rain in December. On average, rainfall occurs for about 1.9 days.

The possibility of rainfall in December is 7 per cent. Thus, even occasionally, you can experience constant rain in Fuerteventura. Therefore, you will mostly feel precipitation almost every time in December.


Fuerteventura has a seasonal variation in terms of rainfall. For almost 31 days in a year, you will experience rainfall. From December 2 to December 8, you will experience the most rain. The average period of this rainfall is for about 5.5 days.

Mostly there is a rainless period in Fuerteventura because rainfall usually occurs in December for about 5.5 days. On other days the chances of rain are pretty low. During the rainless 12 months of Fuerteventura, rainfall is 0.0 inches.


The length of the day changes according to the season in Fuerteventura. The shortest day last for about 10 hours and 20 minutes. The longest day mostly lasts for 13 hours and 57 minutes. The temperature also varies according to the length of the day. On short days the temperature is usually low, and on long days the temperature is generally high.


The humidity is usually an observation according to the level of the dew point. Fuerteventura also has a seasonal variation in the level of moisture. The muggier period is about 4.7 months when the humidity is about 18 per cent, with a few muggier days in February.

Best Time to Visit Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is a beautiful place to visit. On average, there is no wrong time to visit Fuerteventura Every time can become memorable and pleasing for you. Although you want to visit Fuerteventura for a specific purpose, you must follow a particular time. Here is a complete guide about the best time to visit Fuerteventura.

Best Time to Visit for Good Weather

If you want to visit Fuerteventura for good weather, then June to September are the best months to visit Fuerteventura. The sub-tropical climate offers sunshine during these months. You can experience good weather, which will make your tour more enjoyable.

Best Time to Visit Fuerteventura to Avoid Crowds

Many people have social anxiety and do not enjoy the months with large crowds. If you are among those people, you can visit Fuerteventura in May. In May, you will not experience large groups.

On the other hand, April has large crowds because of the Easter holidays. Therefore, you should avoid April if you do not like crowds. April is a busy month, so you should avoid visiting in April with your family. You will also not be able to enjoy the month of April.

Best Time to Visit for a Constant Temperature

Many people do not like temperature variations, and they mostly like constant temperatures. They love to visit any place at a constant temperature. If you want to visit Fuerteventura for a constant temperature, then June, July and August are the best months for you.

The weather during these months is warm, ideal and constant. You can spend quality time with your family outside the hotel at a constant temperature. The chances of getting sick are also low during these months.

Best Time to Visit for Sunbathe and Swim

Many people around the world love sunbathing and swimming. If you are one of those people, then October is the month to visit Fuerteventura. In this, the temperature is tolerable and suitable for sunbathing and swimming.

You can enjoy the feel of Autumn, and you can enjoy your passion for sunbathing and swimming. October will allow you to enjoy various things in a single place. Your trip will become pleasant for you and your family because you can enjoy multiple items.

Best Time to Visit for Budget Friendly Trip

Many people are so budget-friendly and enjoy things with a reasonable budget. If you are one of those people, then December is the best place to visit you. But unfortunately, there is a chance of rainfall in December, and many people avoid visiting during these months.

Because the crowd is less during December. The price of everything decreases. You can get tickets at a discount. Your shopping experience and everything will become an easy process for you. You can visit more places in less amount.

Best Time to Visit for Charming Christmas Festivities

Many people visit different places for the sake of festivities and different colours of life. If you are one of those people, then December is your best month. In Fuerteventura, the charm of Christmas is different. You can spend a day of Christmas with a good festivity with your family.

There is a new year festivity along with the Christmas festivity. So after spending a good day of Christmas with your family, you can enjoy the celebration of new year's eve with your family. If you are a festivity lover, then you should visit in December.

Your kids will love the festivity and colours. They will learn many things about religion and culture. You can revive the passion for learning and charming celebration of Christmas in your new generations by visiting Fuerteventura in December.

Best Time to Visit for Walking Holiday

If you love to walk and visit new places on foot, then Fuerteventura has fantastic options. April, May, October and November are the best months. During these months you can celebrate a walking holiday with your family. In addition, your kids will love to walk to learn new things.

Best Time to Visit to Avoid Cold Winters

Suppose you are not a fan of winters and get sick during winter months. Then spring season is the best season for you. During this season, especially during March, you can avoid the strict winter months. Your family and kids will not get sick because winter is the most difficult.

March is a good season; you can simultaneously enjoy the fragrance of many beautiful flowers and good weather. Thus, March is a good option for people who avoid the winter season.

All these months are good options for you for a specific purpose. You can decide when you want to go and what your primary goal is. You can select the month according to your preferences and needs.

What to Wear in Fuerteventura

With a stable climate and moderate temperature, Fuerteventura is a beautiful landscape. If you plan to visit the Island, you must pack your clothes according to the weather conditions there. Also, every place has its dress code and sense of style. You need to keep suitable clothes, but how do you know that? We are here to provide you with all the information.

Here is the detailed information about the necessary things you need to pack in different months:


The months of January and February are pleasantly warm in Fuerteventura. You can expect rain on some days during your visit. March experiences little rain and remains mild and dry on the Island. The average temperature during these months remains high at 60s F.

However, the nights in February cool down to 50s F. The cool breeze from the Atlantic Ocean can be dangerous, so you need to keep yourself warm. Wear long sleeve shirts or blouses, pants or jeans, sneakers with a light jacket, and socks.

Women can dress up in light and heavy skirts or maxi-type dresses. On rainy days, you need to wear a raincoat, rain pants, and waterproof footwear, and don't forget to keep an umbrella with you.


There is not a massive change in weather in April. It is similar to the climate of March. But the temperature rises to 70s F during the day and decreases to some degrees at night. May and June have the perfect temperature with dry wind and no rain.

To avoid heat and heat-related allergies, you need to wear loose clothes. If you visit the place in the summer, pack light dresses, tops with soft skirts, t-shirts, short pants or heavy shorts, and sandals. There is no restriction on dressing in the place, so you can wear any colour and type of dress you want.


The Island's hottest month is July, with an average temperature of about 80s F. The weather changes in August and September, and you will experience dry and hot wind without rain. You can visit places with fun activities such as swimming during these hot months.

Wear long and short sleeve shirts, light dresses, skirts, tops or blouses, short pants, sandals, or comfortable shoes. If you have heat-related allergies, you must keep your essentials. Take great care of your skin by using sun creams during your time on beaches.


The temperature of Fuerteventura slightly changes in October. You will experience little rain during the month. The weather on the Island remains the same throughout the year, and there are no extreme conditions.

The sea breezes play a significant role in controlling the area's climate. Wear dresses of your choice and keep yourself hydrated. In December, you will feel the same cold winds as in January. So wear full-sleeve dresses, jeans, pants, comfortable shoes, or sneakers. Also, keep raincoat, umbrella, and rain shoes. 

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