California Things to Do

Things to Do as a Family

After reading about all the best places you can visit, you may be wondering what activities you can do as a family? Well, you can keep the vacation spirit up by visiting the Disneyland Theme Park with your kids or perhaps taking them to the mesmerizing shoreline through Big Sur.

Lake Tahoe could be your family's most apt nature escape if your kids love fishing, boating, or skiing. If you're a group of adults, you can visit the Golden Gate Bridge or go hiking at the Yosemite National Park in California. Here are a few fun things to do when you're on vacation in California with your family:

·       Visit the San Diego Zoo

You can visit the world's largest zoo with your kids. The wide variety of animals in the conservation zoo includes reptiles, cheetahs, polar bears, and pandas. The zoo has animals of all sizes, from meerkats to giraffes.

·       Visit the Griffith Observatory

Are your children interested and fascinated by outer space? Take them to the Griffith Observatory to show them planets and worlds beyond ours.

There's no entry fee, and you can set up a picnic with your family in the park outside the Griffith Observatory. You can even show your kids astronomy exhibits and different types of telescopes to develop an interest in space.

·       Visit Lake Tahoe

No one can deny the appeal of water sports, especially in the summer months in California- it just gets too hot! Fortunately, Lake Tahoe has plenty of swimming, jet skiing, and boating facilities. Sledding and skiing in the mountains are also available if you forgot to bring your swimsuits.

·       Visit Raging Waters (Water Park)

This water park expands over 60 acres of land. With over 50 rides and beautiful water sports attractions, it makes the perfect get-together spot for families with children.

It's one of the largest in the state and offers a wide range of fun facilities. Check out the "Bermuda Triangle" and "Aqua Rocket" to get the essence of water park adventures in California.

The list of activities you can perform as a family here is endless. Keep exploring and gaining information through online resources to plan for an ultimate adventure to California with your loved ones.

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