Amsterdam Best places to visit on Holiday

Top 10 Places to Visit in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city full of exciting and historical places. It has a unique charm and beauty that attract tourists. Amsterdam is called the "Venice of the North" due to its scenic beauty and over 100 canals. It is a cultural hub of the Netherlands, having research centres, universities, several theatres, and entertainment houses.

We will cover the top 10 places you must visit on your trip to Amsterdam with your family and kids.

1.     Art Collections at the Rijksmuseum

Rijksmuseum is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Amsterdam. The National Museum of the Netherlands is a house of art and history. Rijksmuseum was constructed in 1798 in The Hague, but after ten years, it was shifted to Amsterdam in 1808. It is located at Museum Square.

The museum has a collection of 1 million pieces of art and history, of which only 8,000 are displayed for people. The artwork of popular painters including Vermeer, Rembrandt, and Frans Hals is also on display. It is a vast place with 250 rooms and a library with many books and manuscripts.

The remarkable thing is its medieval sculptures and traditional handicrafts. An estimated 2.45 million tourists visited this museum in 2014. Since then, it has been ranked the 19th top museum in the world and the top visited place in the Netherlands. Make your tour to Amsterdam memorable by visiting this iconic place.

2.     Canals of Amsterdam

Visiting the canals is the most relaxing thing you can do in Amsterdam. There are 100 canals covered with lime and elm trees. A boat will carry you through the canals crossing about a thousand bridges along the way. You can also operate a simple cruise or candlelight cruise.

There are 2,000 houseboats in the canals for visiting or living for a temporary stay. As you go through them, the scenes of trees, elite houses, their traditions, and architecture is worthy to see in Amsterdam. Also, the blue sky adds beauty to the place and makes your visit unforgettable.

The canals were constructed in the 17th century. Their construction's primary purpose was to prevent the Amstel River from destroying the land. After some time, wealthy city merchants used these canals to showcase their mansions. Since then, it has been used by tourists to view the architecture of the city.

3.     Van Gogh Museum

If you are an art and history lover, your tour to Amsterdam will not be complete without visiting Van Gogh Museum. This one of the most visited places in Amsterdam was built in 1970 and opened in 1972. It is a four-story building with a collection of letters and paintings by Vincent Van Gogh.

Van Gogh had a vivid style of writing that you can witness in his letters. A collection of 700 letters he wrote to and received from his family and friends are displayed in the museum. There are about 200 paintings of Van Gogh. All of them are displayed in chronological order.

Every floor of the Building displays a different interior design. His artwork and the style of each floor portray his life struggles and efforts. There is also a collection of Millet, Gaugin, and Daubingy's works on the top floor. Also, a shop, café, and library are located at the museum site.

4.     Royal Palace of Amsterdam

Another most visited and historical place in Amsterdam is the Royal Palace. It is located in Dam Square and displays the monarchy of the Dutch. During the Dutch Golden Age, a city hall was constructed in 1648 for different political meetings. Later it was used by King Louis Napoleon as a royal palace.

It was used to be called the "Dutch Royal House," but now it is known as the Royal Palace of Amsterdam. This palace has unique beauty with its outstanding architecture and historical remark. The palace's structure is one of the best examples of Roman architecture.

The exterior design of the palace is classical, whereas the interior is well-furnished. All the rooms are decorated and full of sculptures, and There is a room in the palace called "Council Hall." It is one of the essential and most prominent rooms in the palace. Must add this place to your tour and enjoy the art.

5.     Anne Frank House

Another top tourist place in Amsterdam is the Anne Frank House. This place is along the Prinsengracht canal and represents Anne Frank's life. Anne Frank was a Jewish girl who spent two years in a small apartment. She and her family were hiding from the tyranny of Nazis during World War II.

During the hard times, Anne Frank wrote a diary about their routine and survival. Unfortunately, she died and didn't survive at a younger age. In 1947, her father published her diary with the name "Diary of a Young Girl." Since then, the government of Amsterdam restored this place and made it a museum.

