Amsterdam Things to Do

Things to Do as Family in Amsterdam

Another name for Amsterdam is a party city. It is a beautiful city where you can have a party. Due to exciting, fun activities, this place is the best tourist place for family holidays. Your children will enjoy this place because they can have fun here.

Here we will tell you what you can do as a family in Amsterdam.

Take a Family Walking Tour

The best way to explore a new city and its culture is to have a walking tour with your family. Amsterdam offers free walking tours to visitors. Besides, the guide will provide a complete introduction to the city. Because of this walking tour, you can give your children knowledge about the city of Amsterdam. They can enjoy it as well.

Visit the Van Gogh Museum

Museums are the best source of information. When you have a family tour, visiting museums will be a great experience. For example, the museum of Amsterdam has the best works of Van Gogh. This museum has a great outline of Van Gogh and all works of Van Gogh from the beginning of his life till the end.

Explore Jordaan

Jordaan is famous for trends. This residential area has many cosy shops and boutiques. It is where the painter Rembrandt lived during the last days of his life. It is an exciting and quiet place to visit. You can have an experience of shopping and lunch at the same time. You can eat and drink at this cosy place.

Have a Relaxation in Oosterpark

Some people enjoy crowds and gathering. Some people like simple and quiet places. Suppose you are one of them. Then, you can get away from the public of the city and head to Oosterpark.

A relaxing and cosy green area can make your mood good. The sunny day presents a great view here. There are sculptures and plenty of places for a picnic.

Visit the Rijksmuseum

Rijksmuseum is a beautiful museum right next to the Van Gogh Museum. The history and art of this museum are fantastic. This museum has a great collection of Rembrandt paintings. The famous painting of Rembrandt, "The Night Watch", is also present in this museum.

There are famous paintings by Dutch painters. It is the largest museum. You can spend a few hours in this beautiful museum and learn many things about art and history.

See the Anne Frank House

Anne Frank House is a beautiful and popular spot for tourists. The iconic and historical significance of this place is remarkable. You will enjoy this beautiful place with your family.

Try the Heineken Experience

Heineken is a famous and popular spot for beers. You can visit this place in Amsterdam and learn about the procedure of beer.

Visit the Jewish History Museum

Many people in the world love to know about different religions. If you are in Amsterdam, then you can visit this Jewish Museum. By visiting this museum, you can learn about the history of Jews.

It tells about the history of Jews. You can learn about the struggles of Jews of Amsterdam because of this museum. You can visit this museum with your family.

Visit the Tulip Museum

Tulip is the main attraction in Amsterdam. You can learn about the history of tulips because of this museum. Amsterdam has stunning fields of tulips. You can enjoy the beauty of nature by visiting this museum.

Take an Alternative Art Tour

Amsterdam is famous for its art. Many genres of art are common in Amsterdam. Street art is also getting popular. In addition, Amsterdam is renowned for alternative art.

If you want to learn alternative art, you should tour the best murals in the city. Your kids will love this insightful visit.

Take a Bike Tour

The rides on bikes are exciting and adventurous. The locals of Amsterdam love bike riding. The locals of Amsterdam travel by bicycle for almost two million kilometres.

If you want to be part of this local experience, you should take a bike tour. In addition, you can have a city tour and a countryside tour.

Spend a Day in Haarlem with Family

Haarlem is a place that is quiet and calm. The central Church is also there. It has an outdoor market for shopping. So you can enjoy a day in Harlem with less crowd. You can enjoy this place's windmill and a lovely view of Amsterdam.

Chill Out in Vondelpark

If you are in Amsterdam, then you can chill out in Vondelpark. This park can make you relax mentally and physically. This park also has a local coffee shop. So you can relax and take coffee with your family.

You can read a good book by visiting this beautiful place, and you can have a great family picnic in Vondelpark.

Visit the Waterloo Pein Flea Market

The Waterloo Pein is the oldest and most significant market in Amsterdam. The reason for its significance is that this market has so many stalls. In addition, this is an open-air market.

You can find everything in this market. This market has a variety of second-hand clothing, hats, electronics, and accessories. In addition, you can have a great experience of outside shopping.

Explore the Museum Van Loon

The museum Van Loon is an excellent museum for tourists. This museum was first in the ownership of the Van Loon Merchant family.

The Van Loon merchant family had a great collection of artworks. Now their house is a museum. You will enjoy the calmness, and you can show your kids great art pieces.

Take a Food Tour in Amsterdam

If you are a food lover and enjoy a variety of food, then this food tour is an excellent experience. If you want food, then by this food tour, you can enjoy the fantastic food of Amsterdam. You can also learn about the food history of Amsterdam by having this fantastic food tour.

Visit a Royal Palace

The Royal Palace of Amsterdam plays an essential role in every royal occasion. This palace is significant for royal weddings, award ceremonies, and gala dinners.

You can visit this beautiful palace, and you can teach your kids about the official importance of this palace.


If you are having a family trip to Amsterdam, this houseboat visit is a great experience. You can relax and connect with the waterways of the city.


NEMO is a great and largest science centre in Amsterdam. The great science exhibitions and films of this science centre are exceptional and will be helpful for the knowledge of your kid.

There are many displays of science experiments and lab coats. So your kids will be able to learn and enjoy different things.

Pancakes Boat

Pancakes boats are unique boats of Amsterdam. So you can enjoy this family activity. It involves your whole family. So you can enjoy sweet pancakes and a water journey.

Canal Tour

You can see the best views of Amsterdam because of the canal system. The canal bus provides nineteen stops and four routes. In addition, there are shopping areas and attractive places.

Play with Farm Animals

If you are an animal lover, this is an excellent opportunity for you in Amsterdam. You can play, eat and spend time with animals. In addition, your children will have a wonderful experience during this farm visit.

Your little kids will learn about animal care, organic farming, and milking a goat. You will not regret this experience. It is a unique and exciting experience in Amsterdam.

Take a Selfie with Celebrities

If you are a selfie lover, this is a great experience. You can take your kids to take a selfie with celebrities at Madame Tussauds. When you visit Amsterdam, this place is an excellent treat for you.

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