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Things to do as a family in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a distinctive tourist destination, a land full of cosmic wonders that attract tourism. Thus, tourism in Costa Rica provides excellent entertainment activities for tourists to spend ideal holidays and unique experiences.

Here are a bunch of activities that you can do in Costa Rica:

1. Take a sea Cruise

Sea cruises are one of the most suitable activities for families, as it allows you to sail underneath the water and enjoy the fresh air while you stare at the beautiful sky and watch the sun. Also, you can enjoy Eating, snorkelling, swimming, relaxing, and relishing the fresh ocean air.

2. Go Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, and Surfing

Costa Rica has many picturesque beaches along the Pacific or Caribbean coast. That’s why Costa Rica has adequately snorkelling and scuba diving activities. Accordingly, snorkelling, scuba diving, and Surfing are absolutely a must-do in Costa Rica!

3. Explore the Caribbean and Rainforests Areas

Costa Rica is already on many people’s travel lists. Thanks to its fantastic location that is worth visiting, with incredible diversity, beaches, rainforest, and wildlife. Additionally, the abundance of activities you can do, whether day or night.

National Parks are ideal to Costa Rica’s incredible importance for natural beauty and outdoor adventuring. The country is home to numerous national parks surrounding enormous jungles, coastlines, and volcanic territories, serving as excellent bases for bona fide adventuring.

4. Go Ziplining

Which is a MUST DO activity while visiting Costa Rica. Hence, it includes a bunch of gorgeous plains surrounded by green trees and mountains covered with forests, long cables, and spectacular views, which give you the most pleasing experiences.

5. Costa Rica’s traditional markets

Don’t miss out on the Costa Rica traditional markets where you’ll find fruits in Costa Rica that you hadn’t seen before and try some unusual new fruits.

6. Enjoy a Cooking Class

If you are obsessed with food and are interested in learning about Costa Rican food recipes, you must take a Costa Rican cooking course; it will satisfy your taste buds and let you know about Costa Rican Food.

7. Go fishing

Costa Rica is one of the fairest countries known for fishing, with its crystal-clear waters and knowledgeable locals. Sport fishing in Costa Rica is purely caught and released, and you can catch fish like marlin, roosterfish, and sailfish.

8. Go on a Chocolate Experience

Cacao beans, from which chocolates are made, are one of the premium ranches of Costa Rica; it is also known for bananas and coffee. It was a particular item for the Chorotega tribe before the 1930s. Hence, People use cacao beans to trade for other valuable commodities or any part of the trade. A chocolate tour is a must in Costa Rica on your list if you want a new background in Costa Rica. Thus, a chocolate tour is a memorable affair to travel back in time and let your souls connect to the root Costa Rican cultures of cacao beans and chocolates.

You will also know about the machines at work and the process of making different flavours of chocolates. The entire process will start from picking the cacao beans to the production process as a whole. You may be shocked while witnessing fresh spices and herbs mixed with the production of chocolate bars or powders.

All chocolate tours end there accomplished when the Taste-testing occurs, and the following activities depend on the chocolate tour you will take. Some lets you taste top chocolate selections, sometimes let you create your chocolate, and others would tour you on the farm and lets you harvest cacao beans.

9. Paddling and kayaking

Stand-up paddle boarding is very popular in Costa Rica. You can rent a board and go on your own or take a class. Also, you can take boat rides through the national park to see wildlife by kayak.

10. Hiking tours

Costa Rica presents some of the best hiking zones in Central America. Hence, you will probably like to get out and explore some countryside during the day or at night.

No matter what area you explore in Costa Rica, hiking will give you the best opportunity to immerse in the natural landscape, learn about local wilderness and habitats, and enjoy breathtaking views. Enjoy some of Costa Rica’s greatest treasures are only accessible by foot.

11. Volcano trekking

Renowned for its striking volcanoes and volcano hikes, a Costa Rica vacation can be an adrenaline rush. It is a country brimming with active and extinct volcanoes and offers a multitude of rewarding hikes of varying duration and difficulty levels.

