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Things to do as a Family in Florida

Florida is one of the most popular destinations for families to travel to. Florida has it all if you're looking to go somewhere warm, want to hit the beach, or are itching to go on some theme park rides. And if you're looking for family-friendly things to do during your stay in Florida, we've got you covered!

If you are planning a trip to the Sunshine State, here are some things to do as a family in Florida.

Visit one of the many beaches.

There are so many beaches in Florida that it would be impossible to list them all. Some of the most popular beaches include Clearwater Beach, Daytona Beach, Cape Canaveral Beach, and Key West Beach. If you want to go somewhere special, try St. Augustine Beach or Clearwater Beach—both have great restaurants and shops right on the beach! You can find sand and water everywhere in Florida, which makes it perfect for enjoying the outdoors with your kids.

Go on Hiking

You can hike up to one of the highest points in Florida (around 1,500 feet), where you'll be rewarded with stunning views of the surrounding area. Go hiking at The Florida Trail or Big Cypress National Preserve. You can also go hiking at Ocala National Forest. Both areas have great trails for families with children of all ages.

Visit Amusement Parks

You can visit one of the many amusement parks in Florida, such as Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando Resort, SeaWorld Orlando or Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Theme Park. The theme parks in Florida are some of the biggest in the world and are definitely worth visiting if you have kids. Whether it's Disney World or Universal Studios, there are plenty of rides for kids of all ages and many different shows and parades that will keep everyone entertained.

Visit Museums & Aquariums

There are also many museums and aquariums in Florida that will allow families to learn together while having fun. Some of these include Epcot Center, Miami Seaquarium, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, and the Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens. You can also visit some beautiful botanical gardens like Bok Tower Gardens or Ocala National Forest Botanical Gardens, which offer plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities as well as educational exhibits on native plants and wildlife habitats!

Visit Disney World

 You can't go wrong with a trip to Disney World. There are so many different rides and attractions that will keep everyone happy—including adults! Plus, there are many food options and special events like Star Wars weekends and Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party (which takes place at Magic Kingdom).

 Visit Epcot

 If you're looking for more than just rides, Epcot offers an immersive experience where you can learn about different cultures around the world through food, drink, entertainment and more. Plus, there's always something new happening at Epcot, so no matter how many times you visit, it's sure to be new every time!

Go swimming with dolphins

Who doesn't want to swim with dolphins?! You can book tours at various locations throughout Florida.

Visit SeaWorld Orlando!

SeaWorld Orlando is another great option if you're looking for something new and exciting to do with your kids while on vacation in Florida. This park offers up shows featuring dolphins, killer whales, manatees, sea lions, birds of prey, otters… basically any sea creature you can imagine! They also have an underwater tunnel where visitors can swim alongside dolphins or touch them if they feel brave enough!

Go snorkelling at Silver Springs State Park.

Go snorkelling near Key Largo, where you can see beautiful coral reefs while swimming around with fish and turtles. This park has been around since 1870 and is well known for its crystal clear springs and wildlife—including manatees! If you're lucky enough to see one while you're there, don't forget to give them space because they need it when they're feeding their young calves every year during this time period (June through September).

Go camping at Lake Tohopekaliga.

It has more than 4,000 acres of land and 192 campsites available for rent on a first-come, first-served basis. The lake itself is beautiful and perfect for swimming, fishing, and boating.

Explore downtown Orlando by taking a walk through its historic district along Church Street Marketplace, where there are over 100 shops, including some really cool ones.

Visit the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are great for families with kids of all ages. In Key West, there are many activities for everyone: bicycle rentals, shopping at the famous Duval Street and Mallory Square, and great restaurants.

Visit Everglades

For those looking for more adventure, try visiting the Everglades National Park. Located in south Florida near Miami, this park offers airboat rides through the sawgrass marshes looking for alligators while learning about their habitat and ecosystem. You can also take guided tours on foot or by kayak through swampy areas where alligators often lurk within inches of your boat or kayak!

Go on an airboat ride at Everglades National Park.

 This experience will give you an up-close look at the wildlife and nature of the area. You may even get lucky enough to see a crocodile!