Many tourists visit this place every year and understand the facts and incidents she wrote in her diary. In the house, you will find the original diary of Anne Frank and the tiny hidden place where she used to hide during war times. Visit the site and get to know more about history.

6.     Begijnhof

Begijnhof is located in the centre of the capital of the Netherlands. Unfortunately, most tourists didn't notice its existence. They seek from one place to another to find attractions and forget to watch this beautiful place. Add this destination to your Amsterdam tour and explore its stunning beauty.

 In the 14th century, this place was simply a courtyard. It was used by sisters of Catholic Beguines who lived there for a long time. Those pious ladies were allowed to leave their practices if they chose to marry. Many religious practices started there with time, and the place became a worship place.

The structure of the Building is beautifully constructed. It has stained-glass windows and marble columns that increase its beauty and interior. In 1465, a wooden house was built in the city. It comes on the premises of Begijnhof and is considered the oldest preserved wooden house in Amsterdam.

7.     Vondelpark

Vondelpark is another most visited place in Amsterdam. It is a gathering place for locals and tourists. Visitors used to spend quality time with their family, children, and friends. You can relax, enjoy your food and drinks, play several games on the grass, and ride a bike along the park pathways.

Vondelpark was opened in 1865 with the title "Nieuwe" Park. But later, in 1867, the park's name changed to "Vondelpark" after placing Joost Van den Vondel's statue. He was a popular Dutch poet and playwright of the 17th century who wrote many popular plays.

The statue of Joost Van den Vondel was designed and made by Louis Royer. It is placed in almost the centre of the park. This place has a beautiful water body and a flower garden that adds more to the park's beauty. The total area of the park is 120 acres.

8.     Bloemenmarkt

Bloemenmarkt is located on the south bank of the Singel canal. You can easily find the place between Muntplein and Koningsplein. It is the only floating flower marketplace in the world. The market provides different and numerous flowers twelve months a year.

This marketplace has more than a dozen multiple stalls, shops, and florists. They ensure that all people and tourists get flowers and bulbs any time of the year. You can buy bulbs of daffodil, tulip, Allium, and narcissus. The bulbs are in export packaging, so you can take them back home.

Netherland is the land of flowers. Many flower plants are planted and transferred to different country areas every year. Bloemenmarkt was founded in 1862, and since then, providing an excellent service. Visit the place and buy flowers to add an everlasting memory to your life.

9.     Oude Kerk

Oude Kerk is the oldest church building in Amsterdam. This Building was constructed around 8oo years ago. Its location is in the Red Light District in the Netherlands's capital. Oude Kerk is one of the peaceful and quietest places in the city. There are also some graves of famous religious personalities in the Church.

Ode Kerk has historical importance as it was converted from a Roman Catholic Church to a Calvinist Church. At present, it is a centre of art and heritage. Although this Building is no more like before, still its roof is in its original shape. Its top is made of wood and was painted by hand.

This old church building has a tower. You can climb up the tower by stairs. After reaching the top, you can view the city's scenic views. Visit the Oude Kerk and enjoy great views of Amsterdam from its tower. Many tourists worldwide visit this place and spend relaxing time there.

10.  Artis Zoo

Artis Zoo is another tourist destination in Amsterdam for children and adults. It is also called "Royal Zoo," but its location in Artis was named after it. The zoo was founded in 1838 and is considered the oldest in Europe. It has more than 800 animal species and 200 varieties of trees.

Although Artis Zoo has a small area, its features and multiple attractions are mighty. It is located on the canal side area of Oost. Artis Zoo is a shady area in the middle of many historical buildings. The zoo has a butterfly pavilion, planetarium, insectarium, microbe museum, and an aquarium.

Royal Zoo will be an exciting experience for you and your kids. You can enjoy a picnic or BBQ and music performance with your family. You can also visit the library in the zoo, which has a collection of artworks, historical books, and many other things.

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