Abu Dhabi rent a car, taxi and getting around

How To Get Around In Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi has an efficient and budget-friendly transport system. As a tourist, you can decide to choose any form of transportation from the myriad of commuting options available. However, because it’s an island city, you can easily get around on foot depending on where you stay, with no threat to your safety. 

So what are the transport systems available in Abu Dhabi? Which of the transport systems is the most budget-friendly? Which transport system is best for a family? All of these questions and many more will be answered in the body of this article.

Taxi Service In Abu Dhabi

Taxis are a favourite mode of transportation in Abu Dhabi among tourists. They are well regulated and affordable for everyone. When you land at the airport, you can simply take a taxi to your hotel. These taxis are always around the corner from hotels and popular places. They can be flagged down on the street or booked through an app called TransAD. This app permits you to book a ride within ten minutes of your current location. The TransAD app is available on iOS and Android and can easily be downloaded for use.

Their signature yellow roof signs and silver livery are always a giveaway. However, if you’re unable to find a taxi around you, the app comes in handy. These bookings extend to larger vehicles for families and wheelchair-friendly vehicles to accommodate disabled people.

The ride-hailing app called Careem is also available in this city. While taxi drivers understand the layout of this city well, the ever-changing street names and numbers can cause a bit of confusion from time to time. Therefore, it’s better to describe the landmark of where you’re going instead of giving them only the address.

Buses in Abu Dhabi

The bus service in Abu Dhabi is a fun and refreshing way to get around Abu Dhabi. Apart from the fact that you get to take in this beautiful city in the comfort of company, it can be free! You can get free bus passes if you buy attraction tickets via their hotel booking confirmation or the Visit Abu Dhabi platform.

The buses are usually air-conditioned and allow for wheelchairs. They stop at notable landmarks and hotels in Abu Dhabi, allowing passengers to view this beautiful city. Tourists can make use of the bus to visit several attractions in Abu Dhabi, such as Yas Island, Waned Bros Park, Sadiyaat Island, etc. Transport via a shuttle bus only costs about 2 AED for several locations. However, you will have to register for a temporary Hafilat card that can be gotten at the Central Abu Dhabi bus station for 5 AED.

Driving Yourself-Car Rental In Abu Dhabi

For tourists who love to explore a city at their own pace, renting a car in Abu Dhabi is a good way to go about it. This affords you the freedom to experience everything this city has to offer at any time you choose to. To rent a car in Abu Dhabi, you have to present your driver’s license, obtained either from your country of origin or internationally, a copy of your passport, and a valid credit card.

Many car rental services operate in Abu Dhabi. Most of them offer additional rental packages such as car insurance, 24-hour assistance, vehicle maintenance, and so on. These companies rent out only the most reliable vehicles in perfect condition for use. Cars in Abu Dhabi are left-hand drive and come with car seats for children under four years of age.

Drivers unaccustomed to the transport system in Abu Dhabi may encounter a bit of a challenge while driving. This is because there are several one-way systems in the city, traffic clears fast, and there is a lot of road construction and big trucks on the road to deal with. Therefore, if you want to rent a car, be sure that you’re confident and can deal with all of these.

Drivers can park their cars easily, thanks to Abu Dhabi’s paid parking system, called Mawaqif. Drivers are required to pay about 2–3 AED per hour based on their location. Drivers should be aware that tolls are added on roads that lead on and off the main island. Hence, any car you rent will come with a tag for tolls.

Biking in Abu Dhabi

Bikes are another fun and healthy way for tourists to get around Abu Dhabi. Using the Careem Bike app, you can discover and hire bikes from over 50 bike-share locations in Abu Dhabi. There are also independent companies operating in the city, such as Fun Ride Sports, that allow tourists to rent different types of bikes, such as city bikes and mountain bikes. You can pay for daily, weekly, or monthly use of bikes via these apps.

Getting Around by Walking

Walking in Abu Dhabi is a good and safe way to get to your destination. Getting by on foot is particularly helpful when you’re going downtown in Abu Dhabi. This way, you can take in the sights and feel of this delightful city. Walking is specifically beneficial if you’re passing through the Corniche, which allows tourists to walk even with a stroller. This corniche also has long stretches of land of about 8 kilometres and beaches that are suitable for strolling.

Despite this, some places do not make room for wheelchairs and strollers. You may also encounter pavements that are high and difficult to manoeuvre through and down ramps that have no connecting up ramps. The heat and sunlight may also be problematic for you, so endeavour to use sunscreen and carry a bottle of water before you set out on your walk.

Moving From Abu Dhabi Airport To Your Hotel

The best way to commute from the airport to your hotel is by taxi. The airport taxis use black Mercedes vans, and they’re easy to locate at the exit area. The taxis charge about 25 AED to move from the airport to the city. 

Taking the bus is also another way to get to your destination from the airport. They leave from the lower part of Terminals 1 and 3. These buses are coloured green and white, and they transit from the airport to the fish market.

To move to the airport from your hotel, you can either hail a cab in the city or make arrangements with a private airport transfer company.

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