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Safety and Security

Barcelona is overall a safe city. It is a quiet and peaceful place to visit and is the least dangerous for family visits. A trip to Barcelona with your kids would mean that you are in a secure place from all sorts of criminal activities, and you would have one less worry to deal with. However, there are still some petty crimes in the city to be aware of.

Here is a step-by-step guide to safety and security in Barcelona that you should follow, especially when visiting with your family.

Safety From Pickpockets

Pickpockets are a common crime in Barcelona. Several people face the effect of this crime. Suppose you are visiting a public place. You should always be aware of your surroundings. You should keep your pockets safe. Always keep a hand on your bags for better protection.

You should be aware, especially near the beaches, because this crime mainly occurs near the shores. Therefore, you should inform security in case of any danger.

Vehicle Crimes

Vehicle crime is a common crime in Barcelona. You should be aware of highway pirates to protect yourself from such crimes. Some criminals will try to stop you here and will try to snatch your vehicles. They will claim that there is something wrong with your car.

In case of danger and wrong accusation, you should try to contact authorities. They will help you, and they will tell you about the reality. So it will be good for your safety and protection.

Car Thefts

Another common crime in Barcelona is car theft. You should not leave your car without locking it on any street. You should always try to book a secure parking place for your car. A safe parking place will keep your vehicle protected. You should try not to leave your identity papers and belongings in your vehicle when you are out of the car.

You should keep an eye on your surroundings before parking a car. If you see any danger, you should inform the authorities as soon as possible. This security measure will make you peaceful during your journey.

Protests In Barcelona

There are protests which take place in Barcelona. Mostly these protests are peaceful. They are not dangerous for your tour. The recent demonstrations in Barcelona are primarily about the theme of Catalonia's independence. If you know, there will be a protest, and you should stay at your hotel. If you are outside, you should not be a part of the protest.

You should keep information about the starting and ending times of the protest. For example, if you want to go outside with your kids, you should not go during protests for a safe visit.

Protection From Money Snatching

Money snatching is a frequently occurring event in Barcelona. If you want to keep yourself and your family safe, you should not carry extra money. Instead, you should save the money you need. You should leave your most valuable things at the place where you are living.

You should not leave your bag anywhere if you are not present there. A hotel is mostly safe. You should try to go extra money on a hotel.

Keep an Eye on Distractions and Scams

Most criminals use distractions and scams for their crimes. When you are outside of your hotel, then you should keep an eye on all distractions and deceptions. The common scams are if someone asks you for directions if someone drops money in front of you. Suppose anyone asks you for donations. In this case, you should not give them any attention because it is their scam.

You should also be aware of the famous distraction of bird poo. In this scam, someone will come to you and ask that you have bird poo on your neck. You should not listen to this scam and focus on your journey.

Pay Attention to Stations

Stations are also places where many crimes occur. Most surveys indicate that stations are a hotspot for criminals. You should not interact with strangers more than the requirements. You should carefully open your purse for tickets because pickpockets can easily steal money at any station. It is a favourite place for criminals.

If you have luggage at the station, you should always keep it in front of you because criminals can take it from you. In addition, you should protect the luggage and inform security in case of any danger.

Protect Your Important Documents

Documents are your important asset as a visitor. You should always keep a check on your documents. You should keep them in a safe place in a hotel. You should not always take your important documents with you when you are visiting outside.

To protect your documents, you must ensure that you are following all precautionary measures. For example, if you accidentally lose your important documents, you should inform security institutions to help you recover the documents.

Enter Your Complains Online

Barcelona has a great system of security. You should be aware of this online system of complaints, and there is an option for complaints in many languages. It also gives a chance of English. You can quickly fill the complaints in English if you are not aware of the language of Barcelona.

This solution is an immediate solution. After filing the complaints online, you must visit the police station within 72 hours to file the complaints physically. This online system of complaints helps you in many matters. You can get easy and immediate protection.

Citizens Information

Barcelona has a system of citizens' information for the security of visitors and citizens. If you want to know about the location of the street or general information, you can visit the site and get information about anything.

You can also approach administrative authorities through a site, and they will provide you with the information you need. It will be helpful for you.

Health and Medical Emergencies and Insurance

Health is the most important thing for a person. Suppose you are visiting a new place. There must be some health preventive measures for your and your family's safety. Barcelona's health care system supports a sound care system. The health professionals of Barcelona treat their patients with care and attention.

There are some rules and processes which you need to follow to get good health care. If you know those processes, getting good health care in Barcelona will be easy.

Here is a guide to health and medical emergencies and insurance in Barcelona.

Medical Treatment In Barcelona

Barcelona provides good medical treatment. Suppose you are sick and need to visit a doctor. You can quickly go to the public health agency. You can see the advice centre for better health care. Ambulance service in case of emergency works so well in Barcelona.

You will have to visit available doctors in Barcelona for general symptoms, and for special health care, many specialists work well in Barcelona. The medical team will let you know which doctor you need.

Public Health Care System of Barcelona

According to many surveys, the public health care in Barcelona is remarkable. Public health care covers all general issues and problems. It provides exceptional health care as well in case of emergency.

This quality system of health care in Barcelona serves everyone perfectly. Many public hospitals work well for health care in the public sector.

