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Safety and Security

Amsterdam is a safe city to visit. You can freely visit all places of Amsterdam with freedom and safety. The crime rate in Amsterdam is not high. Although you can face some particular issues, here will tell you about the safety and security tips. These tips will prevent you from risk.

How to Avoid a Stolen Bike in Amsterdam

First, make sure you are using a good bike. The biggest crime you can face in Amsterdam is the crime of a stolen bike. You should use two locks to avoid it.

Busy markets are not safe for bikes. The thief usually takes a benefit from busy markets places. It would help if you remembered the whole structure of your bike. In this way, you can explain to the police at the time of the need.

How to Avoid Pickpockets in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a famous city for tourists. The reason for famous cities is that pickpocketing is a crime you can face as a tourist in Amsterdam. Therefore, you should keep your bag close to avoid this crime.

You should not use big wallets and money more than a requirement. You should not leave your bags anywhere without your presence. You should try to avoid places with a high risk of pickpocketing.

Avoid Robbery in Amsterdam

On the streets of Amsterdam, you can face robbery. Usually, robbers rob the mobile phones of tourists. Therefore, keep your mobile phones in a safe place. Contact the authorities in case of emergency.

Safety Measures for Female Travellers of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is generally a safe place for all kinds of travellers. Women can travel alone but should avoid wandering alone in deserted places.

Parks are safe for women during the daytime. But they can face some problems in the dark. Therefore, they should avoid visits to gardens at night.

Transport and Taxi Risks

The overall risk of transport and taxi is low in Amsterdam. However, you should avoid taking a cab from a central station. You can encounter taxi drivers without a licence and illegal taxis. You should avoid them.

You should carefully cross the roads because the traffic can risk you. In addition, you should be careful during a zebra crossing.

The Risk of Terrorism

The risk of terrorism is medium in Amsterdam. This risk is low because Amsterdam has not been a primary target of terrorists. But if you see unusual activity. You should try to contact the authorities of Amsterdam.

The Risk of Scams

You can face the risk of scams in Amsterdam. The trouble is low. The "gold ring" scam and fake petitions are the common scams you can meet in Amsterdam. Do not accept drinks from strangers. Your important documents should be in the right place. Do not show them to everyone.

Safety Tips to Avoid Demonstrations

The world's major cities, like Amsterdam, often have a risk of demonstrations. These demonstrations can transform your peaceful travel into a violent one.

You can face public transport issues due to these demonstrations. Therefore, you should avoid places with a high risk of protests.

Make Sure You Have a Travel Insurance

When you are travelling to a different place, you can face some complications. To avoid those complications, make sure you have travel insurance. This travel insurance will often cover health and other travel-related issues.

The Risk of Violence and Murder in Amsterdam

The risk of murder is low. The murders which usually occur are because of criminal groups. Therefore, you should try to avoid places with high chances of crime and murder.

You should contact Amsterdam's authorities if you see any risk or problem. They will try their best to make sure you are safe. As a result, the murder rate is lower because of the actual actions of authorities.

Is a Red-Light District Safe

If you are a traveller in Amsterdam, you should avoid the red-light district. This district is full of crimes. There are not lots of street crimes in this region of Amsterdam. However, the crimes of women trafficking, dirty sex, and whitewashing of money are common.

You should try to save yourself from these crimes if you feel any irrelevant action around you. In addition, you should try to contact the relevant authorities in case of danger.

Unsafe Areas of Amsterdam

There are some unsafe areas of Amsterdam. However, the poor states of the neighbourhood are most unsafe.

Amsterdam Southeast

The most dangerous area of Amsterdam is the Southeast. This area is a home for many immigrants. It is also a state with poverty issues. Poverty is why the crime rate in this state is higher than usual.

Despite the crime rate, this state is safe during the day visit. You should visit this place during the day. You can have a safe family visit during this time. To avoid the risk and show this place's beauty to your kids, you should visit during the day.

Chances of Assault and Armed Robbery

Most cases of assault happen in Amsterdam to people at their businesses and shops. The crowded places are also dangerous for assault cases.

The cases of armed robbery and assault are not so frequent in Amsterdam. But there is the possibility of it. Therefore, to not be a victim of this problem, you should avoid the places of risk.

You should always keep in contact with relevant authorities to avoid the risk. Relevant sources are because the relevant authorities work so well to keep the visitors safe and sound.

Health and Medical Emergencies and Insurance

Amsterdam is a beautiful and safe city for tourists. The friendly and welcoming environment of Amsterdam is famous. You can enjoy your tour with your kids in Amsterdam. However, considering the health and safety precautions, you can have a pleasant time.

Here we will tell you the preventive measures for health and medical emergency.

Travel Insurance for Amsterdam

If you travel to Amsterdam, you should get travel insurance before leaving. This travel insurance will help you in case of an emergency. You can take the benefits of health and sudden medical emergencies. With this insurance, you can save your health and have the best tour.

You need to ensure that your insurance is up to date and covers all essential health-related benefits. You can seek professional help if you have this insurance in an emergency. Because of insurance, you will not have to spend huge money. This insurance should cover all the days of your visit. In exceptional circumstances, you should have insurance longer than your visit.

Public Healthcare in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has an excellent healthcare system. The public healthcare system of Amsterdam provides all facilities of health basics to residents and tourists. As a tourist, you must have insurance if you want to benefit from public healthcare. You can benefit from the public healthcare system in an emergency by getting insurance.

Doctors and Specialists in Amsterdam

There are two main categories of doctors in Amsterdam. The first thing you need to do is to contact the GP. You can ask them general questions regarding your health, and they will guide you. If they feel you need extra health care, they will refer you to a specialist.