12. Horse-Back Riding

Take a horseback ride and enjoy exploring the countryside, mountains, or along the beach’s sand. Starting from just an hour to a few days and help you get to some of Costa Rica’s more remote attractions.

13. Explore the Mountains with Bikes

Mountain biking immerses you further into the wild and rewards you with excellent vistas and refreshing breezes. Whether you’re into climbing hills or seeking a more leisurely ride along the rugged coastline, Costa Rica offers a great variety of rides through majestic landscapes.

Top 10 best destinations in Costa Rica.

It is full of abundant natural parks where you can discover more about the incredible Costa Rican biodiversity.

It is an actuality that Costa Rica is the most incredible spot that has become an escape from the hustle and bustle of active life, that tends to draw the most travelers, and there are sufficient reasons for that.


The Manuel Antonio National Park is a secret paradise to unwind, sunbathe, breeze, and swim.

It was created in November 1972. it was featured in the prestigious Forbes magazine on the list of the twelve most beautiful parks in the world.

The most popular spots of the Manuel Antonio National Park are occupied; however, some tracks lead to better, less-known, and relaxed areas. The roads from there to the park are lined with a series of hotels and restaurants that ends in the tiny beachside town of Manuel Antonio.

Many non-dangerous animals are preserved there that can interact with them; once you enter the park. You and your family may enjoy many activities like scuba diving, kite surfing, ziplining, etc.

Swimming is known as one of the most enjoyable activities in Costa Rica.

As the Manuel Antonio National park presents vital and clear water, you can enjoy the tide and currents and dive into the gorgeous tropical sea.

In addition to multiple waterfalls, each waterfall holds a swimming spot, exploring sites, and jumping areas outlined in caves and palm trees.

Also, You can visit The Manuel Antonio National Park without a guide; you pay the entrance fee and follow the roadway map they offer.


Drake Bay is a charming place in South Puntarenas and the eastern Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica; it is named after the well-known pirate Sir Francis Drake, who discovered this magical place during his journeys around the whole world in the 16th Century.

The legend says that he used this isle to conceal his treasures somewhere in it; that is the reason for it. Hence there is a mess of natural treasures, like luxuriant rainforests and colourful sea life.

You can enjoy abundant activities there like hiking, horseback, diving, swimming and snorkelling, tubing, whale watching, kayaking, and fishing.

In addition to several tours that will take you to a full day in CORCOVADO NATIONAL PARK, where you can enjoy the wilderness, try an adventure night hike.

Ideally, Drake Bay is among the best destinations in Costa Rica, with the best spots to enjoy catching whales in Costa Rica and the world.

Hence, Northern and Southern humpback whales pass by the bay, which gives you an excellent chance to see these magnificent mammals, especially dolphins, in the ocean.

3. Irazú Volcano

Costa Rica has substantial volcanic activity. The Irazu Volcano - is the most recognized within the area because it is the home of the great colossus. It is the highest of its type in Costa Rica, up to 342 meters in the Aira Volcano National Park; it is a tourist attraction that reaches 2,309 hectares of green tourist land located around the base of the volcano, along with the corridors that lead to the large crater And overlooking the ocean, which catches the eye for its beauty.

CRATER DIEGO DE LA HAYA, WHERE MANY TRAVELERS WANT TO CLIMB. It is considered the highlight of visiting this extraordinary phenomenon as the central lake has an unusual greenish-yellow coloration generated by rainfall that dissolves minerals along the walls of the craters. It is also known to change color to rust-red depending on the minerals present and to the right of the central spot in the dry.

Although It is somewhat hard to get; however, it is worth it once you reach the top and deliberate the brilliance of this volcano, and look at the Vegetation, which is low around the volcano due to its activity over the years. However, you can notice some saplings and plants that can adapt under their conditions.

Believe it or not, the vast craters that make up this volcano attract many tourists who enjoy hiking. However, it's an active volcano; its last volcanic activity was over two decades ago.