Private Health Care and Hospitals In Barcelona

There is an excellent private health care system and Barcelona's public health care system. It also covers primary and special health care.

In addition, some clinics provide good service. Many health insurances work well for people.

Drugs and Pharmacies

Drugs and pharmacies are essential for any country. In Barcelona, there are many good drugstores and pharmacies available.

In case of pain, you can take medicines from these drug stores. You need a prescription from a doctor for unique and critical medication.

Insurance Rules of Barcelona for foreigners and Travellers

There are some rules for the health care of foreigners and travellers. If a visitor is coming to Barcelona from a non-European country. He will not get free treatment. He will have to pay the fee. A visitor must have an insurance card to get treatment.

He can go to emergency or private doctors for treatment if he gets sick during a tour. In that case, you will have to pay your health bills. For the ease of the visitors, Barcelona private insurances work. Before visiting Barcelona, you must have complete information about insurance for free treatment in case of emergency and the protection of your family.

International Health Insurance

Barcelona provides good international health insurance. There are certain services that this insurance does not cover, but overall, it is a sound insurance system. It is necessary for you if you visit Barcelona with your family.

Types of Private Insurance Plans

There are many good private health insurance plans in Barcelona. Plenty of doctors provide good treatment with these private medical insurance plans.

You will need a premium policy if you want to go to a doctor on your own. These are some essential private health care insurance plans in Barcelona.

Basic Insurance Plan

The basic insurance plan covers general problems. With the help of this available insurance plan, you can choose a doctor from a list for your treatment.

In addition, this plan covers essential services like normal check-up processes with the doctor—medical analysis of the patients.

Reimbursement Insurance Plan

A reimbursement insurance plan covers more things than a basic insurance plan. This insurance plan covers your every visit to the doctor. It also covers the 100% cost of reimbursement.

This insurance plan is more expensive than a basic insurance plan. You will have to pay more to add dental problems to this insurance plan.

Additional Advantages of Health Insurance in Barcelona

Mainly the health insurances of Barcelona cover the primary and special care of the patient. Patients can get diagnostic tests quickly from insurance plans. There are many methods of therapeutic which these insurance policies cover, and These insurance policies are essential regarding surgery and hospitalisation as well. Patients can get treatment at a discount.

There are some insurance policies in Barcelona which provide a second opinion from international experts if it is necessary. These insurances provide services even at home. Digital health care is also an essential benefit of this medical insurance. Knowing about these services is vital for you if you are visiting Barcelona with your family.

Getting Around In Barcelona

Barcelona is a city with all types of transport you can use for roaming around from one place to another. The city has an amazing public transport system that provides ease and comfort to visitors, tourists, and locals. If you are going to visit Barcelona, this guide will help you out for choosing the right transportation.

Here are some of the transport means you can use to get around in Barcelona.

How good is Metro, Train, and Tram in Barcelona?

Metro, Train, and Tram are the popular transports for local people who travel to outside areas of the city. The Metro system is a cheap, fast, and well-connected transport system that runs throughout the city. Although the metro system is vast, it's not difficult to understand the system of different routes.

Is Bus cheap in Barcelona?

The bus is another best way to get around from one point to another in Barcelona. Many people use the bus as a medium in their daily routine for going to jobs and school. So you can find rush and crowd of people in these busy hours.

The bus system is well-connected and spread throughout the city. It is also fast and always available, depending on where you want. It is better to check your route and then decide on the mode of transport. The major benefit is seeing the whole city while sitting on the bus.

Does Barcelona have Tourist bus?

Barcelona is famous for its tourist buses, also called "Hop on Hop Off Bus." Tourists with or without families can have a great time exploring the city while enjoying themselves on the bus. As the name suggests, you can often hop on and off the bus.

The bus covers all major tourist destinations such as Sagrada Familia, Ramblas, and many more. The benefits of getting a tourist bus include exploring the city from your seat, free WiFi, direct stop at tourist spots, and panoramic views as the bus is a double-decker.

Is rental car or taxi available in Barcelona?

To avoid the city's traffic, you can get around the city in rental cars or taxis. They are quite affordable, and you can stop at any place. There is a low ratio of bad experiences with rental cars or taxis. Although taxi drivers mostly can't speak English, they learn basic words to communicate with passengers.


A scooter is another best way to get around in Barcelona. It is fast, affordable, and full of fun. Also, there are no fixed times, and you can go out anytime. But it's better not to go out on a scooter in the dark to avoid theft. You can easily take scooters on rent for as many days. Scooter is a fun way to reach all the places you want to visit.

While roaming around the city, you must keep some things in mind. Firstly, the traffic is heavy in the town, so you must be responsible for avoiding any mishap or accident. Drive slowly and enjoy every bit of the city. Also, park your scooter in the right parking spots to avoid inconvenience.

Bicycle and Bike

Bicycle is called the echo-friendly source of transport for getting around anywhere. You can use bicycles on places like beaches and streets as they are fast and fun rides. A bike is also a great option for exploring the city. Avoid riding a bike on narrow streets to avoid running down anyone.

A bike saves you from getting tired of walking and wasting your limited time, and it is also safe. You can also try Barcelona bike tours that provide safety and guidance throughout the way. Bicycles and bikes are best for medium distances, cheap, and parking is available everywhere.

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