Cancun Holiday Weather


Like the rest of Mexico, there are two seasons in Cancun - rainy and dry seasons. The rainy season starts in May and lasts until October, while the dry season begins mid-October until April.

To help you plan your trip, here's a month-by-month breakdown of Cancun's weather conditions.


The weather in Cancun in January is warm, dry, and sunny, with an average daily temperature of 28°C. At night, the temperature drops to a more comfortable 20°C.

Since Cancun is on the edge of a tropical jungle, the city is always humid. However, the humidity level in January is low, especially by the end of the month. Because of this, January is the perfect time to explore the outdoors and visit jungles and ruins.

January is also a great time to swim at the beach or explore downtown Cancun. Although there's an occasional rain shower, with average rainfall at 46 mm, the rain eventually clears up after an hour. Meanwhile, the sea temperature is relatively colder, averaging 27°C, allowing you to enjoy a refreshing swim.

In January, the visibility is also at its highest, making it the perfect time to dive, snorkel, and enjoy other water sports.


January's beautiful and balmy weather carries over into the next month. Thus, February is slightly warmer and drier, with fewer chances of rainfall. The humidity will also increase slightly but still comfortable to explore the outdoors.

Visibility is still good in February, while the sea temperature remains more or less the same as in the previous month. Therefore, it's still a great time to enjoy swimming, snorkelling, or diving.


In March, Cancun enjoys an average temperature high of 29°C. Nights are more comfortable, with an average rainfall of 37 mm. March is the second driest month in Cancun, with light and quick showers that will only hit once a week with bright skies for the rest of the month.

Although the humidity level will increase this month, you can still enjoy outdoor activities in comfort and explore Cancun's ruins and jungles. The sea temperature hovers around 26°C, while visibility remains good until the end of the month.


April is one of the driest months in Cancun. There will be light and quick showers but only three days out of the 31 days in a month. The days will start to get warmer, with an average temperature of 31°C, especially by the end of the month.

The humidity level in April is high but still comfortable enough for outdoor exploration and visiting ruins. Beach lovers will love visiting Cancun in April. Most days have near-perfect beach conditions, with gloriously sunny weather and comfortably cool ocean breeze.


May is the third-driest month in Cancun, bringing with it the possibility of short storms, especially by the end of the month. High humidity and heavy cloud coverage mark most of the days in May, although there are still plenty of clear skies, hot afternoons, and warm mornings.

In May, Cancun enjoys a daily average temperature high of 32°C with an average rainfall of 52 mm. Thanks to the cool ocean breeze, the high humidity level will not bother you that much. If you want to visit adventure parks or explore the ruins of Cancun, it is best to do it in the morning, when the weather is comfortably cool.

The sea temperature will start to heat up in May, averaging at 28°C. Nesting turtles and whale sharks will make an appearance this month.


In June, Cancun enjoys an average daily temperature of 32°C, while the average rainfall will almost double to 115 mm. After all, June is the onset of the rainy season in Cancun. Thus, the city receives the highest rainfall during this month.

Tropical storms have only one out of four chances of hitting in June. And when they do, it's usually brief and quick. Cloud coverage will increase in June, marking the start of the hurricane season.

Beaches are still comfortable enough to swim in, with a constant ocean breeze keeping you cool and comfortable. Venturing inland is not ideal. But if you do, carry enough water with you to stay hydrated. Take a dip in a cenote to cool yourself down.


Cancun experiences fewer rainy days in July but storms are heavier. It's hot and muggy during this time, with the hottest weeks of summer starting in the latter half of the month and going on until the first half of August.

Swimming in a cenote is an ideal way to cool off in July. During this month, the average daily temperature can go as high as 32°C, with 103 mm of rain. As for the water temperature, it remains constant at 28°C.

When exploring inland, bring plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. It is best to spend your days at the beach on most days to cool off. July is also a great time to catch a glimpse of the first baby turtles breaking out of their shells and making their way into the water. Meanwhile, the whale sharks have already fully arrived.


August in Cancun is hot and extremely humid, especially during the first two weeks. By the end of the month, the temperature will start to go down.

The daily temperature in August can go as high as 33°C, while rainfall is at 136 mm. Water temperature will also increase, up to 29°C.

Most days in August are a mix of gloomy skies and sunshine, and the temperature tends to fluctuate as the month ends. As usual, rains will only last a couple of hours on most days.

August is the perfect time to visit cenotes and lounge at the beach to beat the humidity and heat. Wildlife enthusiasts should visit Cancun in August, as it's the time when whale sharks and nesting turtles start to appear.


September is the rainiest month in Cancun, with approximately ten days of rainy days in the entire month. Rainfall averages at 185 mm in September and is usually heavy and frequent. However, it always clears up pretty quickly.

There's a higher chance that hurricanes will hit Cancun in September, although it's a rare occurrence. Days are less hot during this month, with an average high of 32°C. The humidity level is lower than the previous month, although it's still muggy.

The sea temperature will increase slightly, while the beach is the most comfortable place to relax this month. Whale sharks will start to say goodbye and are almost gone.


Although the average rainfall in October comes down to around 157 mm, the number of rainy days will increase. There will be cloudy days with rain at the start of the month.

The weather will improve with the passing of the weeks and the month ending in gentle temperatures with beautiful beach conditions and spotless skies.

The sea temperature will start to go down to an average of 28°C. October is also the last month that hurricanes will appear if any.


In November, the average daily temperature hits 29°C. The skies will be clear and rainy days will be infrequent. The average rainfall will go down to 95 mm, while humidity is still present at the start of the month.

As the month progresses, the temperature will improve, with days becoming perfect for outdoor exploring and relaxing at the beach. Take this opportunity to visit Cancun's adventure parks and explore the ruins and jungles.

Sea temperatures remain the same as in the previous month, so it's a great time to take up water activities.


December is an ideal time to visit Cancun and even the rest of Mexico. The weather at this time of the year is absolutely fantastic, characterized by cool nights, warm days, and clear skies. Most days are gloriously sunny, although there will rain on some days, it will suddenly disappear!

The dry season will restart in the latter part of the month and go on until March. In December, the daily high temperature is a comfortable 28°C while the rainfall is at 70 mm and the sea enjoys a deliciously cool temperature of 27°C.

In December, make the most of your visit by enjoying Cancun's stunning beaches. There will be excellent visibility in the water, making it a popular time for diving and snorkelling. The last few baby turtles will be out of their shells and make their way back into the ocean.

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