California Holiday Weather

About the Weather in California

California is a big and beautiful state. It's open to travellers and visitors from around the world year-round. The state experiences all four seasons throughout the year. It has a Mediterranean climate, which means it experiences dry and warm summers with mild and short winters.

The temperatures on the hottest days on the coast can go up to 80°F. On the contrary, you won't see freezing temperatures even during the winters. California is quite popular for its fog that hugs the coastline starting from Monterey.

The inland temperatures are usually high and feature a dry-arid climate. However, the winters there are wet and cool, which means inland residents get a fair share of humidity as those living near the coast.

If you want to experience all four seasons at best, travel to high altitudes where snowmelt creates waterfalls in the spring season. You should check the average daily temperatures of the region you plan to visit.

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