Amsterdam Weather


The weather in Amsterdam is excellent and pleasant. If you are in Amsterdam, you will experience humid and rainy weather. The winters of Amsterdam are cold. The temperature of Amsterdam is cold in summer as well.

Here we will tell you about the temperature of Amsterdam in detail.

Winds in Amsterdam

The winds in Amsterdam are pretty frequent. The winds blow regularly and frequently. The period where winds blow more frequently is from November to March. The average temperature in January is 3.5 degrees Celsius. The average temperature in July and August is 18 degrees Celsius.

Precipitation in Amsterdam

The average temperature of Amsterdam is humid. Humidity is the reason precipitation is abundant. The average quantity of precipitation in Amsterdam is about 850 millilitres per year. The rainfall frequently occurs in the Autumn season. In the spring season, the amount of rain is low.

Showers and drizzles are the primary sources by which precipitation occurs. There are around twelve to fourteen days when rainfall occurs in the autumn season. In late winters, rainfall occurs for nine to ten days.

Winter in Amsterdam

The coldest months of Amsterdam are December to February. The temperature in these months is around the freezing point. Nights are colder than days. Wind and humidity decrease the temperature and make it harder.

Due to the westerlies, there is mild temperature. On the other hand, when cold masses from Russia enter Amsterdam, the temperature gets colder. Even the canals of the city become frozen.

Snowfall in Amsterdam

Snowfall in Amsterdam occurs frequently. However, the quantity of snowfall is not abundant. It appears only in the form of light snow. If the snowfall occurs during cold waves, then snow remains on the ground for a few days.

Rainfall in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city with frequent rainfall. December is the most humid month in Amsterdam. 2.4 inches is the average rainfall in December. April is the month in Amsterdam where there is no frequent rainfall. The sky is mostly clear. The average rainfall in April is 1.2 inches.

The humidity level of Amsterdam is high. The high dew points in Amsterdam become the reason for high humidity. Due to foggy nights, the temperature in Amsterdam is primarily low, even during the months of the summer season.

Spring Season in Amsterdam

The spring season in Amsterdam starts in March and ends in May. Sometimes, there is a chance of snowfall, even in the spring. April and May are the months when there is less rainfall and mild temperature. April and May are cloudy months.

Summer Season in Amsterdam

The summer season in Amsterdam starts in June and ends in August. The summer season in Amsterdam is mild. It is a pleasant time for tourists. The average temperature in the summer season is between 20 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius. The winds and rainfall are frequent in the summer season.

Nights of the summer season are a bit colder. However, days are warm due to global warming. It's happening for the past few years. On the hottest days of the year, the temperature reaches 32 degrees Celsius.

Sunshine in Amsterdam

The duration of sunshine in Amsterdam is not so high. The sun rarely shines from November to February. The temperature is acceptable from May to August, and the sunlight also occurs. However, the duration of sunshine is not high even in these months.

Autumn Season in Amsterdam

The autumn season in Amsterdam starts in September and ends in November. The nights are frosty in the autumn season. The frosts usually occur in November. In rare cases, the frosts arise even in October.

Average Temperature in Amsterdam

The warm season in Amsterdam usually lasts for three and half months. June to September are the warm months in Amsterdam. Sixty-five degrees is the average temperature during this month. The hottest month in Amsterdam is July. During this month, the temperature is warm.

Amsterdam's winter and cold seasons usually last for three and half months. The cold season starts in November and ends in March. The coldest month in Amsterdam is January. During this month, the temperature is usually low. In rare cases, it drops to a freezing point.

Cloudy Season in Amsterdam

The skies of Amsterdam have clouds for a whole year. There is a seasonal variation of clouds in Amsterdam. In July, there are not so many clouds; July is the clear month. December is when there are clouds for most of the day. It is rare to see a clear sky in December. In December, clouds are for 67% of the time.

Best Time to Visit

Amsterdam is a beautiful city, and there is no wrong time to visit Amsterdam. You can visit Amsterdam at any time of the year. However, if you want to visit Amsterdam for a specific purpose, you must know the exact time.

So here we will tell you about the best time to visit Amsterdam.

Overall Best Time to Visit Amsterdam

Overall, the best time to visit Amsterdam is from April to September. The reason is that you will face less rainfall in April so that it will be a good experience for you. You can also learn so many things about Dutch culture during this time.

During April, you will also experience a less crowd. If you want to avoid a huge crowd, then April is your best month. Temperature is also suitable during these months. Therefore, you can enjoy yourself with your family.

Cheapest Time to Visit Amsterdam

If you want to visit Amsterdam at the cheapest rates, then November, January, and February are the best months for you. The temperature is quite cold during these months. Tourists are rare. There are not so many events and festivals during these months.

Because of these circumstances, the hotel managements provide discounts for hotel rooms. The price of Airfare also decreases. The places of attraction also offer discounts in these months. You can have a tour at cheap rates during these months.

Least Busy Time to Visit Amsterdam

September to November are the months in which Amsterdam is not so busy. You can visit most miniature busy streets during these months. You can see the beauty of special events and festivals. Due to weather and lack of events, most visitors avoid these months. These months will be a good option if you want less crowd.

Best Time to Visit Amsterdam for Sightseeing

If you love beautiful sights and you want to visit Amsterdam, then the best time to visit Amsterdam is the late autumn and winter season. You can enjoy many stunning views and snowfall during these months.

