Costa Rica Weather

Weather in Costa Rica

The climate in Costa Rica is considered a tropical climate, which is hot all year round with two seasons, a dry season and a rainy season. In the plains and along the coasts, while it is more temperate in the plateau, that is, in the so-called Tierra Templates, where the temperature changes are low because the country is located near the equator. Hence, the main difference between the seasons lies in the precipitation Rain. However, most of the country is so rainy that it is covered with rainforests.

Summer in Costa Rica (June to August)

It is considered the rainy season in Costa Rica and is even known as the “green season” when the foliage is green. Summer is characterized by low accommodation costs and fewer tourist crowds. Nevertheless, it is the perfect time to discover the wildlife and attend the many summer festivals.

Autumn in Costa Rica (September to November)

Although the autumn climate has heavy rains, it is considered one of the most beautiful times to travel only in the country’s remote areas, especially in the Nicoya Peninsula and “Zona Sur.” In addition to attending festivals and events such as the unique Lemon Carnival.

Winter in Costa Rica (December to April)

Winter is the best time for travel and tourism in Costa Rica because the dry season provides a mild climate for hiking, excellent recreational tours, and exciting adventures. Tourists visit coastal beaches such as the Nicoya Peninsula and attend Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Spring in Costa Rica (April to May)

One of the good times for tourism in Costa Rica is in the spring, as it is a time for the popular music festivals in Costa Rica, especially the celebration of Easter all over the country. In addition to the exciting bullfighting rituals and the San Jose State Arts Festival.

Best Time to Visit Costa Rica

The perfect duration to book your tour to Costa Rica is between (December to April) on the Pacific coast, when the weather is drier. And also during the period (March to September) on the Caribbean coast. However, recommended to visit Costa Rica in July and August when the rain is still there, but even fewer tourists and barely lower prices. And, of course, it’s great to travel during the secret dry season in the Caribbean in September and October. Ultimately, there’s no wrong time to book your adventure there.

Tips to Travel

  1. Travelling to Costa Rica during the green season has some advantages, such as fewer crowds and lower hotel rates.
  2. Even during the greenest seasons, mornings are often sunny, with rain in the afternoon. So, with some rain preparations, pack your rain gear, plan outdoor activities for the first half of the day, and have a plan B – you can still have a great adventure.
  3. Try to have a mindset of flexibility and appreciation rather than frustration; After all, it is partially due to the existence of so many tropical plants and wildlife.
  4. Some companies may close their business temporarily from September to October due to heavy rain, so always call ahead.
  5. Those green months found in the Central Valley and on the Pacific side are the months when the Caribbean and Northern get the most sun. Thus, you’ll probably find some sun whenever you travel to Costa Rica where to go and plan.

What to Wear When Visit Costa Rica

Costa Rica is considered a small country. However, it has an incredible 12 life zones, each with its different microclimate. So, I will help you ensure that your packing list is missing some essential items. Or you are completely packed and ready for your next adventure.

Tips to Wear

  1. Consider packing a pair of quick-drying shorts for protection while hiking and for comfort for riding, as the zip-up lining, landing belts, and horsehair can be uncomfortable with shorts.
  2. Humidity can be high, so quick-drying clothing is recommended.
  3. If you’re heading to the beach, you’ll need swimwear and beachwear like tanks, sandals, sandals, and shorts.
  4. Costa Rica is near the equator, so don’t forget about eco-friendly sunscreen no matter the region or time of year you travel.
  5. Also, bring some eco-friendly bug spray, too. Pack it in your checked bag; It is expensive to buy in Costa Rica.
  6. The higher you go up, the lower the night temperatures will be, so if you visit higher altitudes or spend the night in a rainforest lodge, you’ll probably need an extra layer.
  7. The weather is more relaxed during the green season and can be more extraordinary when it’s humid at night.
  8. Bring a Waterproof dry bag and waterproof bags for your phone and camera.
  9. Flip-flops are the most wearable item. However, you must pack some sandals for going out to eat or somewhere lovely, especially at night.
  10. Sunscreen is a must. Hence you have to apply 3-4 times per day. Costa Rica is intensive, so get as much as you need.
  11. Try to get your water shoes. They are must-have items if you intend on dwelling on any of Costa Rica’s beautiful waterfalls, where the rocks are often tricky. They are also important when you plan to go whitewater rafting or kayaking.

Costa Rica is typically a very safe country; however, like anywhere else in any tourist attraction, some significant crime does occur.

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