Santa Rosa is the principal city in California's famous Wine Country, located in Sonoma County. Santa Rosa, named for the Spanish word "Saint Rose," was established in 1833 and named after the Spanish word Saint Rose; it was called Santa Rosa Plain, where it was home to a solid and populous tribe of Pomo natives known as the Bitakomtara. However, after the arrival of Europeans, it becomes THE SANTA ROSA NATIONAL PARK.

It is close to the beach as The Pacific Ocean and Bodega Bay are approximately 40 minutes from Santa Rosa, travelling west on Highway 12 and north on Highway 1. You will find ocean beaches, seafood restaurants, fishing and sailing marina, and hiking/whale-watching on Bodega Head.

Many other beaches and diving spots are just a short drive away. The beach at Naranjo is also renowned for Surfing, and the site near magician's rock was a filming location for the fans surfing the classic 'Endless Summer II. 'There is a campground at Naranjo beach.

Moreover, La Casona, Santa Rosa National Park, covers the savannah, deciduous forest, marshlands, and mangroves. It also has lovely recreational beaches and many ecosystems. In addition, Many additional animal species live within the park, including several endangered creatures.


La Fortuna City, also known for LA FORTUNA DE SAINT CARLOS, is a little town located east of Arenal Volcano National Park. It is the principal town where you can see all the tourist services.

La Fortuna, Costa Rica, is one of the country's most visited cities, attracting tourists worldwide with its unbelievable outdoor experiences, lush rainforests, attractive hotels, and stunning volcano views. For these reasons, La Fortuna is one of the best destinations in Costa Rica.

Staying in La Fortuna will keep you close to central restaurants and shopping. In addition to tour operators who will conveniently pick you up and drop you off at your lodging before and after your organized tour. However, it is unfortunately not nearest to a beach. Hence, be sure to add a day to your itinerary since it will be an all-day tour; if you are remaining in La Fortuna for your whole vacation in Costa Rica and like to visit the beach.


Puerto Viejo is a tropical Caribbean-vibe seaside town located in the southeast of Costa Rica and considered one of those best destinations in Costa Rica, where you could easily spend a month and not run out of things to do.

Hence it includes many Stunning beaches like PUNTA UVA, luxuriant jungles, delicious food, plentiful wildlife, and a beautiful atmosphere.

The most relaxed way to discover this Caribbean vibe village is by bicycle, which from the most pleasing thing to do in Puerto Viejo. As The roads are bike-friendly, the maximum speed for cars is only 50 km/h.

You can also visit MANZANILLO VILLAGE tiny fishing village inside the Gandoca-Manzanillo National Refuge. It is about 13 kilometres from Puerto Viejo town and is the ideal zone for staying alone from the hustle and bustle and going to some exceptional restaurants.

Do you know that PUERTO VIEJO is famous for its cacao? As it rises generously on the Caribbean side of the country. So, it is a must to Join a tutorial tour that discovers how they convert the cacao into a bar of delicious chocolate.

Try to kayak at Punta Uva Beach; also, you can paddle through the river in Punta Uva. where it goes into the jungle, where you will be isolated on the water spotting animals from your kayak.

Also, surfing during the surf season in Puerto Viejo is a must, starting from December to March, with large waves. Playa Cocles is the most popular surfing lesson, but several surf spots exist for different levels. However, most waves at Puerto Viejo are definitely for advanced surfers.

Ultimately, you can have a trip to the indigenous communities. They have their language and seek to keep their local culture.


The area of Mal Pais Costa Rica, as a tiny coastal town, is located on the Pacific side of the country, specifically on the southern tip of the gorgeous Nicoya Peninsula; it is considered one of the significant tourist attractions in Costa Rica. It is an excellent place to enjoy rocky coves, white sand beaches like SANTA TRESA and MAL AZUL, waterfalls, and rainforests. Besides Other enjoyable activities include fishing, boating, snorkeling, diving, hiking, horseback riding, biking, and 4-wheel drive touring.


The museum is located in the capital of San José.; it was built in 1917 and used as a military building known as the Bellavista fortress, especially during the 1948 civil war of Costa Rica.

This Colossal museum is just for those who value history as you will discover the lifestyle of ancient cultures from pre-Colombian times to the present.

