Amsterdam Holiday Weather


The weather in Amsterdam is excellent and pleasant. If you are in Amsterdam, you will experience humid and rainy weather. The winters of Amsterdam are cold. The temperature of Amsterdam is cold in summer as well.

Here we will tell you about the temperature of Amsterdam in detail.

Winds in Amsterdam

The winds in Amsterdam are pretty frequent. The winds blow regularly and frequently. The period where winds blow more frequently is from November to March. The average temperature in January is 3.5 degrees Celsius. The average temperature in July and August is 18 degrees Celsius.

Precipitation in Amsterdam

The average temperature of Amsterdam is humid. Humidity is the reason precipitation is abundant. The average quantity of precipitation in Amsterdam is about 850 millilitres per year. The rainfall frequently occurs in the Autumn season. In the spring season, the amount of rain is low.

Showers and drizzles are the primary sources by which precipitation occurs. There are around twelve to fourteen days when rainfall occurs in the autumn season. In late winters, rainfall occurs for nine to ten days.

Winter in Amsterdam

The coldest months of Amsterdam are December to February. The temperature in these months is around the freezing point. Nights are colder than days. Wind and humidity decrease the temperature and make it harder.

Due to the westerlies, there is mild temperature. On the other hand, when cold masses from Russia enter Amsterdam, the temperature gets colder. Even the canals of the city become frozen.

Snowfall in Amsterdam

Snowfall in Amsterdam occurs frequently. However, the quantity of snowfall is not abundant. It appears only in the form of light snow. If the snowfall occurs during cold waves, then snow remains on the ground for a few days.

Rainfall in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city with frequent rainfall. December is the most humid month in Amsterdam. 2.4 inches is the average rainfall in December. April is the month in Amsterdam where there is no frequent rainfall. The sky is mostly clear. The average rainfall in April is 1.2 inches.

The humidity level of Amsterdam is high. The high dew points in Amsterdam become the reason for high humidity. Due to foggy nights, the temperature in Amsterdam is primarily low, even during the months of the summer season.

Spring Season in Amsterdam

The spring season in Amsterdam starts in March and ends in May. Sometimes, there is a chance of snowfall, even in the spring. April and May are the months when there is less rainfall and mild temperature. April and May are cloudy months.

Summer Season in Amsterdam

The summer season in Amsterdam starts in June and ends in August. The summer season in Amsterdam is mild. It is a pleasant time for tourists. The average temperature in the summer season is between 20 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius. The winds and rainfall are frequent in the summer season.

Nights of the summer season are a bit colder. However, days are warm due to global warming. It's happening for the past few years. On the hottest days of the year, the temperature reaches 32 degrees Celsius.

Sunshine in Amsterdam

The duration of sunshine in Amsterdam is not so high. The sun rarely shines from November to February. The temperature is acceptable from May to August, and the sunlight also occurs. However, the duration of sunshine is not high even in these months.

Autumn Season in Amsterdam

The autumn season in Amsterdam starts in September and ends in November. The nights are frosty in the autumn season. The frosts usually occur in November. In rare cases, the frosts arise even in October.

Average Temperature in Amsterdam

The warm season in Amsterdam usually lasts for three and half months. June to September are the warm months in Amsterdam. Sixty-five degrees is the average temperature during this month. The hottest month in Amsterdam is July. During this month, the temperature is warm.

Amsterdam's winter and cold seasons usually last for three and half months. The cold season starts in November and ends in March. The coldest month in Amsterdam is January. During this month, the temperature is usually low. In rare cases, it drops to a freezing point.

Cloudy Season in Amsterdam

The skies of Amsterdam have clouds for a whole year. There is a seasonal variation of clouds in Amsterdam. In July, there are not so many clouds; July is the clear month. December is when there are clouds for most of the day. It is rare to see a clear sky in December. In December, clouds are for 67% of the time.

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