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Safety and Security

Fuerteventura is a safe and secure place to visit, and you can have a fantastic trip with your family. It allows spending quality time with your kids. However, it is a secure place to visit. Still, there are some preventive measures for your safety.

The security system of Fuerteventura is sound, and their security team always help tourists; you can always contact them in case of danger. Here is a guide for you about the safety and security of Fuerteventura. You should follow these guidelines.

Stay Safe from Pickpocketing

Pickpocketing is the biggest and most common crime you can face. Almost all tourist places have a threat of pickpocketing. If you visit Fuerteventura with your family, you should always stay alert and conscious. It would be best if you keep your kids with you.

 It would be best if you kept your hands in your pockets to save precious items and bags from such crimes. It can usually happen when you visit public places. Therefore, in public places, you should always stay alert and avoid getting close to random strangers who look suspicious.

You should inform authorities if you find someone strange trying to do suspicious things. Mostly these criminals take benefits of tourists, and they try to do the crime of pickpockets. Your alert and conscious behaviour can keep you and others safe and sound.

Bag Snatching

Along with other minor crimes, you can face the corruption of bag snatching when you visit Fuerteventura. Therefore, you should stay alert and keep your bags with you. In addition, it would help if you did not leave your bags without you when you visit outside places.

These kinds of crimes usually take place in busy areas. Therefore, you should keep your hands on your bags when visiting dynamic sites. It would be best to keep the valuable things you do not need, like your extra money and jewellery, at your hotel, not in your bag. 

You can keep your valuable money by not flaunting it in front of the public. Unfortunately, many people have this habit of flashing their cash in front of the crowd. If you do it, then you invite thieves and other criminals. Therefore, you should avoid such activities to keep your money safe.

If you feel some strange person or group of people doing weird things, you should avoid them and try to inform authorities to be safe and keep others around you safe. For example, if someone is trying to be extra with you, you should avoid it because it is a trick for criminals.

Ocean Safety

Sea is a beautiful place, and many people love to enjoy at sea and oceans. However, the sea is a lovely place, but people should stay safe while visiting oceans. It would be best to be careful and not let your kids roam freely around the sea. It can be dangerous for them.

It would be best if you kept an eye on all the beach flags. These flags have the purpose of protecting you. These flags are in dangerous areas to alert you of all the problematic places. If you keep an eye on these flags, your kids and the whole family can stay safe from riptides and dangerous undercurrents.

Drink Sufficient Water

You can face the problem of dehydration. If you visit Fuerteventura during summer, you should remember that sufficient water is the most important thing. Water is a rare commodity in Fuerteventura. It would help if you always took care of yourself and your family.

Be Careful Near Cliffs

Cliffs are an essential part of the Fuerteventura visit. However, it would help if you always were careful while seeing the cliffs. You should always walk cautiously near cliffs. You can face difficult volcanic stones, debris and rocks. To avoid these calamities, you should be careful when climbing these cliffs.

It would help if you did not let your kids go alone near cliffs because they will be unaware of the danger, which can harm them. Always go near cliffs with your kids and protect them. It would help if you did not leave them alone, even for a second, near these cliffs for their security.

Keep Your Rooms and Gates Lock

If you are staying in a hotel, you should keep your rooms locked for security. It is suitable for you and your safety. Sometimes random crimes can happen, although it is rare; on the safe side, you should always be careful. Again, it is suitable for you and your family.

Your kids will remain safe, and if you lock your rooms, then your kids will not go outside unnecessarily. You can spend quality time with them and ensure their safety and security. Your precious material room will also remain safe and sound.

System of Security at Airports of Fuerteventura

For the safety of passengers, Fuerteventura has an excellent security system at airports. It provides a method of screening passengers and includes airport body scanners by which you can walk safely.

 Airports have screening devices to make sure the safety of passengers. Fuerteventura airport security system also has a system of CCTV surveillance. It will detect all suspicious behaviours of passengers and terminate the risky areas.

In every way, these airports provide foolproof security to passengers. It ensures a safe trip for passengers. There is a pat-down screening system. It will make sure that no passenger takes a prohibited item. With the help of these security measures, you can have a safe and sound trip with your family.

Thus, the security system of Fuerteventura is sound, and by following some precautionary measures, you can have a safe and good trip with your family. Your vacation will become memorable for your kids.

Health and Medical Emergencies and Insurance

Just like all other places in the world, Fuerteventura is a beautiful place to visit. Overall, health wise it is an excellent place to stay. There are no particular health-related issues. It also has a system of insurance by which you can get a benefit.

Before visiting any place, you must thoroughly understand health and medical policies. However, it can help you in case of an emergency. Here is a complete guide about Fuerteventura's health, medical emergencies, and insurance.

Medical Assistance

The medical system of Fuerteventura is very good. It provides good services 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. You can get medical assistance from professional doctors whenever you feel any medical-related problems. They will provide you with the solution to your problem.

Medical assistance and emergencies are available in all locations of the Fuerteventura; you can contact them anytime and anywhere. The doctors can also reach you wherever you are. You will need to contact them.

Clinical Analysis Laboratory

Fuerteventura has a clinical analysis lab where doctors will check your reports and diagnose your problems in a severe emergency. You will find a suitable treatment based on your disease. In addition, your doctors will prescribe you other medicines and formulas.

If you are still, they will again prescribe different medicines for your betterment. They change the tests as well based on clinical analysis laboratory. Whenever you feel sick, the doctors will determine the results based on your lab reports.


Besides other facilities, hospitalization is also an essential service of the health care department of Fuerteventura. If you are sick and, besides taking medicines, there is no remarkable improvement, these doctors will provide you with the option of hospitalization.