This display Shows the rich history of Costa Rica; you will learn about the development of the country's civilization. Including a 2,500-years-old jade carving. Additionally, visitors can find several things used for personal decoration and rituals, including chains, arrow points, and earrings.

Correspondingly, Costa Rica National Museum's tourists will access some fascinating objects unearthed at different archaeological spots, such as the grinding stones, which are like little beds and thought to have been used during funeral rituals. Hence, in its first year, the Costa Rica National Museum has focused on scientific investigation, education, exhibition, and defence of the country's natural and cultural heritage.

9. LA SABANA PARK - La Sabana Metropolitan Park

La Sabana Park Is located within the centre of San José, Costa Rica, and is officially named Parque Metropolitano La Sabana.

It is the country's most extensive and most significant urban park. La Sabana is believed to be the lungs of San José (the capital of Costa Rica) by Costa Ricans. Hence, home to the national stadium that hosts multiple events.

La Sabana Park covers a sizeable leafy area of ​​72 hectares, and it is one of the attractions attracting many tourists to the city every year. Along with long flat tracks appropriate for running, walking, workout, a panoramic lake, and more.


Cocos Island National Park is an extraordinary place located a few kilometres off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

It is the only island in the tropical rainforests eastern Pacific with immense biodiversity.

The well-known oceanographer Jacques Cousteau visited the island several times and in 1994 called it "the most beautiful island in the world." These awards highlighted the urgent need to protect Cocos Island and its surrounding waters from large-scale illegal fishing, overfishing, and other threats.

Cocos Island has recognized for its scuba diving and snorkelling; due to the incredible variety of aquatic vitality in its crystal-clear waters, it is also considered the main draw for many is the large pelagic fish species abundant at this unique meeting point between shallow and deep clear waters. That's why Cocos Island has been named one of the best ten scuba diving spots in the world and a "must-do activity," according to diving experts. So you may admire the distinct aquatic species that occupy its water. The variety of sharks, dolphins, rays, and other marine life make it an ideal destination for divers and snorkelers. Cocos Island's coral reefs also host a collection of brilliantly shaded fish and crustaceans.

Additionally, It has enormous forest areas that secrete beautiful waterfalls and great tracks. in addition to all the essential services you need. Ideally, you can have an exhilarating ex[erience while accessing this paradise through a guided tours cruise.

Top 10 places to eat out in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known worldwide for its biodiversity, for both the spices and ecosystems; however, its distinctive cooking has also fascinated the curiosity of travellers years ago. 

As part of our Costa Rica food guide, the article below details 10 of the top best places to eat in Costa Rica: where you will find a truly unique local restaurant.

1. Grano de Oro Restaurant — San José

Restaurant Grano de Oro, the most outstanding restaurant owned by French chef Francis, is a refined eatery offering Costa Rican fusion eats, Latin, French, and International food at Hotel Grano De Oro, San José.

Everything will embrace you once you enter the Restaurant Grano de Oro, from the traditional well-set sitting spaces to the dark Richwood that dominates the restaurant’s interior design.

Restaurant Grano de Oro is considered one of the best fine dining experiences in San José, and it is a must for those who enjoy tasting soft food with unique flavours.

It is recommended to start with the suggested main dish of the day and have a Dessert, including a moist red velvet cake or Tres Leches. No need to say that you must enjoy your meal with a premium wine/cocktail or a coffee to finish.

The restaurant is open for all meals every day from 7 am to 10 pm. Ideally, the price starts from 20$.

2. La Pecora Nera — Puerto Viejo de Talamanca

La Pecora Nera Restaurant is a simple open-air restaurant famous for its Original Italian recipes like plates of pasta, pizza, ham and cheese, and so on.

It is the cosiest place for an unforgettable dinner in Costa Rica. Thanks to its excellent food and fun, resort-style rustic vibes during your meal.

3. Sobre las Olas — Cahuita

Sobre las Olas Restaurant is an out-of-date restaurant on the edge of the Cahuita coast with a fascinating view of the crystal waters.