You cannot go directly to the specialist directly in Amsterdam. Instead, you will need to make an appointment. Your appointment will only get a confirmation if a GP refers you to the specialist. After confirmation, you can visit a specialist.

Drugstores and Pharmacies in Amsterdam

The medicine stores have two main categories in Amsterdam. First, the drugstores only sell medicines that are non-prescription medicines. On the other hand, pharmacies sell medications with prescriptions. So you can take drugs from these stores whenever you need them.

Hospitals in Amsterdam

Hospitals in Amsterdam have three main categories. Academic hospitals, teaching hospitals, and general hospitals.

Academic hospitals are those hospitals that have an attachment to the university. A variety of researchers and specialists work in these hospitals. These hospitals have a sound healthcare system. They provide exceptional care.

Teaching hospitals are those hospitals in Amsterdam that aid medical interns and nurses. They provide exceptional care and treatment. Along with special treatment, these hospitals accompany doctors during procedures.

General hospitals of Amsterdam provide good healthcare. However, public hospitals' healthcare system does not offer specialization treatment. Therefore, they will only refer to other hospitals if it is necessary.

Medication Policies in Amsterdam

All medicines are not available in every state. Therefore, while travelling to Amsterdam, ensure you keep your medication, which you regularly use. In some cases, some medicines are illegal; they can ask you not to support those illicit medicines. To avoid those risks, make sure you have a doctor's prescription. It will help you in that case.

Be Careful Near Canals

All canals of Amsterdam are beautiful for visitors. The reason for its beauty is that so many tourists like watering these canals can be a pleasant experience. But these canals can be dangerous for you. You need to be careful. You can face an accident if you get so close to the water edge.

If you fall in the water, then shout for help. Try to hold onto the canal wall or anything. It will help you in keeping the balance. You can seek help from other people around you. It makes you feel better till the professional people arrive for service.

Physical and Mental Health in Amsterdam

Before travelling to Amsterdam, you should regularly check your physical and mental health to know the things which suit you. If you already have some medical condition, then this check-up before the visit is necessary. In addition, you need to ask your doctor if this travel plan can affect your health or not. If you need any vaccination, then complete the course of vaccination before the visit.

Getting Around in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is easy to get around as it has a small area. You can explore the city on foot with comfy footwear. Other than walking, you can use some other ways to get around Amsterdam. It includes taxis, car rentals, buses, trains, boats, and bicycles.

In this section, we will cover the public transport in the capital city of the Netherlands.


A taxi is the best option to take from the airport to your destination in the city. As the city is small in its area, the local people don't use Taxis for everyday use. You will see Taxis only on stands and areas crowded with people. Otherwise, people don't prefer them.

People with different professions use multiple means of transport. You can easily use a Taxi at night as other public transports are unavailable from midnight to 6 am in the morning. People also hire car services such as Lyft or Uber. It is an expensive way to get around in a small city.


Walking is the best way to get around Amsterdam. You can enjoy walking around the city's streets with your comfy shoes. The city has narrow lanes, cobblestone streets, small shops, and nearby dining places. You can miss these small details of the city if you use any public transport.

Walking will make your trip exceptional as you will be able to enjoy the artworks, architecture, and structural beauty of Amsterdam on foot. Enjoy everything you see or experience in the city. You can use a city map; otherwise, walk around from one corner to another.


Throughout the Netherlands, People love to ride bicycles. Cycling is the most reliable and relaxing way to get around Amsterdam. You can easily reach parks, walk through narrow lanes, and enjoy cycling in open spaces on bicycles. The city is full of bike rental shops.

You can easily reach a car rental shop and book a bicycle for the whole day. The rent for a bicycle daily is $14, which is not high. Remember to take care of your rental bicycles as the city has bike thieves. They creatively steal bikes and bicycles from tourists, and no one knows.


Amsterdam is a small city with narrow streets. People prefer walking or bicycle to move from one place to another. You will find a few spots of parking in the city. Car driving can cause serious traffic issues. Also, you can't take the car to many places as the city have little places and stony surfaces.

Amsterdam does not offer parking except for some major spots. It won't be easy to manage driving through the city. If you want to drive in Amsterdam, you must be careful as the city has one-way roads. A few places have traffic signs so you can face four-way traffic.


Many people in Amsterdam use Tram as public transport. Tram service is available throughout the city. You can easily get around Amsterdam on Tram. You can get a Tram map from a local shop and learn about it in a few days. It is a good option for enjoying the city without getting tired.

Tram tickets are cashless. You can buy Tram's ticket on the Tram or from a machine in a booth. Ticket sellers are also available to help with Tram in the Booth. Remember to bring your credit card or debit card with you at the time of ticket buying.


Bus service is available in every part of the city. But using the bus is only good in the central areas of Amsterdam. Many people use the bus service in the morning to reach their far-off workplaces. Other than wee hours, taking a bus to get around the city is a bad option.

Amsterdam has a small area with narrow streets. You will miss many things if you take the bus to get around the city. It is not an expensive way of transportation. Local people make their bus cards on a weekly and monthly basis.


Amsterdam offers free ferries to people who want to enjoy the rivers and beautiful sights of the city. A ferry ride will give you amazing scenes and views of the city along the river. You can enjoy a free ferry to avoid the crowd and traffic of the city. A private ferry service is yet not available in the city.

If you visit the city in the summer, you can enjoy the cool breezes and exceptional river views on a ferry. Several ferry services are running in the city. Some are available for a few hours, and some provide 24 hours service. Must ferry ride for an exceptional experience.

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