Visit Kennedy Space Center

Visit Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, where you can learn about space travel and launchings. Your kids will love this hands-on experience!

Take a dolphin tour in Miami Beach

it's a great way to see dolphins close up while learning about them from experts who have been studying them for years.

Go fishing.

 Fishing is one of those activities that kids love, but adults often find boring—but not when they're doing it together as a family! It doesn't have to be expensive either—there are tons of places where you can rent equipment for cheap and go out on your own for an afternoon or evening with your kids (and maybe even catch something!).

Visit the Florida Aquarium in Tampa, Florida.

This aquarium has many animals, including sharks, dolphins, manatees and more! You can also learn about how the animals are cared for in their natural habitat.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Florida

Florida is the Sunshine State, but it's also one of the most beautiful and diverse places on Earth. Whether you're looking for a beach vacation or an adventure inland, there are plenty of options for every kind of traveller. Here are 10 of our favourites:

1. Disney World

Orlando is home to Walt Disney World, which is basically its own planet. You can go on rides like Space Mountain or Peter Pan's Flight, eat at restaurants like Tony's Town Square, and shop at the Magic Kingdom. The only problem is that it's so huge that you'll need both hands to count all the things you can do there! Disney World is the most popular place to visit in Florida, and for a good reason. If you're going to have a kid, it's probably one of the best places in the world to do so. But if you're not, there's still plenty to do!

Disney World is home to four different theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. Each one has its own unique style and vibe—Magic Kingdom is full of princesses and knights, while Epcot focuses on science and technology. Hollywood Studios offers rides based on movies like Star Wars and Toy Story. And Animal Kingdom has animals from all over the world!

In addition to those four parks, there are two water parks at Disney World: Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. These parks have their own set of rides that are guaranteed to make you wet (in a good way). And if all of that weren't enough for one day… well, maybe you should spend two days at Disney World!

2. Epcot Center

Epcot Center is a theme park in Florida that was built to celebrate the world's cultures and natural wonders. It's home to several pavilions, including one dedicated to the United States and its history, and a garden where you can plant your herb garden. There are also rides, shows, restaurants, and more!

If you're looking for a more educational experience, check out Epcot! The park was designed by Walt Disney himself as a "permanent world's fair." It has two main sections: Future World and World Showcase. Future World offers rides like Test Track (where you can design your own car) and Soarin' (an indoor ride where you hang from a harness while flying above gorgeous landscapes). World Showcase lets you experience eleven different countries without leaving Orlando, including Mexico, Norway, China and Morocco! In this educational theme park, you can see how people from around the world live and learn about their cultures.

In addition to its rides and attractions, Epcot Center has restaurants that serve international cuisine from around the world; shops selling souvenirs from around the world; gardens where you can learn about plants from around the world; and shows featuring music from around the world (like Cirque du Soleil).

3. Universal Studios

Universal Studios Florida is a theme park and entertainment complex in Orlando, Florida. It is owned and operated by NBCUniversal. The park opened to the public as Universal Studios Florida and was originally a branch of Universal Studios Hollywood. The park's slogan, "Vacation Like You Mean It", reflects its theme of providing visitors with a complete vacation experience, including rides, attractions, restaurants, live performances and shops.

The park features eleven themed areas: Production Central, New York City, San Francisco, Woody Woodpecker's Kidzone (an area for younger children), Springfield (based on The Simpsons), Jurassic Park (based on the Jurassic Park film series), Toon Lagoon (an area for younger children), Woody Woodpecker's Cartoon Spin (a kiddie roller coaster ride), Skull Island: Reign of Kong (a 3-D dark ride based on King Kong), Revenge of the Mummy: The Ride (a motion simulator ride based on the film series), Men in Black Alien Attack (a motion simulator ride based on the Men in Black film series), Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast (a 3-D dark ride based on Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and other Nickelodeon cartoon characters), Minions Paradise.

Universal Studios is the place to go for fun and excitement. The park offers a variety of rides and attractions for all ages, including rides based on popular movies such as Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, and Despicable Me. There are also many shows and live performances featuring your favourite characters from these movies!

In addition to the rides and attractions, Universal Studios offers a variety of restaurants and shops where you can get souvenirs or just take a break from the action. There's even an interactive water park called Aquatica where you can cool off during those hot summer days!