This little casual restaurant serves some of the best seafood in Costa Rica. It has the most captivating views and seats directly on the turquoise Caribbean waters, Palm trees, and sand while eating the most reinvigorated seafood.

4. Restaurante Freddo Fresas — Poás

Restaurant Freddo Fresas is a brilliant restaurant doing classic Costa Rican cooking. You can enjoy the most delightful lunch in Costa Rica with unforgettable local masterpieces amid a laid-back wooden lodge aesthetic. You will feel like you are in South America while enjoying the polished, organized wooden walls, wooden seats and tables, and the traditional red clay-tiled floor.

You are recommended to Try various dishes, including the empanadas and the Coconut Flan, during your stop.

5. Gallo Rojo — Escazú

Gallo Rojo is an out-of-date eatery performing a mix of Costa Rican and Asian food, as it even mixes two amazing kitchens to create mouthwatering renewed dishes. This trendy eatery is a neat, modern look that sets it apart from other Costa Rica eats because it wanders far from the usual wooden hut aesthetic.

6. Al Chile Viola — Santa Teresa

Al Chile Viola, located in Santa Teresa, is an intimate restaurant offering Mediterranean classics roughly the beach. This tiny open-air eatery is among the finest birthday restaurants in Costa Rica to celebrate.

You are recommended to try pizzas with your meal, mainly the Mediterranean and Santa Teresa pizza. Besides the Sweet Chocolate pizza as your dessert.

7. Restaurante Nuestra Tierra

Restaurant Nuestra Tierra is a restaurant specializing in cuts of meat; it is a popular meeting point in costa Rica. It is a famous Costa Rican restaurant serving tasty local meals made with fresh components.

It is a typical restaurant that serves large meat dishes with huge side items of superior quality. You can enjoy it as a family, partner, or friend. And without suspicion, this restaurant is a kind of place that visitors cannot skip on their way along with the city of San José.

It is open from 7 am to 9 pm daily, with a price range starting from 15$.

8. Tin Jo — San José

Tin Jo is the most satisfactory place to try the famous Asian food for seafood lovers, located around the National Museum in downtown San José.

It serves inspiring Thai, Chinese, and Japanese dishes as well. Additionally, They have expansive vegetarian and gluten-free recipes too.

The restaurant has enormous dining areas with Asian-theme rooms hung with a group of paintings achieved by close friends and frequent clients.

Ideally, you can enjoy lunch or dinner there starting from 15$.

9. Café Rojo

Café Rojo is a lovely place in the core of San José. It is a cosy coffee shop and restaurant and, at the same time, considered a cultural space that encourages cross civilizations every month. Hence, visitors and locals come together to celebrate their diversity. Where everyone touches the power of love, they specialize in Asian and Vietnamese-inspired dishes crafted with local components and fresh ingredients.

The vibes are unique because the owners converted an old villa into a magical location while maintaining modern touches from the ancient building, in addition to the short and satisfying menu, which is famous for its fantastic flavoured chicken and pork balls in large servings. And don’t forget to save up some space for dessert. The coffee is also something else, and It’s saturated with the cardamom spice, pushing it to the next level.

You can visit this fantastic place from 12 pm to 8 pm every day, and its price range starts from 8$, which is overly cheap compared to the food quality and the unique vibes.

10. La Esquina de Buenos Aires – Best steak

La Esquina de Buenos Aires is considered one of the unique steak restaurants for steak lovers in San Jose. This place offers valuable knowledge with adorable interior design, with old black and white framed pictures covering the walls. 

As a complimentary starter, you will regale with tasty crusty bread with butter, salsa, and chimichurri. Although La Esquina de Buenos Aires offers an extensive menu with pasta, seafood, and other delicious meals, the main reason to visit is for the steak. Hence, They are famous for their distinctive rib-eye steak that any steak lover will enjoy.

Overall, La Esquina de Buenos Aires offers exceptional service, a great atmosphere, and a remarkable dining experience, with a comprehensive combination of meats and incredible drinks. However, reserve a table before going there as it is always total capacity.

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