Barcelona Weather


Barcelona has a temperature-type Mediterranean climate. In this type of climate, summer will be warm, and, in some cases, it can also be hot. On the other hand, winters in this climate type are rarely too cold. Therefore, suitable activities are possible in Winter as well.

Here is a complete guide to the weather in Barcelona.

Spring Season in Barcelona

March, April, and May are the months of spring in Barcelona. You will experience rainfall in these months. March is most cold month according to the spring season in Barcelona. For some reason, rain can occur more frequently during these months.

The Spring season in Barcelona does not have a constant temperature. On some days, you can experience rainfall, and on some days, you can experience sunny days. You can frequently experience cold winds during the cold spring season in Barcelona. May is the most beautiful month in Barcelona according to the pleasant temperature of May.

Summer Season of Barcelona

June, July, and August are months of summer in Barcelona. July and August can sometimes be so hot in Barcelona. The temperature is hot and unbearable, especially from 1 pm to 5 pm. People mostly prefer to live indoors during the peak time of hot months. Although if you love beaches, you should visit Barcelona in the summer.

If you cannot tolerate extreme hot weather, you should avoid visiting Barcelona in July and August because the temperature is mostly extraordinarily high and unbearable. Therefore, July and August are not good months to visit Barcelona for people sensitive to heat.

Sunshine in Barcelona

Sunshine in Barcelona is so every day, especially in summer. The sunshine duration is mostly 2,524 hours per year.

You can easily experience 4 to 5 hours of sunshine during the months of Winter, and you can easily experience 10 hours of sun during summer in Barcelona. July is the month when you can experience more sunshine.

Autumn Season of Barcelona

September, October, and November are months of autumn in Barcelona. During these months, you can experience rainfall in Barcelona. Precipitation also frequently occurs during these months. In September weather is sometimes hot and sometimes cold. During this month, you can experience a thunderstorm. The temperature in this month mainly drops progressively.

October is the most common month for fall. In November temperature starts to get cold. During the autumn season in Barcelona, there is a mixture of different types of weather. October has the most moderate temperature. September is a bit hot, and the month of November is cold.

Winter Season of Barcelona

December, January, and February are the months of the winter season in Barcelona. Winter is an excellent season to visit Barcelona if you are not a beach person. Days in the Winter of Barcelona are mostly chill and calm for you. The humidity level can increase in months of the winter season.

Rain and precipitation also occur during the months of Winter in Barcelona. Therefore, you will need heaters for the temperature of the winter season. You will feel a clear difference in the temperature inside and outside the rooms. The experience of beautiful humid weather can make your tour with your family enjoyable. You will love the cosy weather in Barcelona.

Which is the coldest month in Barcelona?

In Barcelona, January and February are the coldest months. The average temperature during these months is around 15 degrees Celsius.

At night the temperature during these months is about 9 degrees Celsius.

How much it rains in Barcelona?

Precipitation frequently occurs in Barcelona. On average, you can experience sunshine for about 55 days in Barcelona. The average range of rainfall in Barcelona is less than 640 mm.

In July, you can experience the most precipitation at about 91 mm.

Humidity In Barcelona

Humidity is also an essential part of temperature. In Barcelona, you can experience humidity often. The average rate of humidity in Barcelona is about 72%.

The maximum level of humidity in Barcelona is 75%. October is the month with the most humidity.

Does it snows in Barcelona?

Snowfall does not frequently occur in Barcelona. Although snowfall rarely happens in Barcelona, light snowfall mainly occurs in the mountains. However, you can also experience snowfall in the depths of a metropolitan city.

If you want to see snowfall in Barcelona, you should visit Barcelona in the months of Winter.

Fog In Barcelona

In general, Barcelona is a sunny city. It does not have a wet temperature or fog frequently. However, fog spells occur in Barcelona. Sea fog mainly occurs in Barcelona in the months of the spring season.

Therefore, you should avoid going outside during the peak hours of moisture.

Winds In Barcelona

Barcelona, in general, is not a windy city. Although during May and June, also in September and October, you can experience winds in Barcelona.

Wind spells in Barcelona do not last for a long time.

Best Time to Visit Barcelona

Barcelona is a beautiful place to visit for many reasons. Most visitors enjoy their visit to Barcelona because of the weather, the events, and the aesthetic scenery the country offers to tourists. There are various times when you can visit the country with your family.

Here is a guide to the best times to visit Barcelona.

Best Time to Visit Barcelona for Festivals and Events

Many people love festivity and many events. If you love festivals and events, June to August are the best months. You can visit Barcelona during these months and can enjoy many beautiful festivals. These months are off for public holidays, which is why so many events and festivals occur.

Although prices of things can get so high during these months, the demand for everything increases. Locals usually leave the city during these months. You will mostly see visitors across the city during these months.

Best Time to Visit Barcelona for Long City Strolls

March to May are the best months for visitors for the long city strolls. It is shoulder season and a good time to visit Barcelona. During this time, the temperature is primarily mild and clear. Crowds are also less visible. You can have quality time with your kids during these months.

In September, the sea of Barcelona is still warm, but you can enjoy it with your family as the temperature is not excessively high. It is pretty bearable in September.

Best Time to Visit Barcelona for Budget Travellers

Many people love to travel on budget-friendly techniques. For the best budget, November to February is the best month. These months are a low season for travelling. Everything you want can be available at a less than an average price.

