Amsterdam Travel Guide

A Comprehensive Guide for Families Travelling to Amsterdam

Travelling is all about exploring new places and things, enjoying new food and drinks, experiencing weather conditions, and understanding the history and culture. Whatever your interests are, Amsterdam will bring you everything.

From its canals to museums, coffee shops to flower markets, and from daylight scenes to excellent nighttime dining, Amsterdam is a beautiful place to visit. It is the capital city of the Netherlands and the top destination for summer vacations.

This guide will help you plan your trip to Amsterdam. We will provide you with everything you need to know about the city.

About Amsterdam and People

Understanding takes time, but if you already know about Dutch people, you can deal with them well. Many people travel to Amsterdam every year and have an amazing experience there. They meet people, including active, educated, frustrating, and open-minded Dutch people.

We will give you information about Amsterdam's culture, architectural and art history, and people.

People of Amsterdam

The people of Amsterdam are open-minded. They believe that let people act as they wish. They don't involve in anyone's matters. They don't have forceful rules to imply to foreigners. Due to this open-mindedness, Dutch people and Foreigners have separate communities. They also don't interact much with each other.

The government of the Netherland never impose the Dutch language on Foreigners. They are not required to learn the Dutch language for interacting in society or for official use. Foreigners live in their own company and don't befriend the local people. You can easily talk to Dutch people in English and learn from them.

The people of Amsterdam are very friendly. They interact with visitors and ask them about their visit. They are not hasty and will give full time and attention to you for any query or information. They also help visitors if they face language issues. You can call Dutch people more practical in their culture and values. They practice their morals, values, and traditions more accurately than others.

The locals of Amsterdam are very socializing people. They talk, interact, and befriend every passerby. Some people may find this frustrating, but it is how the people of Amsterdam react. Children can freely talk to you without hesitation if you are visiting a marketplace or small shops. Dutch people don't have a fear of strangers. They interact more easily in social situations and behave in a good manner.

Although Dutch people are very social, they are also very busy. They have busy schedules to follow throughout the week. They must attend social events, business meetings, dinners, family events, coffees, clubs, sports festivals, and nights outs. As they have many things to do, they live their life to their fullest.

Dutch people are honest and generous. They try to speak the truth and remain true to their words. They will show honesty and generosity if they start knowing you and making friends. On your visit to Amsterdam, have amazing experiences interacting with good, friendly, honest, and generous people. If you want to learn a little about their language, they will surely help you.

Museum and the Arts

The artistic legacy of the Netherland is truly present in its capital city Amsterdam. It is a city full of arts and museums. One of the biggest and most iconic museums in Amsterdam is Rijksmuseum. It has the largest collection of art pieces, such as sculptures, paintings, aircraft, and handcrafted furniture.

Another amazing museum in Amsterdam is Van Gogh Museum. It has the largest collection of letters, paintings, and drawings by Van Gogh. His artworks portray his style and inner world that he ended by committing suicide.

There are many other great museums, such as The Anne Frank House, historical places and beautiful buildings with unique architecture. Art is a major economic resource for the people of Amsterdam. The whole city is worth watching, from its dining places to shopping markets, museums to music houses.

Cultural Life

Amsterdam is the centre of arts and culture. The city has forty museums with an exclusive collection of historical masterpieces. The city has many sites for live performances of ballet and orchestra. Moreover, there are two universities in the city and several academies and educational centres.

Amsterdam is also famous for its recreational sites and activities. The city has many parks for sports and enjoyment, clubs for all sports, courts for several sports, and stadiums. Every place in the city represents its rich culture and heritage.

Other than places, the people of Amsterdam fully follow their culture, values, and traditions. You can see a glimpse of their culture in their actions and practices. Visit Amsterdam and get more about the city, its people, culture, and traditions.

Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherland. It is situated in the area known as North Holland. It is famous for its cultural richness and architectural beauty. Over the year, more than 4 million people visit this tourist attraction. They explore the city and enjoy its architecture, scenic beauty, rich culture, food, artworks, and museums.

You can enjoy the city from April to May and September to November. The temperature in the summer months reaches 22C, which could be unbearable for getting around the city. You will face heavy rainfalls, wet snow, and chilly winds in winter. It's good to choose months with average temperature so you can enjoy it to its fullest.

The best place to reside in Amsterdam is the Centrum. This area is surrounded by "Canal-Belt" and has many tourist attractions such as The Oude Church, the Red Light Districts, Dam Square, and many others. The city has multiple public transport services, including Tram, buses, cars, taxis, ferries, and cycling.

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