After the hospitalization process, the doctors will check you in detail. Then, they will prescribe the whole list of tests. Then, after completing the trial operation, they will check the tests. During the hospitalization process, the hospital staff takes care of the patient.

Public Health Care in Fuerteventura

The public health care system of Fuerteventura is perfect. You get multiple services, and public sector doctors are always available to benefit patients. No matter how sick you are, you can make an appointment with the public sector, and they will give you treatment.

Medical Insurance for Public Sector

The public sector of Fuerteventura is excellent, and there is an option for insurance as well. It covers primary health care and special health care. For basic health care, you will have to spend less money on the registration fee the insurance. It will cover just the basic system of health.

You will have to pay more for the special treatment of specific diseases, but it will cover the whole medical procedure of the patient. You can take medical insurance according to your need. It would help if you considered that the better insurance you take, the more your health would remain safe.

Although the public sector health insurances are just valid for specific countries, suppose you are visiting Fuerteventura with your family. It would help if you ensured that public health insurance covers your area. You will have to get private insurance if it does not cover your location and region.

Private Health Care of Fuerteventura

The public health care system of Fuerteventura works so well. Besides that, an excellent private healthcare system also works well for patients who belong to the region and those outside the area. This personal health care system covers all primary and particular diseases.

The services of private medical insurance are always available for you. You can ask your doctor about all your problems with sickness, and you can seek medical assistance from them anytime. These private health institutions also offer hospitalization services in case of serious illness.

Medical Insurance for Private Health Institutions

The private health sector also provides good services. There is also an option of insurance for private-sector treatment. Usually, these private sector institutions offer insurance policies for tourists and people who visit Fuerteventura for a short period.

Before visiting, you can check the whole process and the registration fee for the insurance. It will help you in case of an emergency. Then, you will be able to get treatment at a reasonable price. Without insurance, you will have to pay more.

Pharmacies and Drugstores

There are many good drugstores and pharmacies in Fuerteventura where you can get medicines whenever you need them. You can consult these drug stores for treatments for headaches or other pain.

You have an option of these drugstores 24 hours a day. Thus, the health care system of Fuerteventura works well and is available 24 hours a day. You can get the services whenever you need them.

Getting Around in Fuerteventura

An area's transport heavily depends on a place's travel routes, streets and paths. Fuerteventura is a volcanic landscape full of beaches, unique beauty, small villages and towns. Multiple modes of transport are used on the Island by locals. On your visit to Fuerteventura, you must manage travel utilizing transportation.

Here are the common and popular ways you can use to get around in Fuerteventura:

Rental Car

The most used and popular way to get around in Fuerteventura is a rental car. A car is a comfortable, affordable, and easily handled vehicle. You can stop at any spot, enjoy a good time, eat and then move to another place.

You can explore the beauty of the Island, the western coast, and stunning scenes that any other source can't experience. Hitchhiking is possible on the Island, so it's best to have a car throughout your journey. In months with high tourism, it's better to book advance rental vehicles.


Bus service in Fuerteventura connects all areas. It is a popular transport source among the locals and tourists. Although it can be expensive for some people, it is convenient to sit in one place and get through the whole place. The two-way route on a bus will cost you 10 euros if you have other members with you, so 10 euros per person may seem costly.

The local bus company on the Island is known as Tiadhe. It has 18 bus lines that travel to the most attractive tourist spots. Some lines are specific for northern areas, and some are for the south. If you land at the airport, you can take a bus anywhere in Fuerteventura.


Fare is another transport resource people use to travel from one spot to another in Fuerteventura. It is cheap and fast, and tickets are available on board. The ticket price will depend on the distance you will cover.

As a visitor, getting a fare card that will save you money with a 5% discount is better. The tickets are available at any bus stop, shop, and newsstand. To better understand the country's dynamics, you must know the fares of the places you wish to visit and the commute system you would like to take to reach there.


The taxi system in Fuerteventura is another way to get around. It is an official system, and you will be charged a toll for travelling by Taxi—the fares of taxi range from almost one euro per kilometre, which is reasonable. Several tourists use local taxis for going to various tourist attractions since they are cost-effective and the ride becomes adventurous.

As the streets and inside town spots are crowded, Taxi is a better way to avoid it. The taxi service is the most used transport source on weekdays and events. If you have luggage, Taxi will charge you more fares with an increase of 10 to 15 Euros. Many tourists who travel in groups can share the taxi cost and travel to different places.


In the village and towns of Fuerteventura, Bicycle is a great ride to enjoy. You can visit the markets and nearby places on a bicycle. The Island is a great place for bicycle adventures. To explore the Island, a bicycle will bring your scenic views. A bicycle adventure is a must, especially if you have kids who like to bicycle back home. It's a full-on hand experience enjoying the nature of the place.

You can buy a bicycle for all your time spent on the Island. You can also hire a rental, city, mountain, or electric bike. Several shops and stations have all the required items and equipment for a bike ride.

The temperature of the Island remains warm, so it's good to ride a bicycle through the streets. Also, you can stop and stay at any place you want to enjoy and explore. There are many tourist places where you can have quality time with your family and friends.

On Foot

Fuerteventura has many beaches and areas where walking is the best way to get around. The top tourist attractions are not accessible by other means of transport like buses, rental cars, and bicycles. The shops, markets, and tourist resorts are located nearby. So walking with your friends or family will provide you unique relaxing experience.

Many tourists prefer to travel on foot with their travel bags as they are fond of hiking and experiencing the Island and its beauty up close. Moreover, they can take pictures along the way to remember their moment and reminisce about it. 

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