The temperature in these months is also mild and pleasing, and you will see fewer crowds. If you are a budget-friendly person, these months are the best option. You will enjoy yourself with your kids on a less budget.

Best Time to Visit Barcelona for Staying Outdoors

If you love roaming outside and walking on streets and roaming is your hobby, then April to July and September and October are the best months for you. In these months, the weather is excellent and mesmerising for you. You will see many exciting things and enjoy a good journey.

For outdoor activities, the months with mild temperatures are always best. Then, your kids will not get sick, and you can have a good outdoor time with your family in Barcelona.

Best Time to Visit Barcelona for Sightseeing and Museum Hopping

If your kids love museums or you love to have sightseeing views, then April, May, September, and October are the best months for you. During this period, many good museums were working well for visitors. You can see a marvellous type of Museum during these months.

Best Time to Visit Barcelona for Shopaholics

Shopping is the best thing for many people, and most people find healing in shopping. They love the process and time of shopping. If you are a shopaholic and love shopping, you should visit Barcelona in January and February.

In late January and February, there are many new products in the market, and there are discounts for many things during these months. Therefore, during these months, you will have a memorable shopping experience in Barcelona.

Best Time to Visit Barcelona for Honeymooners

If you want to spend time with your spouse and have a honeymoon in Barcelona, then April, May, September, and October are the best months for you. During these months, the temperature is mild primarily and good for you. Therefore, you will have a good time and enjoy the excellent weather.

Best Time to Visit Barcelona to Avoid Crowds

Many worldwide are not fans of crowds and want to visit Barcelona to avoid crowds. They prefer the least busy months of the year. January and February are the best options for those people. They can enjoy various activities with their families during these months without many people around them.

You can also have a good shopping experience during these months because malls will not be filled with so many people. In addition, your kids can have a good quality time with you during these months in Barcelona because you will not face so many crowds.

Overall Best Time to Visit Barcelona

Considering every fact, the most common and overall best time to visit Barcelona is from May to June. In these months, you will experience an average temperature overall. In addition, there will be little rainfall. There are many exciting festivals as well in these months.

May and June are the best months for you if you want to go for multiple benefits in a single tour. You will experience plenty of different festivals and temperatures in these months. In addition, your family and kids will love a beautiful time during these months.

What to Wear In Barcelona?

It's important to know the dress code a city or place carries, so you can dress like them and avoid being recognised as an obvious tourist or visitor. If you visit Barcelona, you need to pay attention to the fabric type you wear due to hot/warm weather throughout the year.

Here is a guide for what you should wear in Barcelona according to the weather.

What to Wear In Spring in Barcelona?

Spring months are March, April, and May in Barcelona, with an average temperature of 12°-16°C / 53°-60°F. Although the temperature rises in March, you can experience it as an extension of Winter with cold nights and warm days. The weather starts to get warm and pleasant in Mid-April. Flowers start blooming, and some days can be rainy as well.

March is still about dark colours, but April begins with bright colours. If you reside near the beach area, you must take a light jacket, sweater, or hoodie to avoid the light breeze. For women, wear leggings, jeans, skirts with tights, flat shoes, and sandals. Men can wear jeans, pants, and button-down shirts.

What to Wear In Summer in Barcelona?

June, July, and August are the summer months in Barcelona. The temperature these days rise gradually, with 20°C – 26°C in June, 24°C – 30°C in July, and 32°-ish C in August. Sunrise at 6 am, and night typically starts at 9 pm. People usually go to work early, eat lunch, take a break, and reappear almost after 5 pm.

Wear sleeveless tops, skirts, shorts, short sleeves shirts and t-shirts, leather sandals, and flip-flops. Keep a layer of clothes in the evening time in June. The other two summer months don't need any layering at night. You can wear all colours in summer, but wear light and airy clothes.

Summer season can be tiresome as you can feel the humidity and have trouble sleeping at night. Don't wear jeans as you will feel sticky and uncomfortable. Wear swimsuit or beach clothes only near specific areas like swimming pools and beaches. Avoid wearing bikini tops in the city streets.

What to Wear In Autumn in Barcelona?

September, October, and November are fall months in Barcelona. With a slight fall in temperature of 25°C / 75°F, September remains hot and warm. October has 18°C / 64°F and November 13°C / 55°F. During these months, you will experience a mixture of warm and cold weather at different times of the day.

You can dress up like summer in September. Mid-October and November are cool months, so you can wear scarves, boots, thick sweaters, or jackets to avoid the cool breeze. Women wear a blouse, tank tops, shorts, skirts with tights, jeans, and strappy dresses. Men can wear a medium-weight sweater, leather shoes, slimmer fit, down vests with sneakers or leather shoes.

What to Wear In Winter in Barcelona?

Due to global warming, Barcelona's extreme cold weather is no longer. Now winter months in the city are getting warmer and warmer. December holds an average temperature of about 11°C / 52°F. In January and February, the temperature falls only to 10°C / 49°F. Overall, the weather in these months remains sunny and partly cloudy. You can also experience occasional rainy days.

Although you can feel hot under the sun, cool breezes can cause you to feel cold. So It's better to cover yourself up with warm clothes. Wear puffy jackets, medium-weight coats, jeans with long-sleeve shirts, and leather boots for a classy look. Women can also wear warm scarves. Wear dark shades such as black, fifty shades of brown, grey, and blue to match the fashion sense of Barcelona.

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