Universal Studios Florida has a lot of things for kids to do as well: kids can visit Curious George Goes To Town or play in Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster. Kids who love movies can visit CineMagique, where they will be taken on an interactive movie adventure by their favourite characters from films like The Transformers or How To Train Your Dragon.

Universal Studios is the place to go if you're looking for a fun-filled day with your family. This theme park has rides and shows that will appeal to all ages. You can even visit Harry Potter's World or get into a water fight with the Minions at Minion Park.

Not only will you have a great time here, but you'll also get to see some of your favourite characters and movies come alive in front of your eyes!

4. SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando is a theme park dedicated to marine life and conservation, with over 100 acres of animal habitats. The park is home to dolphins, sea lions, orcas, as well as other species of marine mammals. There are also shows featuring these animals.

SeaWorld has many attractions, including roller coasters, water rides, and animal exhibits. Some of their most popular rides include Shamu Express (a roller coaster), Journey to Atlantis (a water ride), and Manta (a coaster).

There are also many different animal exhibits to visit at SeaWorld Orlando. You can see dolphins, seals, sea lions, otters, penguins, polar bears, walruses and more! Some of these animals also perform for visitors during shows throughout the day.

SeaWorld Orlando is located on International Drive in Orlando and offers a free shuttle from many area hotels. The park is home to more than 2,000 animals, including dolphins, killer whales and sea lions. Visitors can swim with dolphins, watch shows featuring animal trainers or even see how the animals are cared for behind-the-scenes. The park also has rides, like the Kraken roller coaster and the Manta dive coaster.

The park has been involved in many conservation efforts over the years. In 2015, SeaWorld partnered with the government of Gabon to protect African elephants from poaching and ivory trafficking by training rangers. In 2018, SeaWorld announced plans to end its orca breeding program and phase out all orca shows by 2019. This move was prompted by controversy surrounding the treatment of orcas in captivity at SeaWorld parks after the 2013 documentary Blackfish, which showed allegations of cruelty toward animals at SeaWorld parks.

SeaWorld offers several different options for your visit: you can choose from any of their shows, like Shamu Rocks, Dolphin Days, and Sea Lions Live; you can go on one of their many roller coasters (some of which are even in the water), or you can explore the park's exhibits and educational programs. You can also check out SeaWorld's newest attraction, Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin (which features penguins!).

5. Daytona International Speedway

Daytona International Speedway is a motorsports complex located in Daytona Beach, Florida. It is home to multiple NASCAR events, including the Daytona 500, Coke Zero Sugar 400, and the Advance Auto Parts Clash. The complex also has a drag strip and a karting track.

Daytona International Speedway is a 2.5-mile superspeedway located in Daytona Beach, Florida. It hosts the annual Daytona 500, the most prestigious race in NASCAR. The track also hosts the Rolex 24 and BMW Championship.

The Daytona 500 has been run annually since 1962, with only one exception (1972). This race has been on the schedule every year since then except for 1988 and 1989 due to legal problems with ISC (International Speedway Corporation), which owned both Daytona International Speedway and Talladega Superspeedway at the time. The 1988 Daytona 500 was run at Talladega Superspeedway instead because ISC wanted to promote its new track.

It hosts the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and has been the home of the Daytona 500 since 1959. The track opened in 1959 with a capacity of 33,000 seats. In 1991, the speedway was rebuilt with a new infield section, bringing the capacity up to 145,000 seats.

You can experience the thrill of watching cars speed around an oval track at over 200 miles per hour!

6. Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is the best place in Florida to explore the history of America's space program and the future of space exploration. It is located in Titusville, FL, just 30 minutes from Orlando and two hours from Daytona Beach.

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex features three on-site attractions: the Apollo/Saturn V Center, Astronaut Encounter, and Launch Pad 39A. These attractions provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse into America's history in space travel, with exhibits and activities designed to immerse guests in the story of NASA's Apollo missions that took humans to the moon.