Best Time to See the Tulips

If you are a Tulip lover and want to visit Amsterdam to see Tulips, then mid-April is the best time. You can see colourful tulips. The peak of blossom season is when you can enjoy the beauty of tulips in April. You can enjoy the season of April till the end of May. You can enjoy these beautiful tulips during your tour.

Best Time to Visit Amsterdam for Shopping

If you are a shopping lover and want to visit Amsterdam for shopping, then the season of sale is best for you. There are not huge sales for a whole year. The season of discounts is usually the end of the season. The sale season in Amsterdam is the month of July and the month of January. If you are a shopping lover, these months are best for you.

If you want to get your favourite things, you must visit Amsterdam as soon as the sale starts. After that, you can get up to a 70% discount on your favourite items.

Best Time to Visit the Anne Frank House

Suppose you are visiting Amsterdam with your family. If you want to visit Anne Frank House, choose the summer season. You will have to wait in long lines in humid weather, which will be uncomfortable for you. The Winter season is the best for visiting Anne Frank House. Your kids will enjoy it.

Best Time to Visit the Red-Light District

There are many locals and regular tourists who enjoy the Red-Light District. They are so curious to visit this with their family. The best part about this Red-Light District is that you can visit it anytime. Early evening is a good time for the visit. You can see the beautiful glow of red lights. If you want to participate, then 9 pm is the best time in summers, and 6 pm is the best time in winters.

High Season of Amsterdam Visit

April to August and mid-December to early January are the months with a high visit to Amsterdam. During the summer season, the crowd is at its peak. During these months, many visitors prefer to visit Amsterdam.

Mild Season of the Visit in Amsterdam

March and September are the months when there are mild crowds. There are some discounts as well. So if you want to visit Amsterdam with a mild group and some deals, then March and September are the best months.

Low Season of Amsterdam Visit

November to mid-December and mid-January to February are when fewer crowds are on the streets. Rates are low in these months. These months are best for you if you want a family trip with less mass and discounts.

What to Wear in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is an amazing place for different adventures. But to enjoy those adventures, you need to be dressed up or packed in a way that suits the place. Amsterdam does not follow strict clothing rules. Every city, country, or place has different weather conditions, styling, and dress codes.

We will tell you what you need to pack for your tour to Amsterdam according to the weather conditions of each month.

What to Wear in January

January is one of the coldest months in Amsterdam. The average temperature in the city ranges from 2 to 7ͦ C. When visiting Amsterdam in winter, you must pack warm clothes. Keep a woollen sweater, coat or leather jacket, warm hat, gloves, scarf, and socks. Remember to keep layers of clothes. The restaurants, malls, and other close settings are all well-heated.

What to Wear in February

February is not a good option for visiting Amsterdam as it is the coldest month in the city. The average temperature you can expect in February is 0 to 6 C. Along with low temperatures, you can experience winds that make the weather colder.

The good thing about February in Amsterdam is that it has no rainfall. It is the driest month of the year. To avoid cold, wear warm clothes, including long-sleeved sweaters, coats, jackets, warm hats, gloves, and a scarf.

What to Wear in March

March is a month of mixed temperatures in Amsterdam. In March, you can experience light rain, winds, sun, and warmth. The average temperature is from 1C to 10C. Keep yourself warm with layered clothes. Don't wear light clothes as you may catch a cold from fast blowing winds.

What to Wear in April

April is another driest month in Amsterdam. But April rules over other months due to its sharp weather contrasts. You can also experience cold, chilly winds, sun, and snow. Keep yourself warm with layered clothes. Add and subtract the accessories as you face high and low temperatures.

What to Wear in May

May in Amsterdam has some cold days and some warm days. The temperature goes up to 18C in May. It is the sunniest month of the year. Wear warm clothes to avoid chilly winds if you hang out at night. Wear t-shirts, tops, skirts, and light dresses on a sunny day.

What to Wear in June

June in Amsterdam has a high temperature of 22C. People prefer to get around in the evening or nighttime as the temperature goes down to 13C. You can experience rain so keep an umbrella with you. Wear loose clothes to avoid heat. Wear sunglasses and keep a hat on your head.

What to Wear in July

July is similar to June for high temperatures ranging from 13C at night to 22C in the daytime. Wear summer dresses such as t-shirts, skirts, tops, shorts, hats, and sunglasses. It is good to visit the places in the evening or spend time in in-door seating for dining or shopping.

What to Wear in August

Although August is one of the sunniest months of the year, it can bring unexpected showers to Amsterdam. In minutes, the weather can turn from a sunny time to a rainy day. Keep an umbrella with you, or you can also enjoy a nice cup of coffee in a café. Wear nice summer dresses in August.

What to Wear in September

Summer is the best month to visit Amsterdam as the city has summer days at the beginning and autumn days at the end. You can experience a lot of rain with hard winds. Wear light rain gear or keep a strong umbrella with you. Keep layers of dress to avoid cold winds.

What to Wear in October

The weather in Amsterdam changes to cold winds and humid air. You can enjoy a bright and sunny day with clouds and rain showers. Keep an umbrella with you. Wear light clothes, a coat or jacket, and closed shoes to avoid cold winds.

What to Wear in November

November is the wettest month in Amsterdam. The temperature these days goes down to 4C. There is a lot of drizzly rain, cold and chilly winds, and the sun's warmth. It's good to wear warm clothes, waterproof shoes, and a raincoat. You can also keep a strong umbrella.

What to Wear in December

December is the darkest month in Amsterdam. Although the weather remains average, the city faces heavy rainfall, dark clouds, and wet snow on some days of December. Keep yourself warm with layered clothes and wear a hat, gloves, scarf, and coat.

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