Costa Rica Safety, security and travel insurance

Safety and security in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a somewhat unassailable country to visit. However, you have to follow the required safety standards while taking the required protection. So, You will have a happy and safe journey away from the difficulties and complications when travelling to Costa Rica.

Unfortunately, many tourists who have made a trip to Costa Rica confirm that petty Theft like Pickpocketing and Theft of bags is the most common crime in Costa Rica. Still, with simple measures, you can avoid including keeping your personal belongings and belongings isolated and with you and everyone in your group at least one copy of their passport. It is also helpful to make copies of your driver’s license, travel insurance (if you have it) and at least one credit card, knowing that you should not carry your passport with you everywhere; this important document must remain in a specific place all the time.

Few Tips for visiting safe while in Costa Rica

  1. Bring what you only need with you during your outings.

Try not to carry all of your bank cards or the total amount of banknotes all in your wallet; it is always better for you to work on dividing your cash so that you only have what you need during your tours while keeping the rest in a safe place because in this case if you get robbed, you will not lose all your money during your trip, which will negatively affect the rest of the journey.

  • Don’t leave anything in your car.

Do not leave anything priceless in your rented car. However, If you have to leave something out, ensure it is secured in a place out of eyesight, and keep it hidden in a secret place inside your car.

  • Don’t leave anything in the open-air lodgings.

When travelling to Costa Rica, tourists usually prefer to stay in accommodations that overlook the most amazing outdoor scenes. These places are generally not fully secured, as they are sometimes subject to Theft by thieves. Consequently, it is always more right for you to stay in Hotels.

  • Don’t take anything valuable while you are on the beach

Unfortunately, beaches are easy targets for thieves. Many tourists’ belongings, including hats and sunglasses, are stolen, especially if they are unattended, so do not leave anything valuable on the beach (phone, camera, money, etc.) Make sure you have someone with you watching the collectables at all times.

  • Avoid driving at night.

Outside some of the larger cities and towns, the roads are very dark at night and are pretty lonely. Most areas do not have street lights or road markings. In addition, roads are also very narrow and can be winding and dangerous, so we advise you to avoid driving during the night when travelling to Costa Rica.

  • No to speed

While you will see everyone around you speeding when driving on the roads in Costa Rica, you do not need to rush; cows, dogs, horses, chickens, monkeys, and other animals may be out on the road at any moment, and not running while driving will allow you to enjoy the most beautiful scenery Stunning without risk.

  • Don’t go to the beach at night.

Try not to go to the beach at night unless you remain at a secured resort with good lighting and a well-guarded beach. Hence, Isolated beaches are not a safe place in Costa Rica. Robberies and other crimes are expected more on their isolated beach at night than in different well-guarded zones.

  • Stick to the signs

pay attention to the warning signs on the beach, such as “no swimming,” “crocodile habitat,” or “strong currents,” which are displayed in both English and Spanish. Also, watch where others are swimming, and always ask your hotel where it is safe to swim; to avoid any risks you may face during the Costa Rica tourism holiday. Hence, Crocodiles in large rivers occasionally make their way into the sea.

  • budget your travel

Costa Rica is among the costliest tourist countries to visit in Central America. A medium-cost Trip for only two individuals for Just a week in Costa Rica may start from 1500 $ including accommodation, meals, transport, and sightseeing tickets without calculating flight tickets. Presumably, because of the high fuel and goods import prices and import taxes, so be sure to budget your travel accordingly.

  1. Keep your body hydrated.

Costa Rica is a superheated land, and the sun is extreme. However, at the same time a country with a lot of tourist experiences and fun outdoor activities, it is more likely that you will join one of the beautiful tours that go out to discover the country, so there will be many opportunities for long walks, with surfing, kayaking, etc. Generally, especially in the tropics, you should drink plenty of fluids (2-3 litres) of water each day to compensate for the heat loss.

  1. Always make sure to use sunscreen.

Costa Rica is located directly near the equator, as the sun’s rays are harsh, and it is mistaken to think that you will be able to ignore it. Please bring it with you.

  1. Always use mosquito repellent.

Mosquitoes in Costa Rica carry dengue fever and chikungunya, and all of these viruses are dangerous; symptoms include high fever, nausea, body aches, headache, fatigue, severe dehydration, loss of appetite, and rash, so when travelling to Costa Rica, it is best for you Use mosquito repellents so that you miss one of these viruses, God forbid, and we also advise you to wear long-sleeved clothes, especially at night.

  1. Tap water is safe

One of the essential things to know when travelling to Costa Rica is that tap water is entirely safe to drink in most parts of the country; however, if you have a sensitive tummy, it is most suitable to buy mineral water, especially when exploring the remote sites.

Health and Medical Emergencies/ Insurance in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has developed over the past decade from a very eco-tourism destination to one of the most important tourist destinations for foreigners, especially from the United States and Canada. Costa Rica’s healthcare system is known for providing high-quality healthcare services in the public and private sectors, with a group of highly respected and reputable hospitals and health facilities.

The World Health Organization has ranked Costa Rica’s health system as one of the top 3 health systems in Latin America, ranking higher than the health system in the United States and New Zealand.

The World Bank also ranked Costa Rica with the highest life expectancy in the world, at eighty years. This figure is the highest among all Latin American countries, equal to that of the highest OECD countries, and a year more than life expectancy in the United States.

Why You Should Get Travel Insurance

As we all learn from Covid 19 adventure, anything can happen; currently, a pandemic can occur during your travels, and cancelled trips are even more possible nowadays.

Flights are also changing, being cancelled or even delayed as the travel industry bounces back, in addition to, Lost luggage and hotel reservations.

Costa Rica’s Entrance Requirements during COVID 19

Starting from April 1st, 2022, Costa Rica no longer has any specific entrance requirement to enter the country as a tourist.

However, still recommend purchasing travel insurance because travel is still recovering from the pandemic, and many changes are still happening. Pilot strikes, cancelled flights, lost luggage, and flight delays are more likely to occur now.

Travel insurance is no longer needed to enter Costa Rica; however, we highly recommend buying travel insurance.

What your Travel Insurance will cover?

They cover an extensive range of any bad situation that may occur while you holiday in Costa Rica.

  • Medical

Medical coverage for unexpected situations starts with accidental injury and ends with dental medicines and hospitalization.

  • Lost or stolen items

Travel insurance will Compensate you for lost, damaged, or stolen goods are granted if you have travel insurance.

  • Crash Damage Waiver

Your travel insurance will compensate you for any harm that might happen to your rented car that is not in your control, such as collision, theft, or natural disaster.

  • Trip cancellation/delay/interruption

Your travel insurance will refund you if you need to cancel a trip for specific reasons such as unexpected sickness, accidental injury, or death of you (knock the wood) or a family member: further unanticipated natural disasters, and others.

  • Adventure sports and activities

Costa Rica has the best adventures and activities such as surfing, snowboarding, mountain climbing, bird watching, animal watching, hiking around volcanoes, and many other enjoyable tourist activities. Accordingly, your travel insurance will cover a considerable number of various adventure sports and provide coverage for emergency medical assistance or care during the sport.

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