The Apollo/Saturn V Center tells the story of how NASA sent astronauts to the moon by focusing on three components: The Saturn V rocket (which launched the Apollo spacecraft), Mission Control Houston, and Launch Pad 39A (where every human journey into space has begun). At this attraction, guests can also see actual flight hardware from all six of NASA's manned lunar landing missions!

Astronaut Encounter allows guests to meet an astronaut who will share their personal story about life as an astronaut. Guests can also get up close with real moon rocks!

You can visit the complex on a self-guided tour or join one of the guided tours that are offered daily. If you're looking for something fun to do with your kids or family, check out the Challenger Learning Center, which has exhibits and activities for kids ages 3-12.

There are also several restaurants on-site, so you don't have to leave if you don't want to!

7. Disney's Animal Kingdom Park

Disney's Animal Kingdom Park is the largest of Walt Disney World's four theme parks. It is home to over 2,000 animals, including rare and endangered species from around the globe. You can see these animals in the park's many habitats, including a rainforest, African savannah, Asian river and lake areas, and more. You can also visit the park's Discovery Island to learn about conservation efforts and get up close with some of the animals there (for an additional fee).

The park offers attractions like Expedition Everest: Legend of the Forbidden Mountain and Kilimanjaro Safaris, which are thrill rides that will leave you breathless! Other attractions include Kali River Rapids, Dinosaur, and Primeval Whirl.

The best way to describe Disney's Animal Kingdom Park is this: It's like a zoo, but better.

The park is home to over 2,000 animals from over 250 species, and it's a great place to see them all up close. You can get up close and personal with gorillas, hippos, and elephants, or you can just hang out in safari vehicles while they roam around in their habitats.

The park is divided into six different zones: Oasis, Discovery Island, Africa, Asia, DinoLand U.S., and Pandora—The World of Avatar. Each zone has its own attractions and rides that highlight the animals and cultures of the area. The rides are designed for all ages—from toddlers to teens and adults—and will surely be a hit!

8. Legoland Florida Theme Park

Legoland Florida Theme Park is the perfect place for your family to have an amazing time. The park has dozens of rides, attractions, and a wide selection of restaurants and shopping opportunities. The park has rides for children of all ages, including water rides, roller coasters, and other fun activities. There are also several shows that take place throughout the day at Legoland Florida Theme Park.

You'll be able to meet many of your favourite characters from movies and television shows at Legoland Florida Theme Park. You'll find characters like Batman, Superman, Spiderman and more! Your little ones will get to interact with these characters during their visit to Legoland Florida Theme Park.

Legoland Florida Theme Park is located in Winter Haven, just over an hour away from Orlando and Tampa Bay area hotels. The park is divided into different areas, including Miniland and Imagination Island, where you can create your own adventures using the different Legos on display. You can also take a ride on the Dragon Coaster or the Flying School, which spans over an entire forest.

If you're not feeling like facing crowds, you can always enjoy the quietness of Miniland Garden. If you're looking for something more relaxing, check out Miniland Water Park or the Castle Cove Cruise.

9. Everglades

If you're looking for a place that's as beautiful and wild as it is unique, look no further than Florida's Everglades. The Everglades is a National Park, which means it's protected by the government and can't be developed or destroyed. It's home to a wide range of wildlife—alligators and crocodiles, bears and panthers, deer and bobcats—and some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. There are many different ways to see this incredible place: by boat or kayak, on foot or horseback, on an airboat ride or even by helicopter! You can also take a guided tour of the park if you want to learn more about its history and ecology.

The Everglades is located in southern Florida near Miami, so it's close enough for day trips but far enough away for overnight stays, if you want to stay awhile. The Everglades are the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States and one of only two places in the world where alligators and crocodiles coexist. It's also home to more than 5,000 plant species and hundreds of animal species, including manatees and sea turtles.

The Everglades are divided into three sections: the sawgrass prairies, pinelands and hardwood hammocks. Sawgrass prairies are dominated by tall grasses called sawgrass (the namesake for this ecosystem). Pinelands comprise pine trees and other plants that live in sandy soil with poor drainage. Hardwood hammocks are areas where trees grow on land that has been flooded by water from Lake Okeechobee or other sources in South Florida's wet season; they're also known as hammocks because thick layers of leaves typically cover them on top of thick tree roots underneath the water's surface.

10. The St. Augustine Lighthouse

The St. Augustine Lighthouse, built in 1874, is the oldest continuously operating lighthouse in the U.S. It's been deemed a National Historic Landmark and is one of the most popular attractions in Florida.

The lighthouse is located on Anastasia Island, which is just across the bay from St. Augustine proper. The island itself has lots of beaches and parks, but the lighthouse is definitely a highlight—its grounds include an interpretive centre where you can learn about how the lighthouse was built and what life was like for its keepers over time (plus get some pretty amazing views of the city).

If you're visiting St. Augustine for more than a day or two, consider taking advantage of this opportunity to see something historic and beautiful!

Top 10 places to Eat in Florida

If you're looking for a place to eat in Florida, then you've come to the right place.

Florida is a big state with many food options, but that doesn't mean it's easy to find the best places to eat. Luckily, we've got you covered. We've rounded up our top 10 favourite places to eat in Florida—they cover all tastes and budgets!

1. Fish Out of Water Seafood Bistro

One of the best things about Florida is its seafood, and we're here to tell you that Fish Out of Water Seafood Bistro has some of the best. The menu is simple and straightforward: choose from a variety of fresh fish, shrimp, oysters, crab legs, and more. The food is prepared beautifully—served on large platters with plenty of sides for sharing. And if you want to go solo? No problem! They'll prepare your meal just for you.

It's no wonder that Fish Out of Water Seafood Bistro has been around since 1993; they've got a great reputation and an even better product. You won't be disappointed with what they have on offer here—the only question will be whether or not you can finish it all!

This is not your typical seafood restaurant. The Fish Out of Water Seafood Bistro dishes are fresh and unique and will have you coming back for more! Located in St. Augustine, this restaurant is worth a visit if you're looking for something new and exciting.

2. The Rusty Pelican Cafe & Wine Bar

The Rusty Pelican Cafe & Wine Bar has been serving delicious food since 1993! They specialize in seafood options like fish tacos and grilled salmon sandwiches that can be paired with their selection of wines from around the world. This is one spot you won't want to miss out on when visiting Florida!

The Rusty Pelican Cafe & Wine Bar is a great place to eat in Florida. The food is fresh, and the atmosphere is very relaxed. This is a great place to go if you want to relax and enjoy good food with friends or family. The service is excellent, and the servers are always willing to help you get what you need when ordering your food. The prices are reasonable but also higher than other restaurants in the area.

The Rusty Pelican has an impressive wine list, with wide different varieties from around the world. They have a full bar as well. The food is delicious and fresh, and the service is excellent. The restaurant itself has a beautiful atmosphere that makes you feel like you're at home. The prices are very reasonable for what you get, making it a great choice for families on vacation or business people looking for a nice place to eat after work or meetings!

3. Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville Restaurant & Pizzeria

If you're looking for the ultimate Florida experience, look no further than Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville Restaurant & Pizzeria. This iconic establishment is located in Orlando, and it's known for its tropical ambience and laid-back atmosphere. The restaurant serves delicious margaritas and mouthwatering pizza—and it even has its miniature golf course! If you're feeling adventurous, you can try out one of their famous "slams." A slam is a drink that combines multiple alcoholic elements in one glass—and they're guaranteed to knock your socks off.

Whether you're looking for a place to relax with friends or spend a romantic date night with your sweetheart, this is the perfect spot. The Margaritaville Restaurant & Pizzeria offers an eclectic menu that features everything from burgers to salads and plenty of options for vegetarians or those who want lighter fare instead! If you're looking for something different than traditional pizza toppings but still want something delicious

4. The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island

The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island, is one of the top hotels in Florida. It is also one of the best places to eat in Florida. Located on Amelia Island, this hotel is situated in a beautiful beachfront location with incredible views of the ocean and sunsets. The food at this hotel is not only delicious but also very healthy and nutritious. If you are looking for somewhere that serves great food in Florida, then The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island, should be on your list of places to visit!

The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island, is a luxury resort located on the north end of Amelia Island. The resort has two restaurants: The Dunes Club and The Dunes Club Ocean Grill. Both serve delicious cuisine ranging from sushi to seafood to steak and seafood. If you're looking for something a little more casual, stop by The Sea Salt and watch the sunset while sipping a glass of wine or cocktail! It's one of the most beautiful places to stay in Florida, with plenty to do for all ages.

5. The Westin Grand, Key West

When you're in the mood for a fancy meal and a view to match, head to The Westin Grand, Key West. At this restaurant, you'll find gourmet dishes made with fresh local ingredients and a menu that changes with the seasons. The dinner menu includes dishes like blackberry-balsamic glazed salmon, tuna Crudo with avocado mousse, and more—all served at a table overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. You'll also enjoy delicious cocktails and an impressive wine list. And if you're looking for somewhere to eat before or after your meal? There are plenty of options just outside the restaurant, including shopping centres, art galleries, and historical sites.

6. Mister Fish

Mister Fish is the place to go if you're looking for fresh, local seafood in the heart of Orlando. The restaurant was opened by a family that has been fishing in Florida for generations. Their passion and knowledge of the ocean make Mister Fish one of the best restaurants in Orlando.

The menu at Mister Fish changes daily based on what's available from local fishermen, so every meal you order will be unique! Whether you're looking for fish or shellfish, this restaurant has something to offer everyone. The owners pride themselves on being able to serve fresh seafood without any artificial flavours or preservatives—just pure goodness straight from the sea!

They serve up a variety of fish sandwiches and house-made soups and salads, but the show's star is definitely their signature fish sandwich. This sandwich is made with fresh fried fish, tartar sauce, lettuce and tomato on an onion roll. It comes served with fries or onion rings, so you can choose to have them both if you want! If you're looking for something different than your usual burger place or fast food joint, try out Mister Fish—you won't regret it!

7. The Rusty Nail

What's better than a meal? A meal with a view.

The Rusty Nail offers both in the heart of Key West, Florida. The restaurant is right on the water, and diners can watch sailboats and dolphins go by while they enjoy their meals.

The menu is full of seafood classics: shrimp po'boys, fish tacos and lobster rolls are just some of the options at this casual eatery. There are also plenty of options for vegetarians and vegans—the vegan crab cakes are particularly delicious!

The Rusty Nail has an extensive wine list with over 200 wines available by the glass or bottle. They have a full bar if you'd rather have a cocktail instead! This downtown bar and restaurant is a favourite among locals, who love its extensive seafood menu, burgers, and sandwiches. They also have a great beer selection, plus live music every night.

The food here is simple but delectable. You can order anything from burgers and fries to steak dinners—it's all delicious!

8. The Rusty Bucket Restaurant

If you're looking for a place to eat in Florida that's both delicious and affordable, look no further than The Rusty Bucket Restaurant. With locations throughout the state and affordable prices, this restaurant is one of the best places to get your fill of seafood and comfort food.

The Rusty Bucket offers some of the best seafood in the state, including its famous fried flounder. They also serve up classics like burgers and fries, as well as a variety of other options like soups and salads. Their menu changes seasonally, so you'll always find something new!

9. The Boathouse Restaurant at Disney Springs

This family-friendly restaurant features an open-air dining area with views of Lake Eola Park. This waterfront restaurant has an amazing view of the lake and serves delicious seafood dishes like lobster bisque and crab cakes—plus, it has a great kids' menu! The menu offers everything from seafood platters to salads and sandwiches. It's a great place to stop by after a day at Disney World or Universal Studios!

This restaurant is located on the water, serving fresh seafood you can't get anywhere else. The menu changes, but their crab cakes are always a must-order. They also have great views of the sunset!

10. Raglan Road Irish Pub & Restaurant

Raglan Road Irish Pub & Restaurant is a fun spot for music, dancing, and drinks that are located in Downtown Disney. The restaurant offers Irish-inspired meals and drinks, as well as live entertainment. It's a great place to hang out with friends or family! If you love Irish food (and who doesn't?), you'll definitely want to stop by this pub for traditional favourites like shepherd's pie and bangers & mash—all served with a side of local live music from local bands every night!

Raglan Road is a favourite among locals and tourists alike, so it's no surprise that it makes our list.

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